Bargain Avenging Spider Man Stockists

Bargain Avenging Spider-Man Stockists

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Marvel Learning: Spider-Man: This is Spider-Man (Ready-to-Read Level 3) Stockist

You probably know that Spider-Man is great at fighting crime, and has amazing climbing skills. But what else do you know about him? In this easy-read book, you can find out all about his backstory, his abilities and (pssst!) his secrets. All while building your reading skills! From his alter ego as journalist Peter Parker to his greatest weapons and battles, find out who Spider-Man really is: a superhero with an incredible story! Exciting Level 3 reader full of colourful Marvel artwork Builds skills with longer sentences...

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The Amazing Spider-Man Sticker Scene: Spider-Man vs Green Goblin Stockist

Amazing sticker battles for YOU (and Spidey) to fight.

'The Amazing Spider-Man Sticker Scene: Spider-Man vs Green Goblin Stockist Deal' priced at £3.19  =>  Click for Deal


Amazing Spider-Man: The Tangled Webs of Spider-Man Stockist

Teenager Peter Parker is trying to figure out who he is and how he got to be the person he is today. After Peter discovers an old briefcase that belonged to his father he begins a journey that leads him to the lab of Dr Curt Connors. What mysteries does Dr Connors hide and how does Peter's school crush Gwen Stacy fit in? And what of the terrifying Lizard creature that is prowling the streets of New York? Only the Amazing Spider-Man can break through this web of confusion and these are his tales ...

'Amazing Spider-Man: The Tangled Webs of Spider-Man Stockist Deal' priced at £3.74  =>  Click for Deal


Spider-Man: Spider-Sense Activity Book Stockist

Activity fun with glow-in-the-dark spiders. Fight crime when the lights are out!

'Spider-Man: Spider-Sense Activity Book Stockist Deal' priced at £3.99  =>  Click for Deal


Along Came a Spider Stockist

The spectacular international bestseller that introduced Washington-based homicide detective Alex Cross and launched James Patterson's career as one of the fastest-selling thriller writers in the world -- now reissued in striking new cover style. He had always wanted to be famous. When he kidnapped two well-known rich kids it was headline news. Then one of them was found -- dead -- and the whole nation was in uproar. For such a high-profile case they needed the top people -- Alex Cross a black detective with a PhD in psychology...

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Spider and the Fly Stockist

'Will you walk into my parlour said the Spider to the Fly ...' is one of the most recognised and quoted first lines in all of English verse. But how many of you know how the tale actually ends? Join celebrated artist Tony DiTerlizzi as he shines a 1920's film noir cinematic spotlight on Mary Howitt's 173 year old classic poem warning us against those who would use sweet words to hide their not-so-sweet intentions and lure us into danger.

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Aaaarrgghh Spider! Stockist

All Spider wants is to be a family pet. But the family whose house he lives in are terrified of him. Whenever he tries to show them what a great pet he would make they simply cry 'Aaaarrgghh Spider!'. Themes of tolerance and misunderstanding make key discussion points for children in this book.

'Aaaarrgghh Spider! Stockist Deal' priced at £5.24  =>  Click for Deal



Boris the Spider Stockist

Owning a big pet spider is only fun if you LIKE spiders. Especially when the spider runs? all over the house! Leapfrog Rhyme Time features fun rhyming stories of no more than 180 words for children who are starting to read on their own.

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Patience of the Spider Stockist

'A brother ' he said. Jesus Christ! Now where'd this brother come from? Whose brother? Montalbano had known from the start that between all the brothers uncles in-laws nephews and nieces this case was going to drive him crazy. Chief Inspector Montalbano is on enforced sick leave. But when a local girl goes mysteriously missing the whole community takes an interest in the case. Why are the kidnappers so sure that the girl's impoverished father and dying mother will be able to find a fortune? The ever-inquisitive Montalbano...

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Spider Gnomes Stockist

The third action-packed quest in an exciting new six book character-led series for 7+ girls who love fantasy adventure and high-kicking heroines! On her tenth birthday tomboy Sophie learns she is the Guardian of a magic gateway between our world and the Shadow Woods. She must keep the human world safe from mischievous goblins sprites and elves. It's the turn of the Spider Gnomes gruesome man-sized spiders who make their webs in the trees of the Shadow Woods to do battle with the Guardian. When the whole town becomes infested...

'Spider Gnomes Stockist Deal' priced at £3.74  =>  Click for Deal


Spider's Big Match Stockist

Spider McDrew gets the chance to play for the Parkfield school football team in the end-of-season cup draw. As usual though things are not plain sailing for Spider who lets his side down by giving away a crucial penalty kick. Poor Spider is a pitiful sight as he stands on the touchline all alone. Then he is asked to take one last corner kick. * Topaz/ Band 13 books offer longer and more demanding reads for children to investigate and evaluate. * Text type - A humorous story with a familiar setting. * A reader response page...

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Very Busy Spider Stockist

This is a classic picture book from Eric Carle - The Very Busy Spider. Early one morning a little spider begins to spin her web on a fencepost and she doesn't stop until it is finished...Alongside the visual excitement of Eric Carle's vibrant collages of familiar animals is the tactile experience of feeling the spider's web as it grows from a simple line into a complex and beautiful creation - a perfect story for reading aloud and sharing. Eric Carle is an internationally bestselling and award-winning author and illustrator of...

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White Spider Stockist

A classic of mountaineering literature this is the story of the harrowing first ascent of the North Face of the Eiger the most legendary and terrifying climb in history. Heinrich Harrer author of 'Seven Years in Tibet' and one of the twentieth century's greatest mountaineers was part of the team that finally conquered the Eiger's fearsome North Face in 1938. It was a landmark expedition that pitted the explorers against treacherous conditions and the limits of human endurance and which many have since tried - and failed...

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