65UH750V Stockists

65UH750V Stockists

65inch HDR 4K UHD LED SMART TV WiFi Freeview HD

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The LG OLED55B7V really is like nothing you have ever seen before, with its ultra slim and stylish finish, from a side angle most of the TV is barely visible. Display The B7V OLED screens deliver the highest quality picture there has ever been, it features self-emitting pixels that can turn themselves on and off individually which creates true deep blacks that enhance every colour and detail. The OLED screen allows you to experience a stunning wide colour range that accurately recreates life-like colours making you feel as though you are right at the heart of the action. Thanks to Multi HDR it will support a range of HDR formats and adjust them to suit different broadcast and content types for the perfect visual feel. HDR 10 creates an overall boost for spectacular viewing, while HLG creates dynamic picture quality for 4K broadcasts from providers like Sky, BT and the BBC. Get a real cinema-like feel right at home with Dolby Vision and Technicolor HDR. Sound The LGOLED55B7V not only offers you the best picture quality but it also offers you the perfect partner when it comes to sound. The Dolby Atmos will completely immerse you in your entertainment by combining low-end power and incredible definition in a stunning 360 degree audio space. Each sound is precision-oriented so that it feels like they're moving in front of, around and even above you. Enjoy more realistic, more exciting sound from a 2.2 channel 40W speaker system. Another highlighted feature that's newly added is the Magic Sound Tuning. This will use the microphone in your Magic Remote to further optimize and fine-tune the sound to perfect suit your environment. Smart TV The B7V puts you fully in control of the entertainment that is on offer, you are able to customise your TV with apps that suit you and your needs, you are also able to catch up on all of...

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43inch HDR 4K UHD Edge LED SMART TV WiFi Freeview HD

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LG 55UH950V Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD HDR 55" LED TV

Enjoy stunning 4k visuals with 3D capabilities and smart features using the LG 55UH950V Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD HDR 55" LED TV.4k Ultra HDWith IPS 4k Quantum display and ColourPrime Plus technology, the 55UH950V generates a high range of colour to create bright and vivid visuals. The 4k Ultra HD resolution packs plenty of detail onto the screen - it offers up to four times the resolution of HD TVs.An advanced 10-bit panel expands the available colour spectrum, unlocking over 1 billion hues and shades on the screen. This creates vibrant and stunning images to entertain you no matter what you choose to watch.ULTRA Luminance provides brighter whites and deeper blacks, revealing all the details thanks to local dimming technology for a truly immersive visual experience.High Dynamic RangeWith HDR quality, the UH950V displays true-to-life colours and shades, bringing your entertainment to life with colours and shades that are closer to real life. Whatever you are watching, you can enjoy incredible image quality with glistening light adding to the texture.HDR Super supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision, giving you access to the latest HDR standard and the opportunity to witness incredible visuals.You'll be ready for the future of HDR content so you can make the most of this new picture quality.Smart TVThe 950V boasts the webOS Smart TV platform, offering a range of smart entertainment options, including catch-up TV services such as BBC iPlayer and My5 as well as a huge range of apps. The webOS platform puts movies, sports, shows and more right at your fingertips. Watch live programmes, get up to speed using catch up TV services or browse through a range of handy and fun apps.You can also use streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime for access to gripping box sets and movies.Coming soon to the...

LG 55UH950V Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD HDR 55 LG 55UH950V Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD HDR 55

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