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An easy and convenient way to dry your clothes, the Bosch WTE84106GB Condenser Dryer is ideal for any household. A spacious 7KG drum is perfect for even the largest loads while easy to use controls allow you to select from any of the 9 specially designed drying programmes. Inside the drum is a unique soft flow paddle, designed to ensure your clothes are thoroughly dried and cared for during the drying process. Anti-Vibration technology provides much greater stability for your machine, reducing vibration and noise.

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Bosch WTW863S1GB

The Bosch WTW863S1GB A++ Energy Rated Self Cleaning Condenser Tumble Dryer with 7kg Load capacity. It has fully electronic control dial for sensor programmes and timed programmes along with special programmes including Woollens, mixed Load, sportswear, super Quick 40. As well as touch control buttons: Low heat & Reduced ironing giving you many options on how you require your finished drying result. Some of the handy Key features for the Bosch WTW863S1GB include ActiveAir Technology, AntiVibration design, for greater stability and quietness. It has a Self -cleaning condenser as well as an LCD display for remaining time,24 hour time delay, programme progress indication and special functions. With sensitive drying the large stainless steel drum has textile care and revolution drying system. The Anti-crease cycle is 120 minutes at the end of the programme whilst also having a buzzer to indicate the end of cycle and an interior light within the drum.

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Bosch WTA79200GB

The Bosch WTA79200GB tumble dryer features an impressive 7KG capacity meaning you will have plenty of space for your drying needs. The personalised drying settings mean that you will always get perfect laundry care without worry of ruining your garments. Sensor Drying The WTA79200GB features Sensor Drying Technology which will always ensure that your chosen programme switches off as soon as your clothes are dry, not only saving time but also saving energy. Once it has detected that your clothes are dry and stopped the cycle, it then goes through its anti-crease phase which reduces the creases in your washing. It also features AutoDry which uses the exact drying temperature which will prevent shrinkage. The sensitive drying system always makes sure that your items are cared for while drying and makes them come out feeling soft with minimal creasing. It achieves this by using mild warm air coming from all sides of the tumble dryer which dries your laundry in the fabric friendly drum structure. Programmes The WTA79200GB features 9 special programmes. These include Woollens, Mixed Load, Towels, Timed programme warm and cold, Sportswear, Super Quick 40, Shirts/blouses and Delicates. These always make sure that you have the most protection for your clothing whilst drying your laundry. Thanks to the LED display you are able to easily see information like time remaining and programme status indication which means you can easily check to see how long your laundry has left on the cycle and which programmes are being used with the settings it is using. The Bosch tumble dryer features an interior drum light which makes accessing your laundry easier when surrounding lighting isn't the best. Not only does it have all of the fantastic features but it is also quiet, thanks to the specially designed spiral drum that absorbs the noise...

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Bosch WTM85230GB

The Bosch WTM85230GB is the perfect tumble dryer for any family wanting to make regular laundry much easier. It is not only going to save you money on your energy bills thanks to its A++ energy rating but it is also designed to look after your clothes while they are gently dried. Thanks to Bosch's AntiVibration system which uses sensors that will monitor the load weight and monitor the movement of the drum which is designed to eliminate imbalances. On top of that the circular design reinforces the structure of the sidewall which also increases the stability of the tumble dryer. This structure, combined with enhanced insulation, regulates the noise levels which reduces the vibrations up to 30 percent, making the WTM85230GB extremely quiet throughout the entire cycle. Thanks to the AutoDry feature, this Bosch tumble dryer will gently dry your freshly washed clothes to the exact level of dryness that you would like, making sure that your clothing is neither under or over dried. The Sensitive drying system uses warm air currents which pass through your laundry in all directions which results in irresistibly soft fabrics without creases. ActiveAir technology is designed to work without conventional heating, all of the air that is used for drying is heated by the heat pump in a cost effective way and any existing heat is re-used to conserve as much energy as possible. The maintenance-free condenser is automatically cleaned up to four times during the drying process. Heat pump dryers dry particularly economically during the life of the appliance, even with the dryer operating at full capacity.

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