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CNP Pro Peptide is an advanced time release protein which has been made with the highest quality protein and ingredients. CNP Pro Peptide provides us with essential amino acids which help with protein synthesis and have anti-catabolic effects. CNP Pro Peptide uses a low temperature micellar casein which is a natural form of casein found in milk. This helps with a slow release of protein and is the slowest acting protein. CNP Pro Peptide delivers 45g of protein per serving which is perfect for anyone who is training intensely and wanting to maintain muscle. CNP Pro Peptide slow release formula means it can be taken at night and/or prior to training, helping to prevent muscle breakdown and reduce muscle damage. CNP Pro Peptide formula also includes added probiotics, to aid digestion and support protein metabolism, while the peptide-bonded Glutamine ensures optimum absorption. CNP Pro Peptide only contains 241 calories so is great to be used when following a calorie strict diet or a nutritional plan. CNP Pro Peptide also contains a fast acting protein that absorbs fast and gets to where it needs to be quick. This is called Whey Protein Isolate. CNP Pro Peptide comes in six different delicious flavours. These include – Banana, Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Jaffa Cake, Strawberry and Vanilla. Buy CNP products from

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