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Ignition switch with 3 functions! Functions: Off / On / Preheat / Start With two keys Diameter: 5.5 cm Height without key: 7 cm


0925 Vario Chef Table grill, 3 in 1, 800 W Gourmet Maxx

The Gourmet Maxx Granite LOOKTable Grill let's you bake, toast and grill - almost like on a hot stone! * Make Belgian waffles, filled sandwiches or grill meets and vegetables * 3 internchangable inserts * Non-stick coating in granite look The sandwiches,...


1.2" Switchover Ratchet Hazet

Ratchet wheel with 32 teeth and a 2-piece handle for greater safety, 275mm long. Features: * Material: Chrome-vanadium steel * Surface: Chrome, polished * Drive: Square 1/2" * Ball Locking: Yes


1.4" Switchover Ratchet Hazet

1.4" Switchover Ratchet - Square Drive. Ratchet wheel with 20 teeth, 2-piece handle for greater safety, 115 mm long, chromed surface, polished as per DIN 3122, ISO 3315


1008 Roto90, Right angle attachment Milescraft

The 90 ° angle and the compact design (height 6.5 cm) is made easy narrowest points. The special ball-bearing transmission allows smooth and quiet operation.


100 Piece CV Bit Set Westfalia

Very small carbide metal particles on the flanks press into the screws and reduce the emission energy. * Ideal for serial fittings * Reduces the grinding pressure by up to at least 1/3 * Wear at the tip is reduced which means bits have a longer life *...


100 Piece Rivets M3, M4, M5, M6, 25 of each Westfalia

100 piece set rivets M3, M4, M5 and M6, 25 of each.



100 Watt infrared Economy Bulb Philips

With up to 50% energy saving. Now with colour pigments in the glassand nickel-coated bulb fitting as protection against corrosion. 100 Watt infrared Economy Bulb


108 Piece Combination Drill Selection in Steel Plate Case Westfalia

New, extensive and well-selected range of drill-bits from 1.0 to 10 mm with titanium- coated HSS spiral drill bits, Bronze hard metal rock drill bits, and wood spiral drill bits. The various drill bits are presented in a sturdy steel case, well laid out,...


1097 ToolStand, Mini tool stand drill press for rotary tools Milescraft

The mini tool stand allows you to make incredibly precise cuts or drill holes without any risk of error. The stand attaches easily onto any workbench or stable surface. With a simple mounting function , you can attach almost any milling tool in an instant....



10 Lamella Grinding Discs 115 mm, 2 of each K40/K60/K80/K100/K120 Westfalia

Lamella grinding disc set for deburring, derusting, grinding welding joints, smoothing surfaces etc.  Use on all angled grinders. The sturdy aluminium oxide grain guarantees the best standing times, quick stripping capability and a good surface. ...


10-pce Carbide Hammer Drill Set Westfalia

Vital drill bits in a handy roll-up bag The innovative 4-blade design with the high accuracy prevents the drill tip from drifting, even at at maximum speeds. The bits and blade distribution allow for optimum force distribution, meaning less vibrations...


10-pce Tile Drilling Set Westfalia

Carbide–tipped with bayonet coupling for the drilling machine. For drilling quarry tiles, brick walls, lightweight building stones and plaster tiles. Working range 800-1500 rpm. Drilling crown bits for hole-sizes 33-43-53-63-67-73-83 mm diam.. In...


10-Pc Saw Blade Set Bosch

10-piece saw blade assortment for straight cuts in wood and metal.


10 Piece Blade Holder cassette forBlack + Decker, Hitachi, Kress Black&Decker

Balde holder suitable. For Black&Decker, Hitachi, Kress, Ryobi, Skil.


10 Piece Blade Holder cassette forBOSCH, AEG, Metabo, Westfalia Black&Decker

Blade holder suitable for Bosch, Festo, Makita, AEG, Metabo, ELU, DeWalt, Westfalia No. 483719


10 Piece Diamond Cutting Discs, Set in Practical Box Westfalia

Use for concrete, brick, chamotte, roof tiles, stoneware, tiles and granite . * Each disc can be removed separately from box * 4 x diamond cutting discs with turbo edging * 3 x diamond cutting discs with segmented edging * 3 x diamond cutting discs with...


10 Piece File Selection for Professionals Westfalia

10 files, for everyday use all entirely made from high quality cast steel. Complete selection with plastic hand grips.  Includes: * 1 knife file 150 mm, 3 cut * 1 round file 150 mm, 1 cut * 1 semicircular file 200 mm, 1 cut * 1 semicircular file 250...


10 Piece Fixation Set for Tarpaulins Westfalia

The fixation set for tarpaulins consists of 5 of each tension springs and wood claws. With this tarpaulin set you can tighten your tarpaulins effortlessly. Simply attach the tension spring to the tarpaulin eyelet and hook into the metal wood claw. Now...


10-Piece Fold Clips, 4,5mm - 10mm

Fold clips zinc plated, price for 10


10-piece Glass Dish Set Westfalia

The plastic lids seal airtightly which means the freshness is retained.  The decorative glass dishes have versatile uses: * for keeping things fresh in the fridge * heating in the microwave and * for serving salads , desserts etc You will receive the...


10 Piece internal hexgonal screwdriver set Westfalia

Even more power/torque for loosening and tightening using the T-handle. The ergonomic T-handle with suspended hole gives the internal double ended hexagonal screwdriver optimal power transmission and very high torque. Just the job for screws that are...


10 Piece Jumbo Microfibre Set Westfalia

With these cloths, you deep clean glass surfaces, plastic, furniture or metal. No smears or scratches. Even adds new sparkle to polished wood or silver. Take the cloth, dip it into clean water for a short while and wipe your windows: dust, nicotine and...


10 Piece Model-Maker´s Spring Clamping Set Westfalia

Handy tensioning aids for model-making, hobbies and work in the home. Your "third hand" for lots of jobs like fastening, gluing or sticking things down. The tool is tightly clamped using one hand and in so doing, the movable clamp jaws adjust automatically...


10 Piece Reciprocating Saw Blades Wilpu

Universal reciprocating saw blades for nearly all jobs.  The set consists of reciprocating saw blades for following uses: * 2 x green wood (hardened, angled sharpened teeth, size 240 x 19 x 1.27mm, 4-5 teeth/1”) * 1 x wood, plastic etc (bi-metal,...


10 Piece Replacement Abrasive Discs (self-adhesive)

10 pieces replacement abrasive discs (self-adhesive)Grain size 320


10 Piece Set of HSS Milling Cutters Westfalia

10-Pce Set Of HSS Milling Cutters. Shank diameter 3 mm. Contents: 1 slitting cutter, 1 shank-type cutter, 1 drop-shaped cutter, 1 spherical cutter, 1 face-milling cutter, 1 bevelled cutter, 1 trapezoidal cutter, 1 pointed cutter, 1 rounded cylindrical...


10 piece Standard Tubular Hexagon Box Spanner Set Westfalia

Heavy, matt chrome plated design. Contents: 6 x 7mm, 6 x 8mm, 10 x 11mm, 12 x 13mm, 14 x 15mm, 16 x 17mm, 18 x 19mm, 20 x 22mm and tee handles.


10 Piece Universal Turning Set Westfalia

For milling machines, pillar drill machines and lathes . For the manufacture of borings, undercuts, etc head 50 mm. With morse taper MK2. Can be used horizontally and vertically. Made of high quality steel, hardened and precision ground. Feed 0.02 mm...


10x Wire clamps and clamping bracket set

Prepared for you in the saving set: * 10x Wire tensioners * 1x Tensioning clamp Wire tensioner: For fast tensioning / unwinding of wires, ropes and strands, without cutting them. Clamping bracket: The ideal tool for tensioning the wire tensioners. Easy...


10-year smoke alarm with VDS approval and magnetic fixtures Cordes

No matter the place or time of year a potential fire can cause untold damage or loss of life, having a detection system that is guaranteed to function all year round for up to 10 years can save lives. The Cordes smoke detection system provides peace of...


1-13mm, 0.5mm stages = 25 pc Westfalia

1-1mm increasing at 0.5mm intervals, in metal case.


1 1/4" Universal Sink Plug Westfalia

This plug will nicely cover the hole in your sink.  Just place it in the hole and your sink will instantly look much better. Plug length 1 1/4” with extra large cover approx 62 mm in diameter.  Height adjustable from approx 70 mm to max approx...


116774 Water hose, Super Tricolfex, 1/2 , yellow, 30 m Hozelock

Features: * Multi-layer reinforced * High resistance * Long life * Resistant to kinking * Very handy * Versatile * Cold flexible * Dimensionally stable * Cadmium, lead and barium * 13 mm ( 1/2 "), burst pressure: 30 bar, wall thickness: 2,75 mm * Role:...


11 Piece Dent-Removing Tool with Slide Hammer Westfalia

Indispensable tool for working on and repairing vehicle bodywork. You can be sure of making precisely-aimed energized strokes with this tool. Essential for knocking-out dents and straightening work. The sliding hammer weighs 3 kg. Supplied in a strong...


11 Piece Hole Cutting Saw Set Westfalia

Ideal for working in wood, soft metals, plaster tiles, etc. Depth of cut up to approx. 23mm. Secure fixture as the holder shanks have smooth sides. Diam mm: 19, 22, 25, 28, 38, 44, 51 and 64 mm. Supplied in a handy plastic box.


11 Piece Set Pencil Grinders Westfalia

Ball, wheel, cylinder, cone pencil grinders. 11 piece set: 40 - 50mm length, shank 2.5 mm.


11 Piece Wall and Gloss Paint Roller Set Westfalia

These rollers are suitable for varnish, wall and ceiling paints, latex paints, etc. They can be used for structured and smooth surfaces to give you optimal coating power. Roller width 100 mm, clamp length 280 mm. Items supplied: Galvanised clamp with...

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