Bargain Essential Defenders Stockists

Bargain Essential Defenders Stockists

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Bargain Star Wars the Phantom Menace Ultimate Sticker Book Defenders of the Galaxy Stockist

Meet the heroes of Star Wars Episode 1" in an awesome super-sized sticker collection. This bumper "Star Wars The Phantom Menace Defenders of the Galaxy Ultimate Sticker Book" is packed with more than 250 easy-to-peel colour stickers. Meet the fantastic characters from "Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace" and learn all about their vehicles weapons and dangerous foes. Great scenes taken straight from the films mean you can create your own action-packed adventures. Don't forget you can use your stickers again and again....

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Bargain Essential ABS Stockist

A six-pack of muscles or a six-pack of beer? The average guy doesn't want to waste money on an impossible workout book to trim his waist. He wants a simple routine that will bring results - quickly. That man maybe thick in the middle and wondering where to start need look no further than ESSENTIAL ABS by abdominal specialist Kurt Brungardt author of the best-selling ABS of Steel for Men video. Brungardt has collaborated with the experts at Men's Health magazine the most trusted name in men's health fitness to create a step-by-step...

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Bargain Essential Difference Stockist

Simon Baron-Cohen's The Essential Difference: Men Women and the Extreme Male Brain" is an unflinching look at the scientific evidence behind the innate sex differences of the mind. Men and women have always seemed to think in entirely different ways from conversation and communication to games and gadgets. But are these differences created by society or do our minds come ready-wired one way or another with female brains tending towards interaction and male towards organisation? And could this mean that autism - rather than...

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Bargain Essential English Stockist

Essential English is an indispensable guide to the use of words as tools of communication. It is written primarily for journalists yet its lessons are of immense value to all who face the problem of giving information whether to the general public or within business professional or social organisations. FULLY REVISED AND UPDATED BY CRAWFORD GILLAN RECOMMENDED BY THE SOCIETY OF EDITORS

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Bargain Essential Groucho Stockist

'No Groucho is not my real name I'm just breaking it in for a friend'. Presenting the greatest and most hilarious examples of Groucho one of the most influential and well-loved figures in the long and glittering history of comedy. From early scripts to complete screenplays from magazine funnies to fascinating personal correspondence via books greedy banks even greedier lawyers and the coming of television Kanfer's collection captures the essence of Groucho's inimitable comic genius. 'I never forget a face but in your...

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Bargain Essential Help for Your Nerves Stockist

Recovery from nervous suffering through understanding nervous fatigue - A new two-books-in-one edition which includes Peace from Nervous Suffering and More Help for your Nerves Dr Claire Weekes is acclaimed throughout the world for her work on nervous illness. This new edition of 'More Self Help for Your Nerves' also includes 'Peace from Nervous Suffering' - together they forge an understanding of nervous illness and develop a recovery programme to instill confidence and happiness. As a companion to the international bestseller...

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Bargain Essential Judaism Stockist

The Jews are known as the People of the Book." Even though a library on Judaism would fill mnay miles of bookshelf space there has been no single comprehensive hands-on volume that provides an up-to-date overview of Jewish practices and beliefs. Until now. For the Jew and non-Jew alike ESSENTIAL JUDAISM explains not only what Jews do and believe but why. In the process it answers such questions as; what happens at a synagogue service? What do the prayers and rituals mean? What is the Jewish calendar? And many more. With...

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Bargain Essential Jung Stockist

A sparkling and up-to-date new cover for one of Fontana Press's strongest-selling titles. 'Jung was on a giant scale...he was a master physician of the soul in his insights a profound sage in his conclusions. He is also one of Western Man's great liberators.' J. B. Priestly Sunday Telegraph 'Jung can sometimes rise to the heights of a Blake or a Nietzsche or a any true prophet or artist he extended the range of the human be able to share Jungian emotions is surely an almost necessary capacity...

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Bargain The Essential Bar Book Stockist

The Essential Bar Book provides a comprehensive A-Z guide covering 115 recipes for the world's most important cocktails.

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Bargain 101 Essential Tips: Massage Stockist

Stroke knead and pummel your way to massage-mastery with this fantastic pocket-sized guide. This title features one hundred and one nuggets of practical information that take you stage-by-stage towards a broad understanding of the art of relaxation. Whether you are just starting out or want some helpful pointers this is a guide you really should get your hands on!

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Bargain Essential Diabetes Cookbook Stockist

Since being diagnosed with the pre-diabetic condition Syndrome X Antony Worrall Thompson has done more than any other chef to reinvent the way we eat while managing glucose levels and maintaining a healthy weight. From Sweet and Sour Prawns to Spicy Lamb Tagine the 200 recipes here demonstrate just how much world cuisines have to offer the diabetic. And although Western eating habits aren't always easy to adapt to diabetic requirements he shows it is still possible to enjoy a traditional Sunday roast or an indulgent dessert....

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Bargain Essential Equine Studies Stockist

The first in a series of four books produced for college students on equine degree courses prepared by the founder of and head of equine studies at The Open College of Equine Studies the leading international distance learning establishment. Designed for clarity and ease of reference with a list of aims and objectives preceding each chapter the author deals with complex issues on a step-by-step basis and provides detailed explanations of technical and scientific terminology. Question boxes act as reminders and revision aids...

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