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Stockists of 10 Chicks

Help close the gender gap in farming by supporting a woman to start her own chicken-rearing business.


Stockists of 1 Lap desk for a child 

A lap desk could give a child with no school access the chance to learn.


Stockists of 20 rapid diagnostic malaria kits

These malaria test kits could diagnose malaria in minutes, so patients can be treated quickly and effectively – saving lives.


Stockists of 3 days at summer camp

Let the sun shine for young children living with HIV by giving them the change to attend a summer camp.


Stockists of A Bicycle

How do you turn two wheels into a brighter future? Give a vulnerable young girl a bicycle so she can travel safely to school and receive an education.


Stockists of A Buzzy Beehive

You could help someone training to become a beekeeper in rural Haiti to kick-start their business by giving them a beehive.


Stockists of A Chicken

You could help improve the life of a person living with HIV/AIDs by providing them with a chicken.


Stockists of A child's school materials

Kit out a child with textbooks and stationary for a year - and even help provide a school uniform!


Stockists of A goat

A GOATASTIC gift! Our locally sourced nanny goats produce milk to drink and sell, plus fertiliser for crops.


Stockists of A high nutrition food supplement

A high-nutrition food supplement to give a boost to the health of a malnourished child.


Stockists of A Hygiene Kit

A hygiene kit could help people who have fled their homes in Iraq and are living in camps or temporary accommodation.


Stockists of A mobile doctor

A mobile doctor could help those living in conflict to get access to healthcare.


Stockists of A month's food for a family

Your charity gift is a month's food for a family living on the Thai-Burmese border.


Stockists of Ancient Map

Help rural Colombians prevent their land being sold to palm oil companies.


Stockists of An Emergency survival kit

Your gift of an emergency survival kit – can provide warmth, comfort and clean water to thousands of people in desperate need.


Stockists of Antibiotics for a sick child

A gift of antibiotics could make a real difference to a child living in an area of conflict such as occupied Palestinian territory.


Stockists of A Pair of Billy and Nanny goats

You could help someone living with HIV to get the nutrition they need to stay healthy and ensure that the love keeps on flowing because the baby goats are passed on to another needy member of the community.


Stockists of A quake-resistant house

Your generosity could help a family affected by the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti to build a new quake-resistant home.


Stockists of A relief package for a family after a typhoon

A relief package could give families fleeing a typhoon access to food, hygiene and other necessities.


Stockists of A Sheep

You could help a poor women in Ethiopia set up and run a savings group by giving them a sheep!

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