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This 100% natural Agility Shower Gel has been created to enhance the body’s range of motion while being certified by the Soil Association. The active ingredient of red pepper has been used in medical applications to warm muscles and tendons to aid th


A practical pencil case that is made from 100% jute and with a recycled kraft hangtag. It comes in a variety of colours and jute is a fully recyclable and biodegradable.


Comfortable and lightweight these super soft school ankle socks are suitable for boys and girls. With flat seams and made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton they are perfect for sensitive skin. They also come with sizes clearly marked on each


These 100% GOTS certified organic cotton school ankle socks are lightweight and silky soft with flat seams to prevent irritation to sensitive skin. Each sock is marked with the correct size to help to sort easily after washing. Machine washable at 30


Fact - In the UK approx 80% of post-consumer plastic waste is sent to landfill 8% is incinerated and only 7% is recycled.Show that you care for the environment with these degradable plastic bags. After its useful life this unique product will degrad


Hand-woven 14” wicker basket with a hinged lid and faux leather straps. H15 x W36 x D25cm.


Fact - Plastics can take up to 400 years to break down. Almost all the plastics ever made can still be found somewhere.Show that you care for the environment with these degradable plastic bags. After its useful life this unique product will degrade t


Hand-woven 18” wicker basket with a hinged lid and faux leather straps. H20 x W45 x D30cm.


Keep your drain and pipes clean and clear without the need of nasty chemicals with this practical and flexible 3-phase drain cleaner.Ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms this long brush can clean all kind of baked-on deposits and blockages due to


The 5 Litre Kitchen Caddy is specially designed for collecting organic waste and compost in the kitchen. Sturdy and light it's the ideal way to store waste materials without letting nasty odours escape and reducing your household's overall garbage


Reusuable 5L Pump for use with Faith In Nature 5L Bottles.


A striking utensil set made with sustainable bamboo with different brightly coloured handles. The five piece set includes a solid spoon slotted spoon solid turner slotted turner and a fork.Please note the utensils are coated in a food safe varnis


A perfect educational toy which provides real joy for children especially those already interested in space investigation! The 7 in 1 space fleet is a solar powered toy that can be redesigned into 7 different moving space toys and is a great way to


We love that this natural energy bar is free from artificial colours preservatives and additives. It does not contain gluten yeast wheat or egg. And yet is does have a truly unique flavour packed with mixed seeds and nuts coated in a tasty carob


Let's start with what is not in this bar – it's free from gluten wheat egg yeast preservatives additives and artificial colours. That's a great start. Now for what is in it - pumpkin sunflower sesame poppy and dehulled hemp seeds honey raw


High in protien this is a great gluten free snack40g


An approximately A5 60 page notebook that has a double metal coil and is made from stone! It is converted from recycled construction site debris into clean white sheets of paper that is tear resistant waterproof and recyclable. Recycled paper inse


An approximately A5 ruled notebook that is bound with a double metal side coil and has a recycled kraft paper insert sheet. The paper is made from Sugar Cane. Designs may vary.


A 65 page ruled notebook that is approximately A6 and fastened together with a double metal side coil. The pages are made from bamboo which is the quickest growing plant on the planet and is extremely sustainable. Colours may vary. 10 x 15cmPlease n


This A6 ruled notebook is uniquely made from stone that has been recycled from building site debris. This is an eco-friendly technique that makes the sheets tear resistant recyclable and waterproof. No wood bleach or water used.


Abeego is an organic and sustainable food wrap made from hemp and certified organic cotton coated with tree resin jojoba oil and beeswax. The coating is antiseptic anti-fungal and antibacterial so Abeego will keep your food fresh for longer allowi


This 100% recycled 2-ply single embossed pack of 4 kitchen rolls will wipe up kitchen spillages and food promptly and effortlessly. Featuring the Nordic swan Eco-label which is renowned for their special attention they give to the environment qual


The Abri-Man incontinence pouch pads Formula 1 have been designed specifically for men and have been dermatologically tested and feature the Nordic Swan Eco-Label. They have leakage barriers an air-plus breathable back sheet plus an adhesive strip


Created specifically for men the Abri-Man incontinence pouch pads formula 2 feature an air-plus breathable back sheet leakage barriers and an adhesive strip for positioning in close fitting underwear. This will help to give the wearer the highest


The Abri-San premium incontinence pads are anatomically shaped to ensure maximum protection and the unique leakage barriers with deep pockets will lock any fluid inside the pad for greater discretion and comfort. They also have a unique top dry syste


With a unique top dry system providing a dry surface and a breathable back sheet which offers greater comfort for the wearer the Abri-San premium incontinence pads are suitable for light to moderate incontinence and are anatomically shaped to ensur


Featuring the Nordic Swan Eco-Label and dermatologically tested the Abri-San premium incontinence pads for light to moderate incontinence are anatomically shaped to guarantee the greatest protection. They also feature unique leakage barriers with de


Natural certified organic beeswax suitable for underarms bikini line and face from Acorelle. The unique formula with pine resin and organic beeswax is efficient on short hairs and designed to give professional results every time lasting up to four


Certified organic waxing stripes suitable for the whole body. The complete waxing kit from Acorelle includes four different sizes of strips that are perfectly adapted to the size of each area to be waxed. The strips are enriched with organic beeswax


A facial hair regrowth inhibitor from Acorelle made with natural and organic ingredients. Ideal for reducing and controlling thick hair regrowth on the upper lip chin and eyebrows or for those who suffer from in-grown hairs.The formula contains bla


A natural organic deodorant from Acorelle containing natural hair growth inhibitors extracted from black truffles. The cruelty free deodorant is designed to slow hair regrowth regulate perspiration and neutralise unpleasant odours whilst soothing a


Acorelle’s natural ingrown hair treatment is enriched with purifying anti-bacterial ingredients to eliminate ingrown hairs shaving spots rashes and itching. With natural AHA fruit acids to peel off the very top layer of dead skin to minimise block


Ready to use cold wax strips from Acorelle made with natural certified organic and hypoallergenic ingredients. The organic beeswax is enriched with soothing aloe vera and the strips offer convenient easy facial hair removal anywhere – ideal for tr


Ready to use cold was strips for legs from Acorelle made with a natural certified organic formula that will effectively remove short hairs and give long-lasting results. The easy-to-use strips are ideal for travelling and can be used anywhere sim


Easy natural underarm and bikini line hair removal from Acorelle made with certified organic beeswax and soothing aloe vera. The ready-to-use strips contain a hypoallergenic paraben free formula that is kind to sensitive skin and works on thick or


A natural easy roll on wax from Acorelle ideal for beginners. The roll-on applicator allows you to apply just the right amount of wax to the area for best results. EcoCert certified the wax contains organic fair trade cane sugar from Paraguay and


The sugar face wax from Acorelle is a low temperature 100% natural and organic oriental ylang wax with washable reusable waxing strips. Designed for easy and effective hair removal for eyebrows upper lip & small areas of the face easily applied


Adopt your favourite big cat with five endangered species to choose from with this Adopt A Big Cat gift pack. Many species of big cat are endangered due to the destruction of their natural habitat but if you adopt one for 12 months it will assist Pe


This novelty gift lets you adopt a dinosaur for 12 months – perfect for prehistoric enthusiasts. Adopting the dinosaur means you will be supporting the Natural History Museum its research and its collections including the many dinosaurs that are ho


Adopt your very own meerkat with this gift set perfect for safari buffs. The set allows you to adopt a wild meerkat in South Africa for 12 months supporting Meerkat Magic a wild meerkat conservation project. The gift tin includes easy-to-follow in

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