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The Bosch DWW067A50B chimney cooker hood is the perfect way to keep your kitchen free from steam and unpleasant cooking aromas, while adding contemporary style to your home. The DWW067A50B will work hard to ensure your home isn't plagued by steam and smells, this 60 cm unit can extract at a maximum rate of 690 cubic meters per hour making this a truly efficient chimney hood. There are three levels of fan speed to choose from, with an additional intensive setting for when you need your kitchen clearing quickly, the intensive setting will revert back to normal after six minutes. With 2 LED lights on the hood this will help to illuminate your hob while you cook to help with cooking.

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Bosch DWK068G61B

Experience an odour and grease-free kitchen with advance fan technology when you use this Bosch DWK06G61B Chimney hood. Designed in a black glass surface, this chimney hood makes cleaning a breeze for you, as you can easily wipe down any grease spills on the glass surface, and in a black finish, food spills are less visible. With two LED light strips your work unit and foods are beautifully illuminated for greater visibility when cooking in the kitchen. These light strips are also highly energy efficient, helping you save energy and money on your utility bills. The high-performance twin channel fan motor with four power levels and an intensive fan setting is designed to completely reduce and help prevent smells and residues from forming. Featuring three metal grease filter cassettes, airborne grease is extracted and a lifetime of the product, due to the easy removable filters which can be easily replaced, and being easily removable these can be quickly and simply cleaned- ensuring maximum filtration each and every time.

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Bosch DWA064W51B

The Bosch DWA064W51B absorbs smoke and steam whilst also providing a stylish centre point to your kitchen. Its powerful 450 m3/h extraction rate lets you clear the air quickly whilst cooking while its washable grease filter ensures the hood always performs brilliantly. Two 20w efficient halogen lamps provide plenty of extra illumination for your cooking.

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Bosch DWW07W450B

The Stylish design of the DWW07W450B makes it the perfect addition of any kitchen. 3 Individual power levels give you complete control over the extraction strength you want whilst its Metal grease filters efficiently remove grease and other solid particles from the air. 2 powerful 28w halogen bulbs give you much better additional illumination for your cooking needs.

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Bosch DWB064W50B

The 60cm Bosch DWB064W50B Chimney cooker hood offers effective ducted extraction or recirculation when cooking. Powered by a twin channel high performance fan motor, the DWB064W50B helps to keep your kitchen clear when cooking. It's got a maximum extraction rate of 460m3/h enabling it to remove steam and odours in the kitchen. The DWB064W50B features switch controls for easy operation and two halogen lamps to light up your worktop surface. You can choose between three fan speeds to tailor the airflow depending on what you're cooking.

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The Bosch DWB094W50B Cooker hood comes in a contemporary brushed steel colour. It comes with 3 variable venting speeds and push button controls that are easy to use and understand. It will incorporate the choice to have recirculation or an external venting. If venting externally a ducting kit will be needed. This particular cooker hood will run at 58 Db and comes with 2 lights.

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