Bargain Barbie Dreamhouse Dolls House Playset Stockists

Barbie Dreamhouse Dolls House Playset Stockists

With three glamorous levels of play in the newly renovated Barbie Dream House, Barbie is ready to entertain her fashionable doll friends! Ring the working doorbell and enter through the ultimate pink double doors. Children will love playing with this fantastic doll’s house that is packed with stylish touches. For the first time, the Dreamhouse features not one but two cool elevators! Explore the Barbie Dreamhouse to discover countless fun features! Prepare tasty treats in the kitchen with pretty pink appliances including a light-up oven and a blender that makes realistic sounds. Head up to the second floor to use the bathroom complete with ‘flushing’ toilet. You can even hear singing in the shower! After a day of fun, head to the luxurious bedroom with canopy bed. The pull-out guest bed is the perfect touch for those sleepovers with friends. Even Barbie doll’s puppy isn’t forgotten with the snuggly pet bed. On the top floor discover the penthouse living room with its TV that ‘flips’ channels and balcony for enjoying the famous Malibu sunset. Since Barbie doll is the ultimate fashionista, the Barbie Dreamhouse is complete with gorgeously designed walk-in closet with dressing area. There is lots of room for all Barbie doll’s latest fashions so when you have finished helping her choose the perfect outfit to wow her friends, you can then send it down in the fashion elevator straight to the bathroom. How is that for fashion fabulous?! The Barbie Dreamhouse is quite simply every doll’s dream come true! Three floors of fabulous and functional features Fully furnished with ‘stay in place’ innovation throughout Lights and sounds for role-play fun Designer touches for the ultimate glamour 3 1/2 Feet Tall!

Bargain Deal: £184.99

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Barbie Life in The Dreamhouse Barbie Doll Stockist

Barbie doll’s life in the Dreamhouse mansion is pretty FAB - always fashionable, frequently fun and generally “amazing.” Friends are always stopping by to say hello and join in the fun, and they always look their unique best. Plus, these dolls have an extra-special look with larger head sculpts and rooted eyelashes. Barbie doll remains ready for the next unexpected visitor with two iconic fashions recognizable from the related webisodes. A pink minidress features a metallic pink bodice with a sweetheart neckline...

'Barbie Life in The Dreamhouse Barbie Doll Stockist Deal' priced at £13.99  =>  Click for Deal


Barbie Puppy Water Park Playset Stockist

Barbie and her puppies are ready for fun adventures at the water park! The little one can send the puppies down their very own water slide, land them safely in the pool below and then let them ride the fun Ferris wheel! The Barbie puppy water park play set includes doll, 2 puppies and water park accessories.

'Barbie Puppy Water Park Playset Stockist Deal' priced at £10.99  =>  Click for Deal


Barbie Potty Trainin Taffy Doll Playset Stockist

Barbie Potty Training Taffy Barbie Doll and Pet Playset: With the Barbie Potty Training Taffy! set, girls can help Barbie doll feed her pet puppy, Taffy dog. Barbie doll also cleans up after her because this adorable animal actually pees and poops! The Puppy set includes Barbie doll and her sweet dog, Taffy, who wears a pack to hold her dog treats. There's also a doggie food dish with treats, a pooper scooper, and trash can! Feed Taffy dog a treat, then - when the poop pops out, be kind to your neighbors and clean up! It's fun...

'Barbie Potty Trainin Taffy Doll Playset Stockist Deal' priced at £12.99  =>  Click for Deal


Barbie Saddle and Ride Horse Doll Playset Stockist

Saddle up for a wonderful adventure with Barbie® and her Horse. Both figures really move! Simply clip Barbie's gloved hand onto her horse's mane and push the button on the top of Tawny's brow. Barbie lifts herself up and onto the saddle before her horse starts to walk, all in one swift movement. After your fun riding adventure, guide Barbie and her horse back to the stables where she can brush out her tail with the brush that fits perfectly in her hand. Barbie is dressed perfectly for riding her favourite horse in shiny...

'Barbie Saddle and Ride Horse Doll Playset Stockist Deal' priced at £37.99  =>  Click for Deal


Barbie Chelsea Clubhouse Stockist

After school, on the weekend or during a vacation, Chelsea doll and her friends love to hang out in the backyard of Barbie doll’s Dreamhouse - and this two-story clubhouse is a “dream” for Chelsea doll (included) and her friends (sold separately)! A delightful pink and white colour scheme brightens any day, while lovely detailing on the front door, railings, and posts adds cute touches. A gorgeous pink chandelier adds a spot of glam and makes this clubhouse too adorable to keep secret! Enter the first-floor...

'Barbie Chelsea Clubhouse Stockist Deal' priced at £19.99  =>  Click for Deal


Barbie Chelsea Swing Set Stockist

Chelsea doll's swing set has made her backyard a mecca for her friends! With its delicate design, bright colours and plenty of pink and purple touches, it's the perfect place for the friends to create fond memories. They can ride the slide or have a turn in the swings. There are two seats - one for Chelsea doll and one for her pet bunny. A delightful beaded strap keeps the smaller rider safely in place, while Chelsea doll sits securely in her swing. Give the swings a push to "catch some air." It's a beautiful ride. The railings...

'Barbie Chelsea Swing Set Stockist Deal' priced at £9.99  =>  Click for Deal


Barbie Doll Assortment Stockist

Please note: This is an assortment pack. 1 will be supplied and picked at random. Colours and decorations may vary. Pink-tastic style is coming your way. Barbie doll models an ultra cute look in three different Barbie prints in this assortment. From the adorable white sundress with pink trim, the pink sundress with black trim or the heart-print dress with pale pink trim. Barbie doll accessorises each look with a silo necklace and cute platform shoes. Collect them all for lots of fashion fun (1 will be supplied and picked at random)....

'Barbie Doll Assortment Stockist Deal' priced at £9.00  =>  Click for Deal


Barbie Entrepreneur Doll Stockist

An independent professional, Barbie Entrepreneur doll is ready for the next big pitch in a sleek pink and black dress. Her smartphone, tablet and briefcase are always by her side. Sophisticated details, like a statement necklace, chunky black handbag, belt, shoes and earrings keep her looking stylishly in charge.

'Barbie Entrepreneur Doll Stockist Deal' priced at £8.99  =>  Click for Deal


Barbie Glam Convertible Stockist

Never has driving been so glam. With a cup of coffee, Barbie doll can take to the open roads in a bright pink convertible designed for the Malibu Girl herself. Delicate details adorn the wheels and grill, while the paint job sparkles. And a personalised license plate makes clear just who this car was made for. Built for two, Barbie doll (sold separately) can bring along a friend to double the driving fun. But both passengers in this vehicle will have to buckle up with the provided seatbelts because it's always safety first. ...

'Barbie Glam Convertible Stockist Deal' priced at £14.99  =>  Click for Deal


Barbie Pop-Up Camper Van Duplex Stockist

When Barbie doll hits the road in this camper, anything is possible, because this camper offers more than meets the eye. When road ready, it’s a glam vehicle with signature style and two seats upfront (with seatbelts, of course!). But lift the handle and it pops up to transform the camper into a three-story play set with all kinds of possibilities for an amazing outdoor camping adventure.

'Barbie Pop-Up Camper Van Duplex Stockist Deal' priced at £74.99  =>  Click for Deal


Barbie 3 Story Malibu Townhouse Stockist

The Barbie 3-Story Townhouse is home to so many storytelling opportunities! Four rooms and a rooftop lounge, complete with realistic details, make Barbie doll’s newest house ultra-deluxe. Fabulous furniture and modern accessories inspire creativity and imagination. Fold up the house with accessories inside for easy and convenient storage; unfold with ease to start play! The first floor features a kitchen and living room; the second is home to a bathroom and bedroom, plus a closet to hang Barbie doll’s fashions! ...

'Barbie 3 Story Malibu Townhouse Stockist Deal' priced at £83.99  =>  Click for Deal


Barbie Bubbletastic Mermaid Doll Stockist

This magnificent mermaid not only makes a splash - she makes bubbles, bubbles, bubbles! For the first time ever, girls can create their own fun with this feature. The Barbie Bubble-tastic mermaid bubble-making doll comes with a shell-shaped dipping tray to hold bubble solution. A 2-ounce starter bubble solution is included to get things started right out of the box. Pour it into the pink tray, then dip Barbie mermaid's giant fin into the solution and remove. The decorative cutouts on her tail do more than look pretty. Simply...

'Barbie Bubbletastic Mermaid Doll Stockist Deal' priced at £11.99  =>  Click for Deal


Barbie Dreamtopia Princess Castle Stockist

Enter the Rainbow Cove with the Barbie Rainbow Castle. Three colourful floors highlight the rainbow theme with brightly coloured backdrops, details and accessories. Colourful turrets, cut-outs of butterflies in the door and rainbows everywhere make this castle magical! At the top, sparkly clouds can hold a fairy doll (sold separately) as she spins and overlooks the entire cove. It’s a magical touch that adds soaring storytelling fun! For classic house play, enter the Barbie castle through the colourfully decorated double...

'Barbie Dreamtopia Princess Castle Stockist Deal' priced at £86.99  =>  Click for Deal


Barbie Endless Curls Doll Stockist

Whether you’re in the mood for straight, curly or wavy hair, with the Barbie endless curls. Doll, you can have it all - thanks to Barbie doll’s long, luscious locks that can be easily curled and straightened over and over again with the included realistic hairstyling accessories. The no-heat tools can curl her entire head of hair - a first ever. No-Heat Tools< Two curling irons and a set of four traditional rollers can be used to create different types of curls - without any heat. Go for tight curls or loose waves....

'Barbie Endless Curls Doll Stockist Deal' priced at £18.99  =>  Click for Deal


Barbie Glitter Hair Doll Stockist

Glam, trendy and fun, young stylists can create glittery looks for Barbie doll using this glamorous glitter hairstyling set -- unique adhesive design sheets and glitter sheets allow your creative expression to sparkle. Separate a small section of Barbie doll's hair and clip it into the hair tool - or work freehand for a totally unique look. Select an adhesive design, and press it on to the hair. Then choose a glitter sheet. Press it on to the adhesive design and wipe the glitter sheet downward to transfer the sparkle onto...

'Barbie Glitter Hair Doll Stockist Deal' priced at £12.99  =>  Click for Deal

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