Bosch TWK8631GB Stockists

Bosch TWK8631GB Stockists

With the Bosch styline TWK8631GB you can choose between four temperature settings- 70, 80, 90 and 100 to suit different drinks, such as green tea, morning tea, hot chocolate and coffee, ensuring you get the best tasting results every time. The Bosch TWK8631GB kettle can also maintain the water at a steady temperature for up to 30 minutes if you require for consistent results. Thanks to a 3000 watt element, there is minimal waiting around for your kettle to boil, so you'll soon be sat down relaxing with that much needed brew. In combination with a double sided water gauge that makes it top up your kettle with just the right amount of water for your requirement, the eco-friendly design can help save up to 66% energy, so its kind on your bills too.

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Black with 1.7 litre capacity & cordless design, along with the powerful 3.1kw concealed element capable of super-fast boiling, so you'll be able to get your hot beverage twice as fast. With automatic shut off, overheat protection and boil dry protection all in one, you can go on with a peace of mind that your kettle will be safe. To ensure that your beverage is always the best it possibly can be, this kettle and a limescale filter in the spout of the kettle, keeping your tea or coffee with perfect water.

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