CNP Pro Whey - 2kg- Chocolate Stockists

CNP Pro Whey - 2kg- Chocolate Stockists

Whey protein is known to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and can thus promote gains in lean muscle when combined with exercise and a suitable nutritional protocol. CNP Professional's whey protein contains a full range of amino acids and is particularly high in Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's) and glutamine, the most abundant amino acid found in muscle. These amino acids, which are rapidly depleted by intense exercise, play a vital role in energy metabolism, neurotransmission, recovery, immune function and gastrointestinal health. CNP Professional's whey protein is highly recommended by Affordable Supplements and only uses high quality ingredients and contains at least 78% protein which provides approximately 20 grams of protein per 25 gram serving Combination of whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate High in branch chain amino acids to promote muscle growth. High in Glutamine the most abundant amino acid found in muscle. Added Pro Biotics to promote healthy digestive system which will enable more nutrients to be metabolised. Each tub provides 90 x 25g servings. Each 25g serving provides approximately 20g of protein. Low in Fat and carbs. Tastes great and mixes easily. This is a very popular whey protein option amongst Affordable Supplements customers. It Combines Value, taste and quality. Use Instructions: Mix one scoop (25g) in to 200ml of water by using a shaker bottle, blender or mix with a fork. CNP professional whey protein can be used at any time throughout the day and for optimum results protein should be consumed every 2-3 hours to ensure muscles are supplies with a steady supply of amino acids to maintain a positive nitrogen balance.Nutritional Information: Per 25 gram serving Energy 419kj Protein 19.5g Carbohydrate 1.2g of which sugars 1.2g Fat 1.9g of which saturates 1.4g Fibre 0g Sodium 0.04g Probiotics 100 million spores Nutritional Facts: Whey Protein is Aspartame free. Suitable for: Vegetarians - YesVegans - NoG

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