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Pastel Candle Making Kit (Per pack)

Children will take great delight in hand making their very own candles. 240g of candle wax in an assortment of pastel colours that moulds from the heat of your hand! Each pack can make up to 15 candles and includes wicks and instructions. Adult supervision...


Vitakraft Parakeet Crackers - Saver Pack: 3 x 180g Honey & Eucalyptus

Original Vitakraft Crackers® are pure flavour and entertainment in one. Your parakeet can nibble away to its heart's content. The delicious seed mix is sugar-free and specially formulated for parakeets. Triple baking the treat in the Vitakraft bakery...


5mm ladies double row sparkling wedding band in 9 carat yellow gold

With a double row sparkle cut finish, this beautiful bride’s wedding ring will compliment any engagement ring and is available in white or yellow 9 carat gold.

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