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Audio Master Suite 2.5 (PC)

Sound Forge Pro 11 and SpectraLayers Pro 4 are the most advanced audio editing applications available today. Each with its own unique genius, they work seamlessly together to form a colossal editing system offering extraordinary and immediate gains for audio professionals everywhere....


Audio Master Suite Mac 3

Audio Master Suite combines a number of advanced software solutions for audio production and mastering into a single unique collection for professional audio editing. The products included are synced to work perfectly together and in-line with industry standards for post production,...


Create slideshows on your PC with MAGIX PhotoStory on DVD Deluxe (Book)

In addition to all of the basic fundamentals, the authors also explain all aspects of MAGIX PhotoStory on DVD Deluxe in fine detail and show you how to use all of the program's design options to get the absolute best results. They also provide tons of valuable notes, tips and tricks...


Create websites with Xara Web Designer (Book)

This book provides step-by-step instructions and tips on how to design, optimize and publish your own website. It's suitable for everyone – from beginners to advanced users.


MAGIX Analogue Modelling Suite Plus

The Analog Modeling Suite Plus includes four high-quality effects plug-ins that model analog audio tools which simply can't be left out of any mastering process. This includes a high-quality analog compressor (am-track) with optional simulation of studio tape machine saturation...


MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab is optimized specifically for digitizing vinyl records and restoring audio recordings. Experience your recordings in top audio quality with the program's combination of 1-click solutions, intuitive controls and high-quality professional tools such as spectral...


MAGIX Audio & Music Lab Premium

Discover professional audio editing for all your music and video projects. Edit, optimize and play recordings in top quality with Audio & Music Lab Premium.


MAGIX essentialFX Suite

The new essentialFX Suite is a collection of 10 first-class effect plug-ins and is suited for all every day studio applications. In addition to high-quality algorithms, great importance was placed on practical icons for the individual parameters and the effectiveness of the function....


MAGIX Fastcut

Celebrate adventure! Turn your breathtaking experiences into exciting video clips with music. It's that easy: Select recordings, apply a template, and Fastcut does the rest.


MAGIX Movie Edit Pro

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro makes it easier than ever before to get started with video editing. With flexible templates, tools for effects, background music and menus, plus helpful assistants and wizards for every feature – you can easily create videos sure to impress your family and friends.


MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro is impressive with its unique combination of powerful tools and intuitive operation. Bring your movie projects to life in no time at all.


MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium

With Movie Edit Pro Premium you can bring even the most demanding video productions to life. Advanced users can profit from the huge selection of powerful functions, unique effect palette and tons of exciting new features.


MAGIX MP3 deluxe 19

Thousands of artists in one location. But it's not one bit chaotic. Perfectly organize your digital music collections with MP3 deluxe 19.


MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe

MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe allows you to easily browse, sort and rediscover your most beautiful photos & videos. Breathe new life into your most beautiful moments.


MAGIX Photostory Deluxe

MAGIX Photo Premium combines the latest image editing and graphics tools with the best slideshow creator software on the market. With Xara Photo & Graphic Designer and MAGIX Photostory Deluxe together in a single powerful package, you can create impressive images and present them...


MAGIX Photostory easy (version 2)

Photostory easy allows you to transform your photos from digital cameras and smartphones into amazing movies for mobile devices, TV and the Internet, even if you are a complete beginner! Includes an automatic image optimization feature, effect design and audio dubbing.


MAGIX Photo & Videoshow Holiday Pack

No matter where your travels take you: With the MAGIX Photo and Videoshow Holiday Pack, all of your photograph and movie memories will be even more impressive.


MAGIX Photo & Videoshow PREMIUM SOUNDS 5

The complete dubbing package: MAGIX Photo & Videoshow PREMIUM SOUNDS 5 is an ideal complement for MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, MAGIX PhotoStory on DVD, and other photo & video programs.


MAGIX Photo & Videoshow Sound Archive

The perfect addition to your photos, video shows and all other media projects that you have created with MAGIX Video deluxe, for example, or MAGIX PhotoStory on DVD and other photo and video programs.


MAGIX Rescue Your Videotapes!

High time to bring your VHS and DV cassette video treasures to the digital age. Secure and edit your recordings in just a few steps. MAGIX has the perfect solution: Rescue Your Videotapes!


MAGIX Rescue Your Vinyl & Tapes! 2016

This combination of a preamp and software offers you multiple possibilities to edit and optimize the sound from your LPs&cassettes after recording.


MAGIX Vandal

Vandal is the only guitar and bass amplifier of its kind that brings the characteristic sound and the playing feel of a real hardware setup together with the advantages of a software to your computer! From the tubes to the speaker coils, every step and component of the amplifier...



VariVerb II is an internal VST / AU effects device. This reverb unit creates classic and modern artificial reverb effects such as room, plate, spring, and nonlinear reverb based on algorithmic calculation, i.e. without using impulse responses. VariVerb II is available as a VST...


MAGIX Video easy

Create exciting videos with Video easy, the ideal program for beginners. Thanks to the intuitive interface and useful wizards, you can easily turn your footage into fantastic videos – you don't even need any previous experience!


MAGIX Video editing made simple with Movie Edit Pro (Book)

Are terms like timeline and key frame lost on you? If so, the official MAGIX Academy textbook is the right learning resource for you! This book teaches you how to edit videos with MAGIX Movie Edit Pro step-by-step. Discover the powerful features in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro that enable...


MAGIX Video Pro X

MAGIX Video Pro X is the perfect editing software for intuitive and powerful video production. This multi-award-winning video editing suite is geared towards the unique requirements of ambitious and professional users, and offers an unrivaled range of powerful post-production tools.


MAGIX Video & Slideshow Sound Archive 8

Quickly and easily enhance your videos, slideshows and all other media projects with perfect sounds in professional audio quality. Take your viewers on a journey to faraway lands, amazing new places or a fantasy adventure. Over 3000 professionally produced sounds, realistic effects,...


MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab

Make your videos sound just as good as they look. With MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab, optimizing sound in your videos is easy. With sound effects and audio commentary options for experiencing your footage in a brand new way.


MAGIX Vintage Effects Suite

The Vintage Effects Suite expands the effects range. with aChorus/Flanger, a delay and a filter plug-in, Corvex, Ecox and Filtox, all of which are based on the same simple operating principle and will wow you with their incredibly exciting effect sounds. The Vintage Effects Suite...


Music Maker Control Edition

Music Maker Control Edition offers the best of both worlds: Music Maker Premium Edition and a specially tuned USB keyboard. The ideal start package for your studio.


Music Maker Live Edition

With Music Maker Live Edition you can produce and perform your own music the easy way. Modify the beat in real time, start the bass drop or change the melody – all with just a click!


Music Maker Performer Edition

With Music Maker Premium Edition and the high-quality novation USB pad controller you can produce your own songs and beats faster than ever. The hardware and software are perfectly calibrated to work with one another and combine to make a truly dynamic duo.


Music Maker Plus Edition

With Music Maker Plus Edition software, making your own music has never been simpler. Produce your own songs easily on your PC using the mouse and keyboard. Feel good tracks will be pumping through your speakers in just a few simple clicks!


Music Maker Premium Edition

Music Maker Premium is a unique virtual studio with more than 8,000 included sounds, intuitive drag & drop controls, countless instruments and professional functions for mixing & mastering. And best of all, Music Maker is now easier to use than ever before.


proDAD Defishr V1

Fully automatic correction of optical distortion and the fish-eye effect in your videos and photos. Perfect for pics and footage from any action cam or digital camera! Distorted horizons and borders can lead to unnatural looking and potentially useless photos. But thanks to proDAD...


Samplitude Music Studio

Bring your music productions to life in the best possible quality. Samplitude Music Studio provides you with a complete professional solution for recording, composing, mixing and mastering your songs.


Samplitude Pro X3

The future of audio production began over 25 years ago – with the first lines of code for Samplitude. Today, this DAW is still setting new benchmarks and is a favorite of recording studios all over the world for its technological precision in the areas of editing and mastering.


Samplitude Pro X3 Suite

The Suite combines the Samplitude Pro X3 DAW with additional exclusive editing and mastering content.


Sequoia 14

Sequoia 14 has been developed in close collaboration with leading recording studios, industry partners, TV productions and broadcasters. This high-definition DAW is one of the world's leading solutions for professional audio production, broadcasting and mastering.



With the ability to record at 24-bit/192kHz, expect astounding audio clarity. With the ability to edit down to the sample level, expect absolute audio precision. Audio mastering engineers around the world depend on the award-winning SOUND FORGE Pro Mac to generate flawless audio.

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