Bargain Games That Lovers Play (1971) (DVD) Stockists

Bargain Games That Lovers Play (1971) (DVD) Stockists

This scandalous 1971 sex comedy was made in the early years of Joanna Lumley s blossoming career. Mrs Hill and Lady Evelyn Chatterley are two competing brothel madames, in 1920s London, who place a bet over whose girl turns the best tricks. Hill s girl Fanny (Joanna Lumley) attempts to seduce a portly bishop, while Lady Evelyn s girl (Penny Brahms) takes a drag queen to bed! When the results prove inconclusive the madames randomly select a name from the phone book. The lucky punter turns out to be a staid wine seller, played by a bespectacled Richard Wattis, who seems to be enjoying his close proximity to so much female flesh! Only he can decide who has the best talents ! Running Time: 91 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 10 Mar. 2014

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Bargain Macbeth [1971] (DVD) Stockist

Roman Polanski presents his nightmarish vision of Shakespeare's classic tragedy about the lust for power-and its bloody consequences. Jon Finch is Macbeth, the Scottish war hero whose insane ambitionunleashes a cycle of violence. Prompted by the supernatural prophecy of three witches, Macbeth is goaded by his Lady (Francesca Annis) into slaying King Duncan (Nicholas Selby) and assuming his throne. Macbeth plunges further into murder and moral decay to keep the unsteady crown on his head. Whilehis wife crumbles away in guilt and...

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Bargain Melody [1971] (DVD) Stockist

Daniel (Mark Lester, Oliver!) and Ornshaw (Jack Wild, Oliver! Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves), two mischievous schoolboys attending a south London comprehensive, strike up a trusting friendship despite their vastly different social backgrounds. But when Daniel falls head over heels in love with fellow pupil Melody, Ornshaw resents being neglected. Not only is their friendship compromised, but the dull, grumpy adult world that surrounds them is about to be turned upside down when ten-year-olds Daniel and Melody announce their plans...

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Bargain Revenge (1971)(DVD) Stockist

Thriller starring Joan Collins and James Booth in which a family set out to take revenge on the man who raped and murdered their youngest daughter. Carol Radford (Collins) and her husband, Jim (Booth), are naturally distressed in the aftermath of their daughter's death. When they discover that the man suspected of carrying out the crime, Seely (Kenneth Griffith), has been released by the police, they decide - along with a number of local vigilantes - to deal out retribution themselves. However, will a plan conceived in such haste...

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Bargain The Best of The Two Ronnies (BBC) [1971] (DVD) Stockist

Compilation of some of the most-cherished sketches from Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett's sixteen years as a television comedy duo. Includes 'the Vagabond Lover', 'Swedish Made Simple', 'Mastermind' and 'St Botolph's Country Dance Team'. Running Time: 85 minutes Region: Region 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe. Read more about DVD formats.) Release Date: 1 Oct. 2001

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Bargain A Clockwork Orange [1971] (DVD) Stockist

Stanley Kubrick's controversial film triggered copycat violence on its initial release and as a result the director withdrew the film from circulation in Britain, keeping it suppressed right up to his death in 1999. The film follows sadistic punk Alex (Malcolm McDowell) as he takes his gang on a rape and murder spree, showing absolutely no mercy to any of his victims. When he is eventually captured, the authorities subject him to a series of experiments designed to rid him of his violent tendencies. Running Time: 131 minutes...

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Bargain Captain Apache (1971) (DVD) Stockist

Classic western from 1971. Steely Lee Van Cleef stars as a Native American who becomes a U.S. Army officer tasked with investigating the murder of a respected colleague. His only clue is the riddle buried in the dead man's enigmatic final words, 'April morning'. Suspects and informers start dying at an alarming rate as Apache gets closer to solving the case until he stumbles on a devastating plot to bring down the government. Apache finds his own life is at risk as he becomes embroiled in a deadly game of cat and mouse in this...

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Bargain Cider with Rosie (1971) - BBC (DVD) Stockist

Helen Thornhill and Rosemary Leach star in this classic BBC drama, based on novel by Laurie Lee. Set in post-war Gloucestershire in a sleepy Cotswold village, dreamy days spent sampling Granny Wallon (Mary Merrall)'s homebrew gives way to a darker vision of country life. As a young boy suffers at the hands of a sadistic teacher, happiness soon arrives as he then experiences his first love with the precocious Rosie (Thornhill). Running Time: 95 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 1 Sept. 2014

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Bargain Diamonds are Forever [1971](DVD) Stockist

A fortune in stolen diamonds thrusts James Bond into action in this thrilling adventure. Sean Connery returns as Agent 007 and teams up with the beautiful Tiffany Case (Jill St. John) to prevent his nemesis Blofeld (Charles Gray) from using the diamonds in a deadly laser satellite. Running Time: 115 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English|Danish|Dutch|Finnish|Greek|Hindi|Norwegian|Swedish Release Date: 1 Oct. 2012

'Diamonds are Forever [1971](DVD) Deal' priced at £6.99  =>  Click for Deal


Bargain Dirty Harry [1971] (DVD) Stockist

The first in the series of films featuring Lieutenant Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) - a right wing, bad-tempered San Francisco policeman, not averse to bending the rules to get his man. The maniacal 'Scorpio Killer' is on the loose and Callahan disregards procedure in his efforts to track him down, using his trusty Magnum .44 to dispense his own brand of justice. Somewhat surprisingly, the film was conceived as a vehicle for Frank Sinatra. Running Time: 98 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: Italian|Portuguese|French|Dutch|English|German|Spanish...

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Bargain Elizabeth R (3 Disc Box Set) [1971] (DVD) Stockist

The complete classic BBC drama miniseries about the life and reign of Elizabeth I, played by Glenda Jackson. From her precarious early days on the throne of England, where Elizabeth has to negotiate a dangerous political climate, to her later relationship with the Earl of Essex (Robin Ellis) and her dealings with Mary Queen of Scots (Vivian Pickles) and the Spanish Armada, the series covers the long and tumultuous period of Elizabethan rule. Also starring Ronald Hines and Robert Hardy. Episodes are: 'the Lion's Cub'; 'the Marriage...

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Bargain Harold and Maude [1971] (DVD) Stockist

A repressed and eccentric young man, fixated on death and funerals, meets a much older eccentric woman who teaches him the joy of li ving. Running Time: 91 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: Danish|Dutch|English|French|German|Italian|Norwegian|Spanish|Swedish|Turkish Release Date: 13/05/2002

'Harold and Maude [1971] (DVD) Deal' priced at £7.99  =>  Click for Deal


Bargain The Hunting Party (1971) (DVD) Stockist

Frank Calder (Oliver Reed), an outlaw leader, is dissatisfied with his wandering, shooting life and decides to better himself. He kidnaps Melissa Ruger (Candice Bergen), a substitute school teacher, and insists that she teach him how to read. Melissa s husband, Brandt (Gene Hackman), is a wealthy, sadistic man. When he discovers that his wife is missing, he gathers up a posse and sets out in pursuit. Armed with high powered rifles the pursuers pick off Calder s gang one by one. When all of Calder s gang have been killed Brandt...

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Bargain The Night Visitor (1971) (DVD) Stockist

Starring: Max von Sydow, Trevor Howard, Liv Ullmann, Per Oscarsson Thriller in which a detective attempts to link a brutal murder to a man incarcerated in an insane asylum. Salem (Max von Sydow) was sent to the asylum after being convicted of murdering a farmhand with an axe. When members of Salem's family are discovered to have been killed in an equally brutal fashion, the Inspector (Trevor Howard) is assigned to the case. After examining the evidence, the Inspector is convinced that Salem is guilty of the crime, but how can...

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Bargain Doctor Who - Colony in Space [1971] (DVD) Stockist

The Time Lords discover that the Master has stolen their secret file on the Doomsday Weapon and decide to send the Doctor to retrieve it for them. The TARDIS takes the Doctor and Jo to the desolate planet Uxarieus in the year 2472. There they become involved in a dispute between some beleaguered colonists and the crew of an Interplanetary Mining Corporation (IMC) spaceship over the ownership rights to the planet. The Doctor learns that the indigenous Primitives and their High Priests worship a large machine tended by a creature...

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Bargain The Comedians - Series 1-7 - Complete [1971](DVD) Stockist

The complete series 1-7 of the 1970s stand-up comedy show featuring comics who began their careers in the Northern working men's clubs, including Russ Abbot, Jim Bowen, Bernard Manning, Mike Reid, Dave Butler, Russ Roberts and Frank Carson. Running Time: 836 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 9 Nov. 2009

'The Comedians - Series 1-7 - Complete [1971](DVD) Deal' priced at £30.99  =>  Click for Deal

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