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WARNING: WILL SIGNIFICANTLY PACK ON SIZE! Introducing The New Premium Weight Gaining Benchmark: Massive Beast Massive Beast represents the ultimate muscle building, calorie dense formula fortified with natural anabolic hormone stimulators for increased absorption and enhanced recovery. Massive Beast is specifically designed to meet the demands of trainers who are prepared to go all-out in their pursuit to become Massive! No product comes close to matching this highly impressive itinerary of muscle building actives which includes an amazing 1090 calories, 60g of protein, 15g of BCAAs, 12g of Glutamine 172g of carbohydrates with only 6.6g of sugar and 3.6g of saturated fat per serving! Furthermore to make sure nothing goes to waste weve also included a synergistic blend of 6 research proven natural testosterone boosters that combine together to deliver you results previously never experienced. We strongly believe that every calorie should serve a purpose and also be of the very highest quality and flavoured to taste the best! Beast Yourself have based their reputation on such no compromise ideals. By reading on youll discover how this philosophy is reflected throughout the engineering of Massive Beast and how you stand to benefit from a product 100% committed to getting you Massive! 60g Premium Protein: Approximately 70% of your dry weight muscle tissue is of course protein and its this same muscle tissue that we look to really break down in the gym. However the quality of the protein we use in supplementation makes a huge difference in our ability to recover and therefore grow! Thats why the protein found in Massive Beast contains a 50/50 split from our market leading Anabolic Beast and Micellar Beast products. These not only represent the very finest 80% proteins on the market fortified with Glutamine and BCAAs but also have difference release rates into your bloodstream with the Anabolic being fast acting (within an hour) and conversely the

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