Bargain Broadcast Journalism Handbook Stockists

Broadcast Journalism Handbook Stockists

This exciting and comprehensive text takes students trainees and professionals into the world of the modern-day newsroom covering both key techniques and theory in detail. The second edition has been revised and updated to include all the technical regulatory and theoretical advances in recent broadcast custom and practice and is influenced by newsrooms around the country. Main features: Complete coverage of all the key skills: news gathering interviewing writing and story-telling live/location-reporting online editing graphics and presentation. Expert advice and contributions from leading broadcast journalists from the BBC ITV and Sky News. The Essential Guide a section on how to get a job the law and an up-to-date glossary of broadcasting terms. Workshops and Exercises which provides the opportunity to practise key skills. Case Study A Closer Look and Thinkpiece boxes help put the theory into context. Remember and Tip boxes summarise key concepts and offer guidance. A DVD demonstrating filming techniques and editing ideas. New for the second edition: Greater emphasis on online elements of broadcast journalism and the role of social media in news gathering. A focus on the interactive nature of the contemporary news process - how to find user-generated content empower audiences and engage listeners and viewers. The key skills required for students taking the new NCTJ Broadcast Journalism exams. Ideal for students on journalism courses at all levels this text is also useful for professionals and trainees working in broadcast print and other media and those looking at broadcast journalism in the wider context of media studies.

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Understanding Journalism Stockist

The new era of Google Twitter and Facebook has fundamentally shifted the journalist's relationship with the audience. To navigate these new realities it is imperative for journalism students to master skills in cross-platform writing and understand the implications on their communication decisions. This second edition of Understanding Journalism tackles these changes head-on. It integrates media and cultural theory with the step-by-step development of writing skills to give students the techniques and the savvy they need to...

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National Curriculum Handbook: Governance Handbook Stockist

A must for all school governors. Your complete printed edition of the DfE Governance Handbook. All the facts you need in a handy printed format to keep at your fingertips. An exact replica of the current DfE Governance Handbook Handy printed edition for quick reference and annotation Covers leadership, finance, pupil wellbeing, staffing and more Clearly sets out governors’ core responsibilities and priorities #handbooks-nov16

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National Curriculum Handbook: The National Curriculum in England - Handbook for Primary Teachers Stockist

Get ready for the biggest curriculum change in more than a decade! To help teachers to deliver the new Curriculum, Scholastic has published the first complete printed version for Key Stages 1 and 2. #handbooks-nov16 #education-3for2

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A-Z Economics Handbook Stockist

The A-Z Economics Handbook explains all the key terms in your A-level course and has been completely updated for the new AS and A2 specifications. Each entry begins with a clear definition and is followed by explanation worked examples and cross-references where relevant. The handbook provides expert advice from a leading author that will help familiarise you with the language of economics; the more important the term the more detailed the entry. It is invaluable for students of all pre-university courses as well as undergraduates....

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Actor's Handbook Stockist

I have felt there was nothing for me to do except to devote my labour and energy almost exclusively to the study of Creative Nature...I have acquired a sum of experience in the course of long years of work and this is what I have sought to share with you." (Stanislavski)Here in concise form is what Stanislavski said about acting alphabetically arranged to aid students professionals and lay people interested in the stage craft. These collected short statements on a variety of subjects cannot replace the full expression of Stanislavski's...

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Bad Mother's Handbook Stockist

The Bad Mother's Handbook is the story of a year in the lives of Charlotte Karen and Nan none of whom can quite believe how things have turned out. Why is it all so difficult? Why do the most ridiculous mistakes have the most disastrous consequences? When are you too old to throw up in a flowerbed after too much vodka? When are you too young to be a mother? Both hilarious and wise it is a clear-eyed look at motherhood - and childhood - in its many guises from the moment the condom breaks to the moment you file for divorce...

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Bradshaw's Handbook Stockist

Collector's item landmark in the history of the tour guide snapshot of Britain in the 1860s - Bradshaw's Handbook deserves a place on the bookshelf of any traveller railway enthusiast historian or anglophile. Produced as the British railway network was reaching its zenith and as tourism by rail became a serious pastime for the better off it was the first national tourist guide specifically organized around railway journeys and to this day offers a glimpse through the carriage window at a Britain long past. This is a facsimile...

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Cat Care Handbook Stockist

1 Cat Behaviour: Knowing more about why your cat acts the way it does will help you enjoy and appreciate the unique temperament of the cat in your home. 2 Choosing a Cat: This chapter will help you to assess your circumstances so that you can decide between moggie and pedigree a cute kitten or a fully grown adult one feline or two. It will also help you consider whether to keep your cat indoors or allow it access to the outside world. 3 Basic Cat Care: A one-stop guide to caring for your feline whether it is a young kitten...

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CNC Machining Handbook Stockist

A Practical Guide to CNC Machining Get a thorough explanation of the entire CNC process from start to finish including the various machines and their uses and the necessary software and tools. CNC Machining Handbook describes the steps involved in building a CNC machine to custom specifications and successfully implementing it in a real-world application. Helpful photos and illustrations are featured throughout. Whether you're a student hobbyist or business owner looking to move from a manual manufacturing process to the accuracy...

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Detective's Handbook Stockist

This classic Usborne title loved by decades of children is available once more as a smart spiral bound edition. It is packed with tips hints and advice on how to be an intrepid smart-talking quick-thinking super-sleuth including how to identify fingerprints and handwriting how to examine witnesses and find clues. To keep those investigative skills honed the book contains tests throughout to check what the gumshoe-in-training has learnt including observation questions and code-cracking quizzes. It is humorously illustrated...

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Diamond Handbook Stockist

This handbook updates jewellery professionals and serious diamond buyers on the new developments in diamond grading treatments synthetic diamonds fancy-colour diamonds and lab certificates. Using close-up photographs it shows how to make visual judgements about clarity transparency cut quality and brilliance. The handbook also discusses how gem labs are incorporating brightness size scintillation and pattern into their cut grades and it provides tips on detecting treatments and man-made diamonds. Topics include: Quality...

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Drama Handbook Stockist

This book is a compact guide to reading plays and to the art and techniques of drama. Ranging from classical Greece to modern Drama and performance but with particular emphasis on the playwrights (including Shakespeare) who are most widely taught and performed the Handbook covers the whole range of literary aesthetic and political questions attending drama from theatre designs and acting styles to audience composition and editing printed texts. Looking closely at both text and performance successive sections give clear...

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Expectant Dad's Handbook Stockist

Becoming a dad can be a daunting time - especially when most pregnancy and parenting information is targeted towards women. This exciting new book from a leading expert in working with expectant dads doesn't sideline or speak down to men. Instead it provides an array of targeted information to fully prepare men for their new roles - as both birth partners and fathers. The Expectant Dad's Handbook is a one-stop guide for men on their path to fatherhood. It provides practical answers to all the questions on the mind of a dad-to-be...

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Forager Handbook Stockist

At any time in any place food is there for the taking - if only we knew how and where to look. Miles Irving makes his living out of foraging - in this unique authentic guide he reveals the how why what and where of this lost art a way of life that is becoming increasingly popular as more and more of us pursue an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. This ground-breaking handbook tells you how to recognise the rich variety of wild food that surround us whether in the city or countryside. From wasteground to woodland...

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