Bosch SPS53M08GB Stockists

Bosch SPS53M08GB Stockists

The Bosch SPS53M08GB freestanding slimline dishwasher has all the functions and capacity you and your family will need to clean your pots, pans and more quickly and efficientlyThe A+ energy rating ensures that your utility bills will be kept low and with 9 place settings spread over a height adjustable top basket and bottom basket. 2 foldable plate racks in both baskets ensure versatility and with a knife rack, cup rack and cutlery basket you have plenty of storage options. 5 programmes and 4 different wash temperatures put you in total control ensuring no matter what you wash the results will always be great. ActiveWater technology recognises the load and adjusts the water and electricity it needs to use to get accurate results saving you time and energy, whilst the AquaSensor regulates the water usage and then using light beams determines the amount of rinse needed depending on detergent and particles left over. Finished in silver this will look great in any kitchen.

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Bosch SMS88TW02G

Quiet and powerful, the Bosch SMS88TW02G dishwasher is packed with features making it ideal for any kitchen. Bosch's VarioFlex basket system is designed to cater to all your cutlery, plates and dishes regardless of the size. The top and bottom baskets are adjustable so they can be moved into a more convenient location. The Super Silence drive means the dishwasher runs at 42dB, letting you use the machine at night if you take advantage of lower energy tariffs.

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Bosch SMS67MW01G

For ease of living and the perfect open plan living area the Bosch SMS67MW01G enlists VarioFlex Baskets with touchpoints for options on basket re-adjusting and featuring SuperSilence Plus for those night time cleans, the Bosch SMS67MW01G offers a plethora of convenient features and settings to help adjust around your lifestyle. The Bosch SMS67MW01G uses ActiveWater technology; ActiveWater uses targeted water distribution to ensure that your machine is as environmentally friendly as possible and it utilises increased water circulation by higher pump performance, increased water circulation and faster heating of your water to ensure your machine performs to the professional standard you would expect from Bosch every time. Because Bosch know how valuable items can be to you and that soft water causes glass corrosion, the Bosch SMS67MW01G dishwasher works with you in mind. The SMS67MW01G uses glass protection technology to make sure the degree of harshness in your water is perfect for your items and are washed with care. Additionally the Glass 40 programme gently cleans high-quality glass items with lower temperatures, it adjusts the rinsing agent temperature and adds an extension to the drying period - this ensures a perfect crisp dry and immaculate shine for your high-quality glasses every time. Convenience is provided by how your machine is built - the electronic delay timer allows you to pre-select the programme being used for...

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Bosch SMS25AB00G

The Bosch SMS25AB00G dishwasher has a 12 place setting capacity meaning you can comfortably fit all of your family's plates, cutlery and even the pots and pans used when cooking. It not only has a generous capacity but it also very versatile thanks to the adjustable top basket and the 5 wash programmes. The SMS25AB00G features ActiveWater technology, this innovative rinsing technology maximises efficiency and ensures environmentally friendly rinsing for excellent cleaning results. The water and energy is saved through targeted water distribution, optimised filter technology, faster heating and higher pump performance for increased water circulation. The new glass 40 degree programme is designed to gently clean glasses whilst also providing optimum drying and achieving that brilliant shine we all want. This is done by low temperatures, and adjustment in the rinsing agent temperature and a longer drying period. Thanks to the AquaSensor technology, the water usage is regulated depending on the type and degree of soiling on the load. It does this by using light beams which detect the remaining food particles, grease or detergent left and then assesses whether it needs to continue the rinse. The load sensor technology means that the correct amount of water is used for each cycle, for bigger loads, more water is required to soak the dishes and for smaller loads less water is required so it senses a smaller load and uses less water....

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Bosch SPS53M02GB

Ease of use is at the top of priorities for this dishwasher, the slimline design will give you more options in placing this dishwasher in your kitchen whilst taking up less of your valued space. Offering 5 different programmes including Economy cycle, Intensive cycle, Pre-Rinse cycle and Quick Wash cycle, to offer you a solution to any situation. Along with the 5 useful programmes there are also 4 different wash temperatures and 9 place settings for added ease of use. VarioSpeed will increase your regular dishwashing cycle by 50%, perfect for more hectic households or dinner parties, and with the quick wash function you can quickly complete your entire load in a speedy 29 minutes, perfect for them moments where you need your dishes faster for a particular meal.

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Bosch SMS50C26UK

Combining a stylish design with plenty of modern features, the Bosch SMS50C26UK is the perfect dishwasher for any home. 12 Place settings make the Bosch ideal for a families worth of dirty dishes and cutlery whilst its 5 individual programmes cater to any level of soiling. Glass protection technology regulates the degree of water hardness, ensuring your glass and delicate china is both well protected and effectively cleaned. The Bosch also makes use of a unique internal water protection system, protecting your home from any flooding if a fault in the machine occurs.

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Bosch SMS69M22GB

The Bosch SMS69M22GB freestanding dishwasher gives you huge capacity, functionality and great efficiency ensuring that this is an ideal appliance for any householdThe 13 place setting is spread over foldable plate baskets, glass racks and cup shelves giving you a versatile set-up. 6 programmes ranging from intensive 70 to pre-rinse give you a choice for each and every load whilst there are 4 special options including Half load for added benefit. Built in AquaSensor technology regulates water usage and uses light beams to manage the rinse depending on remaining food particles, grease or detergent. Timer delay gives you the option to start the wash when it suits you best up to 24 hours ahead, perfect for those with busy lifestyles. The machine also takes care of itself thanks to a self cleaning system and LED refill indicators informing you should anything need a top up. All this comes with an A++ energy rating ensuring your utility bills remain at their lowest.

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Bosch SMS58M42GB

A++: Economical washing thanks to high energy efficiency. VarioFlex basket system and VarioDrawer: Great loading capacity and more room. VarioSpeed: cleans in up to half the time with optimum cleaning and drying results. Internal water protection: for optimum security against flooding. Glass protection technology: extra gentle handling for your delicate glasses. 14 place settings. VarioDrawer on 3rd level. Energy consumption in Economy 50 programme: 266 kWh per year, based on 280 standard cleaning cycles. Water consumption in Economy 50 programme: 2660 litres per year, based on 280 standard cleaning cycles. Programme time in Economy 50 programme: 210 minutes.

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Bosch SMS46II00G

Get thorough results with every wash with this silver Bosch SMS46II00G dishwasher. It can clean 13 place settings at once, making it a great choice for medium-sized households. It's an economical model as well, as it has a really efficient A++ energy rating. When it comes to cleaning your favourite glasses, the delicate programme uses lower temperatures to take care of fragile items, leaving everything spotless. It's ideal for open plan living too, thanks to the EcoSilence Drive. This has fewer moving parts so it runs really quietly, making it perfect for washing dishes in the evening.

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Bosch SMS25AW00G

Reliable and versatile, the SMS25AW00G Freestanding Dishwasher from Bosch boasts a range of practical features that are sure to make dishwashing easier than ever. Awarded an excellent A++ for energy efficiency, you can rely on this intelligent dishwasher to help you make significant savings on your energy bills while reducing your impact on the environment. Bosch has combined advanced technology to create a feature that's able to use less water while increasing performance. This is achieved by maximising water efficiency in the rinse cycles, creating faster heat-up times, targeting water circulation and improving pump performance. Saving you even more water and energy, this feature automatically assesses how much water is needed, even during the rinsing stage, and will only use what's necessary. Similarly, Bosch's revolutionary brushless motor has been developed to achieve maximum power with minimum energy loss. It's now quieter, faster, more energy efficient, durable and powerful. Due to soft water causing glass corrosion, Bosch has designed their dishwashers with glass protection to regulate the degree of hardness. This way, your glasses and delicate china are always given extra care when washed. The SMS25AW00G offers total flexibility thanks to its Vario basket system. The top basket is height-adjustable when empty and contains 2 foldable cup shelves while the bottom basket holds 2 foldable plate racks, all of which make...

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Bosch SMS50C22GB

The Bosch SMS50C22GB has been designed to a great modern look and performs great. With an A++ energy rating and an energy consumption of 258kWh the Bosch SMS50C22GB will help save you money on those energy bills and do its part to help the environment. With 12 place settings there's plenty of space for a full load of washing and more plus with a removable cutlery tray making it easier to empty. Along with five different cycles from an intensive cycle, economy wash, pre-rinse, normal wash and a handy quick wash which only takes 29 minutes very handy if you need a load washed in a hurry. With a few handy features like dosage-assist which ensures optimal cleaning results. There is also a handy 24 hour timer delay which gives you complete control over the time you want the dishwasher to start. Along with handy child lock on the door which prevents the door from being opened and the programme being altered during the cycle. On the front of the dishwasher you'll find a LCD display and easy to use controls with both rinse aid, salt level indicators showing you when it's time to refill the machine. The Bosch SMS50C22GB has been designed to a great modern design and a stylish white colour so the dishwasher will look great in any kitchen design you may have.

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