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lookfantastic UK Discount Inositol & 5-HTP, 180 Capsules Stockist Deal

Cheaply priced at £22.99, the Inositol & 5-HTP, 180 Capsules deal offers great value for money. Stocked by the lookfantastic UK online store

lookfantastic UK is a UK Stockist and Supplier of bargain Inositol & 5-HTP, 180 Capsules offers and other deals".

Inositol & 5-HTP, 180 Capsules Stockist. Supplied from the lookfantastic UK Online Store.

lookfantastic UK - suppliers of Vitamins & Supplements bargain deals to the UK brings you another fantastic bargain offer. This time in the Vitamins & Supplements category we have the following product - Inositol & 5-HTP, 180 Capsules priced at 22.99 from the lookfantastic UK online store.

Inositol & 5-HTP, 180 Capsules Deal from the lookfantastic UK Store

"What is Inositol & 5-HTP Inositol & 5-HTP is a unique blend of compounds designed to benefit a healthy lifestyle. Inositol is found naturally in plants and animals and was formally known as a B vitamin before it was discovered the body could generate inositol itself. 5-HTP is a precursor to the neurotransmitter and a compound that the body makes from the amino acid tryptophan. Why use Inositol & 5-HTP Rest and recuperation is an important part of daily life to ensure the body can recover from everyday life. Inositol & 5-HTP has been formulated to encourage this process by utilising a scientific blend of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B6 contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity which can support in the reduction of tiredness and fatigue during the day to support a perfect nights sleep. As a precursor to tryptophan, 5-HTP plays an importance role in the hormonal process that encourages heavy sleep. Who can benefit This is an ideal supplement for anyone who leads an active and busy lifestyle. To be taken as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Previously Complete Sleep"

Just £22.99!!

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Inositol & 5-HTP, 180 Capsules Stockists

Priced at £22.99. Supplied from the lookfantastic UK Retail Store.

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