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Bunny GerbilDream BASIC provides great all-round nutrition for your pet. This premium mix contains ingredients suited to the natural behaviour of your gerbil and it reflects the food that would be available in the deserts, semi deserts and steppes of Mongolia and North East China, the gerbil’s natural habitat. It is a balanced complete food, optimised to suit the gerbil’s digestive system, and it provides all the nutrients your pet needs. Carefully selected grain and seeds are enriched with herbs and vegetables and supplemented with crickets and meal worms, an important source of protein and a tasty addition. Bunny GerbilDream BASIC at a glance: Premium complete food With healthy grain With vitamin pellets for all-round good health With crickets and meal worms as a source of protein With millet (farinaceous seeds) for the prevention of obesity With herbs (active nutrients) Recommended by vets

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