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Kinetica 100% Recovery - Strawberry/Vanilla

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Kinetica 100% Recovery

Quick, effective muscle repair with Kinetica 100% Recovery. Focusing purely on post-exercise muscle recovery and repair, Kinetica 100% Recovery drinks are available in delicious Blackcurrant and Orange & Mango flavours. Combining three carbohydrate sources,...


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L -glutamine is a vital amino acid, one of the most important building blocks in forming the proteins that maintain cellular health and tissue repair. The body requires more of it to maintain its glutamine stores during exercise. It is required for cell...


Kinetica 100% Recovery - Orange & Mango

Kinetica 100% Recovery - Orange & Mango


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Kinetica Complete offers a convenient balanced supplement to cover all your needs between muscle repair and recovery, muscle development and strength-building. Contains high-quality Whey Protein enriched with organic virgin coconut oil for improved energy...


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Increase strength and muscle mass with Kinetica ZMA-Active tablets. Kinetica ZMA Active contains a scientifically designed blend of functional ingredients, vitamins and minerals. Supplementation of ZMA during training increases zinc and magnesium levels....


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Available in a convenient, great tasting format Kinetica's Ready to Drink protein shake is suitable for anyone seeking to support and sustain lean muscle. Use it to provide extra protein before, during or after exercise. 26.5g protein per 330ml bottle...


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