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Cheaply priced at £38.99, the NINTENDO Super Mario 3D World - for Wii U deal offers great value for money. Stocked by the Currys PC World online store

Currys PC World is a UK Stockist and Supplier of bargain NINTENDO Super Mario 3D World - for Wii U offers and other deals".

NINTENDO Super Mario 3D World - for Wii U Stockist. Supplied from the Currys PC World Online Store.

Currys PC World - suppliers of Console bargain deals to the UK brings you another fantastic bargain offer. This time in the Console category we have the following product - NINTENDO Super Mario 3D World - for Wii U priced at 38.99 from the Currys PC World online store.

NINTENDO  Super Mario 3D World - for Wii U Deal from the Currys PC World Store

"It's time to leap, bounce and soar to the rescue again in Nintendo's Super Mario 3D World for Wii U.Mario saves the dayOn a gorgeous Mushroom Kingdom evening whilst taking in a spectacular fireworks display, Mario and his friends discover a mysterious Clear Pipe and the Sprixie Princess in a state of panic. The dastardly Bowser has returned to wreak havoc by bottling up Sprixie folk and holding them captive.Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad spring down the pipe into action as the king of Koopas emerges from it to steal Princess Sprixie away. They're off on yet another epic quest to save her and defeat Bowser's plans before they can hatch.Choose your playerMario 3D World allows you to play either as Mario or as one of his friends who've come along for the ride.Whichever character you select has their own special abilities, so pick the one that you like best and who suits your needs - then take advantage of their amazing skills to win the day.You'll have endless fun as you run, jump and stomp a path to the Goal Pole, and there are several acrobatic moves available to Mario and his compatriots as they romp around the Sprixie Kingdom.Mesmerising game worldThe all-new Sprixie Kingdom is packed with totally new items, objects and environments, concealing a huge array of surprising and exciting secrets. As you power towards the Goal Pole in each level you'll collect coins, power-ups and Green Stars - it's up to you to see what other secret items you can discover.You'll love the new range of headwear and special abilities available to Mario, which has grown in Super Mario 3D World. As well as the familiar power-up favourites, your in-game character can take advantage of a slew of new items.For example, the Super Bell lets you clamber up walls, swipe away enemies and scurry to the top of Goal Poals to make life a free-running dream.Multiplayer for MarioMario 3D for Wii U allows up to four friends to join in the adventure at once using the local multiplayer mode (you'll need to separately purchase the accessories required for this).Each player can select their character prior to embarking on a course, using all four characters' different abilities together to access each zone, unlock secrets and generally put the Sprixie kingdom to rights. Should one of you fall behind or another race ahead, you'll be reunited by a helpful bubble - in which you can float along in if you'd rather relax and let another gamer tackle a difficult section.Working together is the best way to bring the bad guys to heel - synchronise Ground Pounds for a bigger impact or pick up another player and throw them into a better position. You'll also be able to pick up power-ups for the whole group to share, placing any extra items into a box that you can access at any time.Nintendo Super Mario 3D World for Wii U brings you a thrilling and fun-filled new chapter in the well-loved franchise - don't miss out."

Just £38.99!!

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NINTENDO Super Mario 3D World - for Wii U Stockists

Priced at £38.99. Supplied from the Currys PC World Retail Store.

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