DIMPLEX OFR15N Stockists

DIMPLEX OFR15N Stockists

The Dimplex OFRB7N combines a sleek design with brilliant heat output to produce the ideal small radiator for any room. Thanks to their patented design these oil free heaters are not only 30% lighter than their oil filled alternatives they offer well over 25% faster warm up (heating a room from 10oC to 22oC versus leading 1kW full sized oil filled competitor- 2010 Dimplex test results 2010). Patented fin design creates a balance of radiant and convected heat whilst its thermostat gives you complete control over your heat output. A more economical way to heat your house, this radiator heats up a room up to 30% faster and is 15% more efficient (heating a room from 10oC to 22oC and energy used v versus leading 2kW competitor- Dimplex test results September 2010).

Bargain Deal: £49.99

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