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4L Pressure Sprayer

with the help of our lightweight portable 4l pressure sprayer you can help ensure your garden patio or deck is full of beautiful blooms. its hand-operated pump handle and adjustable trigger-activated spray nozzle make it easy to tackle a whole bunch of gardening tasks from delicate watering and fertilising to pest control or weed killing making this a superb addition to your garden equipment. you don't have to over reach either thanks to its generous 135cm (53in) hose and 56cm (22in) wand; the 120cm (47in) webbing handle makes it adjustable for comfort too. measures h57cm (22 1/2in) extended and dia. 18cm (7in).

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Car Boot Liner with Bumper Flap

our exclusive car boot liner will protect the rear of your car from rubbish dirt mud and most importantly dogs! made from tough high quality waterproof polyester with a pvc backing and a wipe clean surface our liner will fit virtually every car! easily and quickly fitted it comes complete with hook and loop panels on the back plus straps that go round the back seat headrests – it even features an ingenious bumper flap that protects your bumper paintwork from claw scratches or for when loading and unloading whilst its convenient pockets on either side panel are ideal for storing torches dog leads balls poo bags high-viz jackets spare supermarket bags etc. our boot liner which measures 119cm x157cm (47in x61¾in) can easily be removed and folds away flat for storage.

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Car Boot Organiser

no excuses for an untidy boot! stop items sliding around in your boot keeping it neat and tidy with this sturdy car boot organiser. made of tough terylene the 2 sturdy compartments with rigid sides and webbing handles are just right for stowing essential motoring items such as a first aid kit spare oil windscreen washer fluid maps and a warning triangle. or why not use it for muddy wellies pet toys shopping or even a picnic – the list is endless! 6 net storage pockets on the outside of the carrier also have a multitude of uses too whilst the base of the organiser has 2 hook patches to help keep it in place on the boot carpet. measures l54cm x w26cm xh23.5cm (211/4in x101/4in x91/4in) and concertinas flat for storage. weight capacity 10kg (22lb). wipe clean with a damp cloth.

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Car Cover Size - Full

withstanding temperatures of -40°c to 90°c (-40°f to 194°f) this hard-wearing cover will protect you car from frost and snow in the winter months and from the heat of the sun during the summer. made from tough mildew resistant waterproof pvc it will also protect the paintwork from dust dirt bird droppings and tree sap - simply pull over the car for instant protection. the full cover measures 4.65m x1.5m x1.2m (15ft 5in x5ft x4ft) and is held in place with an elasticated edge. can be stored neatly away in the car boot when not in use.

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Car Dash Cam

capture incidents as they happen with a host of high-tech features this new 3.0mp car dash cam gives you peace of mind. recording everything in high definition its bright 7.6cm lcd screen provides clear evidence of traffic incidents. when driving its g-sensor can detect sudden movement locking the camera into event mode so the event is captured and can’t be accidentally overwritten. when not in the car the motion sensor will trigger the camera if anything disturbs your vehicle. you can record hd videos take photographs and also play them back through your computer via a usb cable. charges via your car’s 12v socket (3.3m usb cable supplied). a micro sd memory card (not supplied) can be used to store additional data. neat and compact it measures just l8.7cm xw5.3cm xh3.3cm. bracket and suction pad included.

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Car Snow Kit

our essential car set comprises a waterproof nylon fleece lined ice scraper mitt a strong snow clearing brush and a tough telescopic snow shovel (23.5cm x34.5cm – 9½in x13½in). this kit comes highly recommended and is ideal to tuck in your boot.

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Ceramic Car Heater 12V DC

avoid shivering in your car on cold winter mornings whilst you wait for the engine to warm sufficiently to heat your car. simply plug the deluxe ultra powerful ceramic heater into the cars 12v cigarette lighter socket (2m/78 3/4ins cable) and it instantly distributes heat warming you your passengers and even your windscreen defrosting it in seconds. in the summer months it can also be switched to a fan only setting for a cooling breeze. measures 15cm x 16cm x 7.5cm (6ins x 61/4ins x 3ins) (150w 13-17a).

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Grip Roll

don’t slip up – buy this! harness the power of friction with our clever multi-purpose grip roll. with no glue or fixing required it prevents items slipping and sliding whilst protecting surfaces too so great for cups and saucers glasses and more. the flexible black waffle material can be cut to any shape or size (without fraying) making it perfect for using inside drawers side tables trays or even under rugs. the roll has a multitude of uses throughout your home garage or workshop – why not use it to stop things sliding about in the boot of your car? measures w45cm xl500cm (17in x16ft 4in).

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In-car Digital Dash Camera

capture traffic incidents as they happen with our fantastic in-car digital dash camera. it can be used to help avoid disputed accidents film dangerous drivers lane hoggers or tailgaters - all of which can be captured on this hd digital recorder thanks to its full 270º field of view. importantly it gives you peace of mind from knowing you have the perfect impartial witness as and when you need it with all the video evidence stored on an sd memory card (up to 32gb not supplied - just download it to your computer). it even works at night too when switched to night vision mode. powered by a built-in rechargeable battery or from the car charger (with a generous 3.2m/10ft 6in cable) it is also supplied with a usb cable and a multi-position mounting arm. when not in use just tuck it in the glove compartment measures l10.5cm xw6.2cm xd3cm (4 1/4in x2 1/2in x1 1/4in). full instructions supplied.

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Jet Spray System

convert your hose into a pressure washer system if you can’t justify the expense of a dedicated pressure washer our new jet spray system is the answer. super versatile it simply attaches to your existing hose and is brilliant for cleaning paths between block paving cars caravans garden furniture gutters and more. with interchangeable nozzles for different spray patterns an in-line soap dispenser (no need for sponges and buckets) a 21.5cm (8in) flexible hose extension for those difficult to reach places and a 15cm (6in) soft washing brush you have a clever washing and cleaning system for every job. with comfort grip handles and its own throttle lever you are in control too delivering as much or as little water as required. measures l74cm (29¼in) - screw thread and push fit hose adaptors supplied.

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Leather Car Cushion - Buy 1 Get 1 Free

leather car seats need not cost a fortune with these padded cushion covers. upholstered in classic soft black leather they are easily attached to your existing car seats with elasticated straps (fit most car seats). with a raised lumbar panel they give you ideal back support and absorb excess moisture as you drive. measuring 49.5cm wide x 96.5cm long (19 1/4 ins x 37 3/4 ins) they will add style and comfort to your car. and when you buy one we will send you another one absolutely free so your passenger can ride in comfort as well.

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Memory Foam Car Cushions

unrivalled back support proper alignment of the spine and correct posture is very important in warding off back pain and the older you get the more difficult it is to correct bad habits. so why not let this new set of sculpted memory foam lumbar and neck supports take the strain? perfect for driving the memory foam cushions provide that all important wrap around lower lumbar support plus support for the neck and shoulder which standard car seats just don’t seem to provide. you won’t believe how fresh you’ll feel at the end of your journey. lumbar support measures h36cm x w26.5cm (14in x101/2in); neck support w25.5cm xh23cm (10in x9in). colour black. removable hand washable cover.

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Motorbike Cover

new and exclusive to our range is our motor bike/scooter cover made from the same hard wearing pvc as our car covers. held securely in place with elasticated edges that pull over the front and back tyres this cover measures 210cm x100cm x140cm (6ft 103/4in x3ft 31/4in x4ft 7in).

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Pack of 2 No Frost Cloths

a quick wipe over your car windows with our magical cloth before you go to bed (or when you get home from work at night) and morning-frosted and iced-up windscreens will become a thing of the past. the secret lies in the cloth which is impregnated with chemicals that block and repel frost and ice crystals from forming. works on all glass surfaces. supplied as a pack of 2.

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Pair of Tyre Traction Mats

if your vehicle has ever been stuck in snow mud or sand you’ll know how frustrating it can be to get it free but now we have a quick simple and effective solution - our new pair of folding tyre traction mats. position the mats under the drive wheels and the hinged construction will follow the contour of the ground. their clever design means that as the wheels start to grip onto the mat’s special fins they exert a force in the opposite direction to prevent slippage on the ground giving the all-important traction you need to simply drive out of trouble. this essential winter emergency kit (ideal for storing in the boot) is manufactured from impact resistant plastic and each mat measures 60cm x18cm x12mm (23½in x7in x½in) they fold down to 30cm (11¾in) when not in use.

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Solar Car Vent (Auto Cool)

a parked car can act like a green house on a hot and sunny day and can be unbearably hot to get into. the large car windows combined with the metal bodywork absorb and magnify the suns rays so that the inside of your car is even hotter than the outside temperature. this solar vent is the ideal way to keep the inside of your parked car cool. simply slip onto the top of your car window (fits all makes and models) and the vent will suck out all the hot air from inside your car replacing it with cooler air - thus keeping the temperature inside your parked car cooler. and being completely solar powered the sunnier the day the faster it will suck out the hot air!

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