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Cheaply priced at £249.99, the Sony PS4SLIM500GGCOD deal offers great value for money. Stocked by the Hughes online store

Hughes is a UK Stockist and Supplier of bargain Sony PS4SLIM500GGCOD offers and other deals".

Sony PS4SLIM500GGCOD Stockist. Supplied from the Hughes Online Store.

Hughes - suppliers of Console bargain deals to the UK brings you another fantastic bargain offer. This time in the Console category we have the following product - Sony PS4SLIM500GGCOD priced at 249.99 from the Hughes online store.

Sony PS4SLIM500GGCOD Deal from the Hughes Store

"Experience all of your Playstation memories on a new and improved style of PS4, being 30% smaller means that you can fit this in the smallest of spaces, to make your AV cabinet look like the ultimate setup, PS4 Slim is also 16% lighter than the original model. With the 500GB Hard Drive space, you can fit all of your media content without much worry, being able to fit plenty of games to keep you occupied. All the greatest entertainment apps are available, so you'll never have nothing to do! The newly designed controller will provide unparalleled control is by far the most intuitive controller yet, with a new look and feel, even a more visible and vivid light bar on the top of the touch pad, which will change colours depending on what is happening in-game, to get you more into the zone of the game. Share Play and Remote Play are both available on the new model. Share Play will allow you to invite a friend to join you on your adventures, challenge them in a showdown of skills in multiplayer matches, or even let them play on your behalf if you find that you're stuck on a game, even if your friend doesn't own the game! Remote Play will allow you to stream your PS4 games straight to your PC, Mac or even PlayStation Vita, all across your network via Wi-Fi so you don't have to be tied to the TV. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Campaign Take leadership over the remaining coalition forces to overcome a relentless enemy and survive the extreme environments of space after a cataclysmic attack on earth. You are Captain Reyes, a tier 1 Special Ops Pilot, you and your team, Lt. Nora Salter, Sgt. Omar, Admiral Raines and the Enhanced Tactical Humanoid named Ethan must work together to overcome all odds. Zombies In Spaceland Head to the 1980's amusement park featuring wild attractions, awesome arcades and a retro functioning rollercoaster. As icing on the cake, the amusement park has a rad 80s soundtrack, hidden easter eggs, crazy power ups & perks and finally some new insane weapons to liven up the endless waves of zombies!"

Just £249.99!!

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Sony PS4SLIM500GGCOD Stockists

Priced at £249.99. Supplied from the Hughes Retail Store.

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