Discover More: Animal Faces Stockists

Discover More: Animal Faces Stockists

Come face to face with enormous eyes, huge noses, poisonous fangs, fluffy cheeks, and colorful beaks in Discover More: Animal Faces. Most animals have many features in common with one another – eyes, noses, ears, mouths – so it’s amazing that there are so many different looking faces in the world! Animal Faces is a completely original way to look at all the different animal groups on Earth. By looking at some familiar, and some very rarely seen, animal faces, children will learn about the main animal groups: hairy mammals, scaly reptiles, feathered birds, goggle-eyed amphibians, bewildering bugs, and some extraordinary looking fish! Why do birds have different shaped beaks? Why do spiders have eight eyes? How do some animals use their faces to scare off other animals? How well can an elephant smell? All these questions and many more are answered in a simple fun way using stunning photographs.

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