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If you’re a fiend for speed and power, then a powerboat driving experience is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime thrill for you. This brilliant opportunity puts you in control of one powerboat, and lets you experience a 450bhp powerboat’s full power when you become a passenger in another. When you arrive at the marina, you’ll get to know your Skipper, and get a safety briefing, introduction to the powerboats and some Powerboat safety kit to put on. Then it’s time for you to take the wheel of your first boat, and this won’t be a tame driving lesson – although you will, of course, learn to drive it - you’ll be encouraged to imitate everyone’s favourite spy and really hit the gas. After you’re done, you’ll relax in the marina until it’s time for your passenger experience – and again, this isn’t a standard passenger experience, because your Skipper is going to perform stunts including donuts, high-speed side slides and crash stops in the mighty 450bhp boat. When the experience is over, you’ll get a photograph of each boat to take home.

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007 Powerboat Adventure Day£69.00Visit Store
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