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Compact PowerLite-Pet upright cleaner from AEG offers no compromises on performance. Lightweight design makes it easy to use and it has a HEPA filter and anti-odour system - perfect for cleaning up after cats and dogs. With this vacuum cleaner, you're in complete control. The A5200 lets you change how much suction you get as you can divert power either to the floor or the hose. The A5200 has been specifically designed to clean up after pets. This is partially down to its HEPA filter, which is excellent at trapping dust particles, pet hair and other potential allergens. Alongside this, the A5200 has an Arm and Hammer anti-odour system, which neutralises unpleasant pet odours. Equipped with the latest multi-cyclonic technology, the A5200 separates dirt and dust from the air, helping prevent your filters from becoming clogged and ensuring a consistent clean. The A5200 is light and easy to move around, weighing only 4.9 kg. Not only does this compact design make it much easier to use, gliding effortlessly over floor surfaces, but it's also easier to store. The A5200 is a bagless model. This means you save money on the repeat purchase of bags, and fewer bags are kinder to the environment as well. Just take the 2 litre capacity dust canister and tip it straight into your bin - quick and easy. As the A5200 comes with a 2.4 metre stretch hose, this upright cleaner gives you some extra flexibility. Grab the hose, pop on one of the supplied attachments, and reach into all the nooks and crannies for a thorough clean.

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AEG UltraPower AG5020 BRC Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Ebony Black, Black

For bagless, cordless and effortless cleaning take a closer look at the elegant, self-standing AEG UltraPower AG5020 BRC Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, with 180 degree swivel steering. Crucial cleaning power The AG5020 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is more than capable of cleaning your entire home in one go thanks to its 0.8-litre capacity, and powerful Lithium batteries that give you an impressive 50 minute run time. With three power settings to choose from, you can select whichever suits the surface you're cleaning. Long mode's best for easy cleans, Normal's for your routine cleans, and Booster's for high power cleaning - great for cat and dog hairs. Utter convenience The AG5020 bagless stick vacuum with a cyclonic system is designed to give you optimum results and utter flexibility when cleaning. You'll be able to whizz round without tripping up on a cord, and 180 degree steering allows you to access even the tightest nooks and crannies of your home. Thanks to BrushRollClean technology, you'll never have to spend time cleaning hairs and fibres from your vacuum's brush, this new cleaning system will do it for you at the press of a pedal. The AG5020 Cordless Vacuum is fitted with a two stage filter system for easy emptying and maintenance. For a complete floor cleaning solution choose the powerful AEG UltraPower AG5020 BRC Cordless Vacuum Cleaner in ebony black.

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With the CX7-21EB stick vacuum cleaner, you get a completely cordless vacuum, making it quick and easy to clean up everyday mess. With the 2 in 1 function, it will allow you to take this vacuum literally anywhere all thanks to its detachable, portable handheld device. The vacuum is lightweight and slim, meaning you can manoeuvre the vacuum anywhere around your home, up the stairs and even in the more, difficult to reach areas of the home. The CX7-21EB also comes with a powerful motor, meaning suction won't be an issue, a good airflow and a cyclonic system for optimum cleaning. Additional tools include a crevice nozzle, a dusting brush and an easy to clean snap clean filter.

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Powerful and versatile this compact vacuum is ideal for carpets and hard floors with included crevice and upholstery nozzles for cleaning those hard- to reach places. The washable filter means you can rely on long-lasting suction performance for effective cleaning throughout your home. Best of all it's been giving an A rating for energy efficiency, so it provides the cleaning power you need without running up your energy bills. Being small and light but with a 5m cord length and an 800w power motor this vacuum is a great choice for your home or office.

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AEG A6100

The AEG Precision A6100A has a multitude of tools including a telescopic tube, a dusting brush, and a 3-in-1 versatool, helping you to tackle all those tricky areas with ease. With Brushroll Clean Technology you'll never have to deal with a clogged up brush again. Simply press the Brushroll Clean button and any hair or fibre will be effortlessly removed from the Brushroll before being sent to the vacuum's container for easy disposal. With a lengthy 10-metre cable you can clean more of your home in one go and using the long hose you can achieve an extended reach.

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With this vacuum cleaner from AEG you will have a no trouble with manoeuvrability as it is completely cordless, making it quick and easy to clean up any mess. As it is a cordless design it will run purely on battery; the battery is quick to charge and will come with an operating time of 35 minutes. With its charging station, you can place the vacuum on the floor or attach it to a wall. It will also automatically turn off when the battery is fully charged and consumes just 0.3W in standby mode. With the revolutionary and patented roll clean technology, it will ensure that any hairs, and fibres can easily be removed in the rotating brush, simply press your foot on the pedal and the vacuum will do the rest.

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The AEG AE9920UKEL Aero performer Cyclonic pet is optimized for energy usage with an A energy rating. Performance is optimized on both hard floors and carpets thanks to the dual purpose Dust Pro nozzle. With a 5 meter power cord moving from room to room is easy with less unplugging. The AE9920UKEL is perfect for pet owners with cats or dogs, as it features a pet hair turbo nozzle to make cleaning furniture easy. With a metal Telescopic Extension tube is makes life easier to vacuum then hard to reach places.

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AEG CX7 35CB Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Metallic Chocolate Brown, Chocolate

Top features: - Lightweight 2 in 1 design allows you to clean your home with ease - 180° Easysteer technology delivers increased manoeuvrability - Cordless and bagless to save you time and energy Lightweight 2 in 1 design The CX7 35CB weighs just 2.5 kg, making it easy to transport it around your home with ease. Its 2 in 1 functionality makes it possible to clean anywhere, with a detachable portable handheld unit for cleaning areas the main vacuum can't easily access. 180° Easysteer technology You can operate the CX7 35CB easily as it features 180° Easysteer technology, offering increased manoeuvrability and flexbility. LED dust finder headlights ensure that you don't miss anything on the floor, while on board tools including a dusting brush and crevice nozzle allow you to reach and clean different areas. Cordless and bagless With a running time of 35 minutes and a high power setting for dealing with stubborn areas, the cordless vacuum cleaner makes cleaning your house a simple task. BrushRoll Clean technology helps to remove tangled hairs and fibres from the brush roll to ensure an efficient performance. The CX7 35CB is both bagless and cyclonic, featuring a two stage snap clean filter to make it easier to empty and maintain the vacuum cleaner.

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For a vacuum cleaner that makers your house work as easy as possible choose the ErgoEasy Bagless Vacuum Cleaner AE9920UKEL. With the 800W Motor and array of included attachments such as upholstery nozzle, crevice nozzle and hard floor nozzle, your AEG AE9920UKEL Vacuum Cleaner gives you both the power and tools to tackle any room in your home while the metal Telescopic Extension tube and 5 meter power cord gives the reach to vacuum even those hard to reach areas. All this with A class energy rating, 1.5L Bagless Dust Capacity and finished in Love Red.

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AEG WX7 60A Window Vacuum Cleaner - Aqua Spray, Aqua

Top features:- Clean windows and hard surfaces without leaving streaks- Avoid leaks thanks to an anti-drip system- Fill up a large 110 ml water tank- Clean for up to 60-minutes with a long-lasting batteryClean windows and hard surfacesGive your windows and tiles a good clean with the AEG WX7 60A Window Vacuum Cleaner. It's great for cleaning smooth, hard surfaces with streak-free results.An ergonomic design with a soft non-slip handle makes it comfortable to use around your home. It's quiet in operation too, so you'll be less likely to disturb others while cleaning.Avoid leaksAn anti-drip system prevents leakages for a less messy cleaning job.Fill up a large 110 ml water tankWith a large 110 ml capacity dishwasher proof water tank, you can be sure to get a thorough clean when doing your windows or tiles. This also means less trips back and forth to fill it up.Clean for up to 60-minutesA rechargeable battery gives you up to 60 minutes of cleaning time - enough to clean the majority of windows and hard surfaces around your home.

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AEG AG3103

With simplicity at the forefront of their minds AEG created the AG3103 Ergorapido 10.8v Upright Cordless 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner. Ergonomically designed, quick to recharge, up to 20 minute run time and excellent to handle on all surfaces the AG3103 is a perfect addition to any home. Manoeuvrability is no issue with 180 EasySteer. The flexibility exhumed by the AG3103's large back wheels, double hinged nozzle and two-stop power mode means that it moves smoothly along all household surfaces giving you an all-round pristine clean. The self-standing function enables you to seamlessly take breaks in cleaning and the wireless design makes sure you don't get tangled, stuck round corners and have perfect manoeuvrability. The DustSpotter LED lights make your job easier and help the AG3103 work for you. You're able to see what you're cleaning even in the darkest of spaces; making areas such as under chairs, tables and sofas a breeze for the AG3103. The Self-cleaning BrushRollClean Technology means that your AG3103 Ergorapido rids itself of unruly hair and fibres from the brush meaning less upkeep and less issues for you. The sleek black design and compact style means it's easy to keep stored and is a real 21st century styled focal point.

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