BSN True Mass Stockists

BSN True Mass Stockists

BSN True-Mass 1200 is a fantastic and explosive mass muscle gain Protein shake, helping to improve muscle strength and power, improving over-all physical performance and enhancing your physique and body composition.   The BSN True Mass 1200 is the ultimate mass gain supplement, providing you with quality calories to help you build lean muscle mass and size and features a premium Protein and Carb Matrix, specifically designed to help you achieve optimum training results. To obtain an impressive increase in muscle mass gain, positive energy balanced is needed, so you need to take on more calories than you burn in training.BSN True Mass 1200 delivers an impressive 54g Protein and a whopping 1200 calories per serving, alongside 210g Carbohydrates, to help support muscle growth goals. BSN True Mass 1200 only uses quality sources of ingredients, so you’re not bulking up on low-grade ingredients, making sure you enjoy a remarkably rich and satisfying Protein shake.The BSN True-Mass 1200 formula delivers explosive muscle gain results, perfect for those with high calorie requirements or those who have difficulty adding and maintaining mass. BSN True-Mass 1200 has a delicious and real milkshake-like taste and is available in a range of delicious flavours, possibly one of the tastiest mass-gainer shakes around!

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Reflex Nutrition Muscle Bomb

Reflex Nutrition Muscle Bomb powder is an explosive performance boosting supplement. It has been designed to be taken pre-work out to intensify training. Available in a caffeinated option, delivering 125mg Caffeine making it ideal for those looking for that extra boost. And is also available in Caffeine free version, making it suitable for anyone looking for a stimulant-free performance booster. Reflex Nutrition Muscle Bomb shake delivers a whopping 25,400mg of active ingredients per serving, designed to contribute to increased energy, alertness and focus. It is also packed full of BCAAs, which are essential for protein synthesis and recovery. Reflex Nutrition Muscle Bomb also includes 8,000mg Citrulline Malate, 3,200mg Beta-Alanine, 2,000mg L-Carnitine Tartrate and 2,500mg Betaine. Resulting in an effective pre-workout shake, perfect to support intense training sessions. Beta-Alanine is the only naturally occurring Beta-Amino Acid, taken by many athletes and often used in conjunction with L-Histidine to help improve physically performance. Carnosine reduces lactic acid accumulation in your muscles during exercise. We all get that burning feeling which makes it harder to push on. Beta Alanine helps raise carnosine levels and will help with fighting off lactic acid. Vitamins such as Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism, normal functioning of the nervous system and a reduction of tiredness...

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Sci-Mx Ultra Whey Protein

SCI-MX Ultra Whey Protein powder is a delicious high quality protein shake. It has been made with the best ingredients to ensure our body is fuelled with nutrients throughout the day. SCI-MX Ultra Whey Protein delivers an impressive 35g protein, per serving using a blend of cold processed Whey Protein Concentrate, Hydrolysate & Isolate. SCI-MX Ultra Whey Protein provides you with 6.1g BCCAs including the three essential BCAAs; L-leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine. As well as 4.7g Glutamine per serving, this helps with protein synthesis and protecting the muscles. SCI-MX’s Ultra Whey Protein powder features a rapid action formula to deliver fast protein, perfect for anyone looking for quick results. SCI-MX’s Ultra Whey Protein Shake powder offers a versatile protein supplement, suitable for use before and after training as well as between meals and upon waking – It can even be used as a milk substituted, as an alternative to a protein shake when added to your favourite breakfast cereals! SCI-MX Ultra Whey is a whey protein blend. This helps with keeping amino acids and protein elevated throughout the day reducing our body from going into a catabolic state. SCI-MX Ultra Whey can be taken after training to help restore glycogen levels and help start the road to recovery. It can also be taken in the morning to help with intake of protein and nutrients. SCI-MX Ultra Whey provides you with 9.8g of Glutamine....

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CNP Pro-Recover

CNP Pro Recover is a delicious, post workout shake which has been made with the highest quality ingredients to help you get the best benefits. CNP Pro Recover delivers 23g of protein per serving which helps with delivering key essential amino acids which will help with protein synthesis. CNP Pro Recover also provides you with 46g of low glycaemic carbohydrates to ensure fast absorption. Carbohydrates help with sustained energy release and restore glycogen levels that are lost during training. CNP Pro Recover is an effective recovery supplement that can be used pre or post workout and comes in a range of delicious flavours. The post shake window is very small and recovery is vital for our muscle. We must get carbohydrates to help restore glycogen levels and aminos to start protein synthesis. When we train, our muscles are being broken down and micro fibres are wasting away. Essential amino acids help prevent this as they have anti-catabolic properties. Vitamin C has been added CNP Pro Recover. This is a powerful anti-oxidant. It can help with maintaining connective tissues including bones, blood vessels and skin. Don’t forget, recovery is very important. You must supply the muscles with nutrients they need and replenish anything that was lost during training. CNP Pro Recover comes in three delicious flavours. These include – Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla. Buy CNP products from  

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Sci-Mx Pro 2Go Protein Flapjacks

SCI-MX Pro 2Go Flapjack is a delicious high protein flapjack bar, providing quality proteins and carbohydrates on the go. Protein is the most important part of a bodybuilders or athletes diet. It is responsible for providing us with amino acids which activate protein synthesis. SCI-MX Flapjack supplies you with 21g protein and 37.7g of carbohydrates. Perfect to help fuel hard working and restore glycogen levels in our muscles. SCI-MX Pro 2Go Flapjack uses a blend of Whey Protein and Milk Protein and utilises natural milled oats and flaxseed to provide added texture. SCI-MX Pro 2Go Flapjack uses a blend of carbohydrates. This will help with sustained energy release during training. SCI-MX Pro 2Go Flapjack provides our body with 1g of EFAs which are derived from flaxseed. Flaxseed is very important as this helps our digestive system. It is also a great source of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. SCI-MX Pro 2Go Flapjack only contains 2.8g of sugar which makes it a perfect convenient alternative to a normal unhealthy flapjack. It is the most ideal way to increase protein and calorie intake. SCI-MX Pro 2Go Flapjack can be slotted in your gym bag, on your desk, in your glove compartment. It’s there for when you need a guilty free, highly nutritious snack. SCI-MX Pro 2Go Flapjacks are suitable to be taken any time of day, available in a range of fantastic flavours. SCI-MX Pro 2Go Flapjacks comes in five different delicious...

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Based on the latest scientific research, CNP Professional's Pro-MR meal replacement is a high protein low fat meal replacement formula that combines dietary fast and slow proteins for optimum anabolic (muscle growth) and anti-catabolic (muscle sparing) effect. Probiotic organisms have been included to help maintain and promote a healthier digestive system. Glutamine has been added in its more bio-available peptide bonded form to round off the ideal protein formula. Complex carbohydrates and a balanced vitamin and mineral profile ensure a healthy and effective approach to dietary adjustment. Pro-MR contains: Bifidus, acidophilus, yoghurt organisms, which is the healthy bacteria needed to promote an efficient digestive system, which will enable you to metabolise more nutrients. Micellar casein (milk protein) is an undenatured slow released protein, medically proven to be anti-catabolic (stopping muscle breakdown). Whey protein high fraction concentrate is an undenatured fast released protein containing higher levels of growth factors than normal whey protein concentrates. Hydrolysed whey is pre-digested to enable the amino acids to enter the bloodstream quickly. This is the first of the fast and slow proteins in Pro Peptide to be used. Whey protein is a by-product from the manufacture of cheese due to the heat-treating of milk (curds and whey). A lot of the growth factors and the amino acid cysteine become deficient because of this...

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Reflex Nutrition Glucosamine Sulphate

Reflex Nutrition Glucosamine Sulphate is a high quality supplement designed to help any athlete, gym goer or normal person with their joints. Reflex Nutrition Glucosamine Sulphate Designed to provide cartilage and joint support, this a popular supplement choice for those looking to improve overall joint health. Glucosamine Sulphate is a very popular ingredient when it comes to joint health, this is because it simply works. As we get older our joint tissue actually degrades. What Glucosamine does it help reduce the rate that collagen degrades at. Reflex Nutrition Glucosamine Sulphate provides 1000mg Glucosamine Sulphate per capsule. Delivering Glycosaminoglycan's, which are Proteins that help to build joint cartilage. Reflex Nutrition Glucosamine Sulphate delivers a complex Carbohydrate, helping to retain fluid around the joints. Reducing inflammation and pain, designed to improve joint function. Reflex Nutrition Glucosamine Sulphate Capsules are suitable for both men and women. Ideal for those who are regularly active, looking to supplement their efforts to aid joint health and support. Glucosamine is found organically in the cartilage cells of the body. And both of these play an important role in building and supporting cartilage. Buy Reflex Nutrition products from

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FitMark Shield Large

Fitmark Bags have produced this ultimate meal management bag, designed to keep everything you need neatly organised and close to hand; perfect for storing and transporting your meals and sports supplements. The Fitmark Shield Large Bag makes transportation simple and convenient, in the form of this high quality and lightweight meal management bag which features a padded, removable shoulder strap for added support and comfort when on the go.The Fitmark Shield Large bag allows you to organise and separate foods with 5 x large seal-tight containers. BPA Free, Microwave Safe and Dishwasher Safe, making these simple to use and easy to clean. While the 2 high quality Ice Packs (1 large and 1 medium; TSA approved) help to keep your food and drink cool, providing you with tasty fresh meals and cool drinks throughout the day.Fitmark have also included their handy Vitamin and Protein mix dispenser, perfect to make sure you can easily take your daily supplements on the go, alongside 2 expandable exterior pockets, suitable for your water bottle, protein bars and/or fruit; keeping everything you might need within easy reach.The Fitmark Shield Large meal bag features lots of handy extras, that you wouldn’t expect; there’s even a place to hang your keys, as well as a useful luggage connector and a magazine sleeve, complete with a centre divider to organise all your essentials.The Fitmark Shield Large helps you to stick to your...

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Reflex Nutrition Instant Mass Heavyweight

Reflex Nutrition Instant Mass Heavyweight is a high calorie, lean mass gainer designed for anyone wanting to add calories to their diet. Reflex Nutrition Instant Mass Heavyweight provides an impressive 1,160 Calories, 60g Protein and 219g Carbohydrates per serving. And is packed with added Vitamins and Minerals, to promote further health benefits. This unique and powerful mass gain shake formula is perfect for those seeking a high quality source of Protein and premium complex Carbohydrates. The Quattro Protein Complex found in Instant Mass Heavyweight is calorie dense and comes from high quality Carbohydrate complexes such as; Oats, Maltodextrin and Treaholse. Reflex Nutrition Instant Mass Heavyweight drink delivers a sustained release of energy to fuel hard working muscles. Reflex Nutrition Instant Mass Heavyweight is an ideal mass gain supplement choice for anyone who finds it difficult to gain muscle and weight through diet alone. Many people find it difficult to add calories into your diet, especially when it’s consumed through food. This is why Instant Mass Heavyweight is perfect. It’s calories in a smooth tasty drink form. Reflex Nutrition Instant Mass Heavyweight Powder also provides you with 18 Vitamins and Minerals to deliver immune support, increase energy levels and improve absorption. Reflex Nutrition Instant Mass Heavyweight also contains 3g of Creatine. This helps with energy levels and helps water...

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Grenade Reload Flapjack

Grenade's Reload Protein Flapjacks are a convenient way to consume high quality protein in-between meals. When you train hard you won't settle for quick-grab snacks that threaten to destroy your physique. Grenade have formulated these bars to support your work ethic and give your body what it needs - not what it doesn't. With over 22% protein per 70g bar from a clever tri-source protein blend (soy, whey and casein) and sustained release carbs from oats, oat bran, oligofructose and dried fruit. There's no added refined sugars, only naturally occurring fruit sugars. 3% saturated fats. Enjoy this great tasting, oven baked bar on the go, post-workout, as part of your cheat day menu or whenever you need quality protein and carbs. Banoffee Blast flavour.

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Sci-Mx Omni MX Hardcore

SCI-MX Omni-MX Hardcore is a mass gain shake. It delivers a fantastic all-in-one protein shake designed to provide high quality protein and nutrients. SCI-MX Omni-MX Hardcore not only provides quality protein and carbohydrates, it also includes 6g Creatine alongside 14 other active ingredients, to deliver maximum results. Sci-Mx Omni MX Hardcore is an all in one mass gainer that provides you with 530 calories. This is perfect for anyone looking to increase calorie intake rather than eating lots of food. It makes it easy for you to hit a calorie surplus. Sci-Mx Omni MX Hardcore delivers a multiphase protein synthesis complex, providing fast, medium and slow release proteins, with added Zinc and Magnesium to support normal synthesis. This will help keep protein and amino acids elevated throughout the day. Sci-Mx Omni MX Hardcore contains two types of Creatine. Creatine helps with regenerating ATP which is our body’s main source of energy. It also helps with increased volume and work load in a single training session. Sci-Mx Omni MX Hardcore contains a blend of carbohydrates. These include fast acting carbohydrates like Maltodextrin and Waxy Maize Starch. This can help with sustained energy release and restoring glycogen levels after training. Sci-Mx Omni MX Hardcore provides your body with 55g of protein per serving and a huge 8.7g of BCAAs. This is important as BCAAs help with protecting muscles from being broken down...

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