Bargain Dark Enchantment Stockists

Bargain Dark Enchantment Stockists

Dark sexy and erotic paranormal romance...Janine Ashbless brings you more breathtaking tales of lust and magic dark fantasy and even darker desires. An unearthly stranger who pursues a newlywed on her Mediterranean holiday an opera production where emotions run out of control and a ghost who wants one thing only from the descendant of her murderer are just three of the seductive and stylishly written stories that will tease tempt and transport you to fantastic realms where dreams fantasies - and nightmares - can come true.

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Bargain Uses of Enchantment Stockist

Wicked stepmothers and beautiful princesses ...magic forests and enchanted towers ...little pigs and big bad wolves ...Fairy tales have been an integral part of childhood for hundreds of years. But what do they really mean? In this award-winning work of criticism renowned psychoanalyst Dr Bruno Bettelheim presents a thought provoking and stimulating exploration of the best-known fairy stories. He reveals the true content of the stories and shows how children can use them to cope with their baffling emotions and anxieties.

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Bargain An Old Enchantment eBook Stockist

Night Magic It had been seven years since Maxi Ambro had been home, seven years since she'd scandalized her family by stealing her sister's fiance. Now the prodigal daughter was back - met both with open arms and open hostility. But no one's reactions were as condemning as those of Kerr Devereaux. He was determined to make Maxi pay for a debt that went far deeper than those owed to her family. For her sister's sake, Maxi had little choice but to go along with his plan to pose as his lover. She vowed it was no more than a game,...

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Bargain Cruel Enchantment Stockist

Cruel Enchantment is a stunning collection of unique and breathtakingly beautiful erotic fairy tales. Winged demonesses otherworldly lovers and a dragon with an enormous sexual appetite collide with spoilt princesses spell-weavers and wicked ancestors in Janine Ashbless's fantastic tales of lust and magic. Seductive dazzling and strange with each story a journey into the marvellous realms of a fertile imagination Cruel Enchantment is an erotic delight of a collection.

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Bargain Winter of Enchantment Stockist

Out of print for thirty years and incredibly difficult to get hold of The Winter of Enchantment" is an iconic and elusive book written by the author when she was just 21. It tells the story of Sebastian who travels back from his Victorian world to a magical world of Melissa Mantari and the wicked Enchanter. The reissue of this book has been clamoured for by many."

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Bargain His Dark Materials: His Dark Materials slipcase Stockist

Philip Pullman’s bestselling trilogy in one slipcase. Since the first volume was published in 1995, and has now been filmed as THE GOLDEN COMPASS, the trilogy has been acclaimed as a modern masterpiece, and has won the UK’s top awards for children’s literature. Today, the fabulous story of Lyra and her daemon is read and loved by adults and children alike.

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Bargain Dark Stockist

Laszlo is afraid of the dark. The dark lives in the same house as Laszlo but mostly it spends its time in the basement. It doesn't visit Laszlo in his room. Until one night it does. With emotional insight and poetic economy Lemony Snicket and Jon Klassen bring to light a universal and empowering story about conquering fear. Join a brave boy on his journey to meet the dark and see why it will never bother him again.

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Bargain In the Dark Stockist

From the bestselling author of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 1916. Pretty Eithne Clay runs a ramshackle South London boarding house with the help of her teenage son Ralph and their maid Winnie. Struggling to keep herself her lodgers and her son going as every day life vanishes in the face of war Eithne's world is transformed by the arrival of Mr Turk the virile carnal carnivorous local butcher who falls passionately in love with her. As the house bursts to life with the electricity - metaphorical and real - he brings...

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Bargain Mog in the Dark Stockist

An all-time classic Mog story refreshed with a new cover and format. Join Mog for a fantastical adventure with mousedogbird! Mog sat in the dark. Mog thought in the dark. But the dark was not where Mog wanted to be...And who else was there in the dark? One night Mog's imagination takes her on a hilarious twilight adventure to a land of fantastical creatures but true to form all Mog really wants is her supper!

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Bargain The Fox in the Dark Stockist

Four adorable animals show you not to be scared of the dark in this snuggly favourite.

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Bargain Cardiff After Dark Stockist

Cardiff After Dark" is the first monograph by British-based Polish photographer Maciej Dakowicz. Dakowicz spent five years photographing the nighttime revelries that take place in Cardiff over the weekend. Focused around a few pedestrianized streets in the city centre Dakowiczs images capture nightlife fueled by alcohol and emotions. The arc of an evenings entertainment is captured in these candid photographs which reveal fun and hilarity as well as fighting and drunken exhaustion. There are stag nights and hen parties men...

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Bargain Chickens Can't See in the Dark Stockist

Little Pippa is no headless chicken. Quite the opposite in fact. So when Mr Benedict tells his class on Sunnyside Farm that chickens can't see in the dark Pippa sets out to discover the secrets of night vision. After visiting the library - and then the farm shop - Pippa takes a wheelbarrow of carrots to Mother Hen's Pantry where she cooks up the most delicious carroty banquet ever seen. She then invites her feathered friends to share it. They're all sceptical about what difference eating so many carrots will make but everything...

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Bargain Dancing in the Dark Stockist

Millie Cameron is not at all pleased when she finds herself obliged to sort through the belongings of her aunt Flo who recently died. She hardly knew her aunt and besides she has her own career to think about. But when she arrives at Flo's basement flat Millie's interest is awakened. As she sorts through her aunt's collection of photographs letters and newspaper cuttings she finds herself embarking on a journey - a journey to a past which includes a lost lover and a secret child. Picking through the tangled web of Flo's...

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Bargain Dark Arena Stockist

Mario Puzo's first acclaimed novel before his creation of the international bestseller The Godfather". This is an astounding story of corruption and betrayal. Hardened by the brutality and desceration of three long years of war Walter Mosca returns to America a changed man. But he has no sooner arrived than he knows he must run back to the land of the enemy to find the woman who accepts the rage and cruelty of the world around her. In Germany where the bitter aftermath of war is everything apparent American cigarettes will...

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Bargain Dark Assassin Stockist

The two figures had been on the bridge. He had grasped hold of her. To save her or to push her? Inspector William Monk is still feeling his way in a new post in the Thames River Police and knows he must solve the mystery to gain the respect of his men. Soon both he and Hester find themselves powerfully involved in the story of the dead woman Mary Havilland and her quest to vindicate her father found dead two months previously. An engineer working for the Argyll Construction Company James Havilland was convinced a major disaster...

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