Classic USA Mix E-Liquids Stockists

Classic USA Mix E-Liquids Stockists

Cirro Star Spangled (USA Mix) E-Liquids come in three strengths: 11mg and 18mg . Each Cirro e-liquid bottle is totally childproof and even the Classic American flavour contains the equivalent of more than 200 normal cigarettes or enough to fill a clearomiser seven or more times. Cirro e-liquid bottles offer fantastic luxury quality and incredible value for money. Star Spangled (USA Light Mix)—is an authentic e-liquid flavour designed to bring the rich authentic flavours associated with the cigarette smoking cowboys of the Wild West to an electronic cigarette. Enjoy the realistic smoking sensation enhanced luxury and exquisite quality of this premium e-liquid product with the rugged yet smooth taste favoured by the icons of the old West and the leading stars of Hollywood. E-liquid bottle are portable. Not only can an e-cigarette be used outside of the usual confines of a smokers’ area but with Cirro e-liquid high capacity clearomisers can be stocked up so that you effectively never run empty. With approximately over 200 normal cigarettes worth of smoking from a full electronic bottle you keep your e-cigarette going even with irregular refills. Cirro’s luxury range of great flavours is ready for you to explore. Why not expand your palette and take your vaping into a new dimension of fresh and exciting taste sensations? What is e-liquid? Vapour is not smoke. It is produced from a liquid called e-liquid that is contained in a flavour cartridge. When you use an electronic cigarette you inhale vapour not smoke. No smoke no tobacco no hassle. *Active ingriedients: Propylene Glycol Glycerine Vegetable Glycerin May contain nut traces* Order bottles of Cirro USA Mix E-Liquids from Ten Motives today 

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