Bargain Klaus Wunderlich: The Great Pop Organ Sound Of Klaus Wunderlich (CD) Stockists

Klaus Wunderlich: The Great Pop Organ Sound Of Klaus Wunderlich (CD) Stockists

Klaus, a skilled and innovative sound engineer, eventually cast aside his trusted solo Hammond organ sound and became the inventor of the Pop Organ Sound by, at first, the simple combination of three instruments: Hammond, Lowrey & Wersi. His "Pops" albums assured his place on the world stage. This release is a perfect opportunity for those who have never heard some of his early LPs to enjoy selected tracks from them, possibly for the first time. Release Date: N/A

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Klaus Wunderlich: The Great Pop Organ Sound Of Klaus Wunderlich (CD) Deals on eBay Klaus Wunderlich: The Great Pop Organ Sound Of Klaus Wunderlich (CD) Deals on Amazon
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The Sadist Baron Von Klaus (DVD) Stockist

In the village of Holfen, a number of young women are found stabbed to death by what is determined to be an ancient dagger with a curved and rusty blade. The superstitious locals believe the murders to be the fulfillment of a curse placed on them in the 17th century by Baron Von Klaus, a sadistic libertine who killed many women before dying in the swamps surrounding his castle. Has he returned to quenk his murderous thirst? Running Time: 95 minutes Region: Region 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe. Read more about...

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Hotel Terminus - The Life and Times of Klaus Barbie (DVD) Stockist

Oscar-winning documentary about the life of Nazi SS officer Klaus Barbie. Historically known as the Butcher of Lyon, Barbie was appointed head of intelligence at the Nazi base in Lyon where he personally tortured French prisoners using a variety of methods including electric shocks and sexual abuse. Genre: TV Release Date: 16th March 2015 Year of production: 1988 Director: Marcel Ophüls Running Time: 255 min Cat No: 163475 Barcode: 5019322634751 No Disc: 2 Certification: PG Format: DVD

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The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid (Great Western Collection) (DVD) Stockist

Based on the true story of the last failed bank robbery by the James and Younger brothers, this film is notable for showing the unraveling heist from the outlaws' viewpoint. THE GREAT NORTHFIELD MINNESOTA RAID was shot in a meticulous semi documentary style that brings to life the glorious last ride of the infamous band of outlaws. Late in the summer of 1876, Jesse James and Cole Younger were given amnesty by their home state of Missouri; after a long and prosperous career as robbers, the dynamic duo were, ironically, proclaimed...

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The Sound Barrier (BLU-RAY) Stockist

The Sound Barrier (BLU-RAY)

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The Great War [DVD] Stockist

An absorbing four DVD set, covering WW1 in this centenary year. Three discs of superb documentary on The Great War and the fourth disc showcasing WW1 aviation. A must for anyone interested in military history. DISC ONE Prelude to Battle Revisiting what the world was like at the turn of the century. From Mons to the Somme A slow, terrible war is unfolding. Military Command Examining the military and political leaders of the major powers. DISC TWO America Awakes The opening months with the young Americans, maturing as a fighting...

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Bristol's Great War (DVD) Stockist

As a major city, and one of Britain's two main Atlantic ports, Bristol's role in the First World War was significant: 55,000 of her men went to war, of whom 6,000 would never return, while her brave seamen defied U-Boats to bring in vital food supplies. Bristol also produced numerous vital products for the war effort, from cigarettes and chocolate to aircraft, munitions and mustard gas, and women began to take on what was previously seen as 'men's work'. Bristol also looked after 2,000 Belgian refugees, it was home to seventeen...

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Great Battles [DVD] Stockist

An incredible look at the bloodiest British battles ever fought. Hastings, Bannockburn, Bosworth, Marston Moor, the Boyne, Culloden battles which changed the course of British history and still affect the society we live in today. In Great Battles, ten incredble episodes are dedicated to bringing these battles to life. Presenter Bob Stewart recreates the passion and pain of each struggle and assesses its importance in British history. Combining a personal journey to the battlefield with state-of-the-art computer graphics, he...

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Great War Diaries (DVD) Stockist

History tells us what was?. It tells us when things happened. When kings and cultures lived and died, armies were raised and vanquished, and mighty empires rose and fell. History, as we know it from books, is often boring, for it fails to answer one very simple question: What was it like? When war broke out in Europe in July 1914, people on all sides believed it would be over by Christmas. Little could they know just how wrong they were. By November 1918, ten million people had died, and the political map of the world had been...

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It's Great To Be Young (DVD) Stockist

John Mills stars in this gentle musical comedy portraying life in the 1950s British classroom. Mr Dingle (Mills) is a history and music teacher at the Angel Hill School. His approachability and enthusiasm in running the school jazz band have led to him being well-loved and respected by his students, who go up in arms when it turns out that the well-meaning but traditionalist and authoritarian headmaster Mr Frome (Cecil Parker) plans to replace him and close down the band. Running Time: 90 minutes Region: Region 2 (This DVD may...

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Railways of the Great War (DVD) Stockist

In this five part series, Michael Portillo marks the centenary of the Great War by discovering the central role the railways played in securing victory, repatriating the dead and wounded and feeding the insatiable appetite for weaponry and supplies that the theatre of war demanded. This is a story of how a British invention that brought trade, travel and prosperity in peacetime became an engine of war.Michael tracks down the fascinating, emotional and sometimes tragic stories of the wartime railways that criss-crossed Britain...

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The Great Fire (DVD) Stockist

The Great Fire of London was a catastrophic event for Britain:one of the most devastating fires we have ever experienced. It destroyed almost the entire old city and has become a national memory burnt into our consciousness. 350 years on, we have all heard of the Great Fire... but what do we actually know about what happened? Now, this exciting, three-part series takes us inside one of the most iconic events in British history in a way we've never seen before. Peeling away the truisms, a team of presenters use 21st century science...

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The Great Gatsby (DVD) Stockist

Baz Luhrmann writes, directs and produces this adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan. Set in the 1920s, the story follows aspiring writer Nick Carraway (Maguire) as he moves to New York and becomes intrigued by his neighbour Jay Gatsby (DiCaprio)'s lavish lifestyle and mysterious past. As Nick finds himself caught up in the world of the wealthy, he witnesses romantic entanglement and betrayal. Gatsby's true nature is slowly exposed and his involvement with old...

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The Great Mcginty (DVD) Stockist

Classic comedy written and directed by Preston Sturges. Dan McGinty (Brian Donlevy) is a homeless man who impresses a local political boss (Akim Tamiroff) by voting 37 times at a mayoral election using a variety of false names. McGinty is subsequently offered a job as a 'professional voter' and becomes the Boss's political protege. He eventually manages to work his way up to the mayor's office, with his politically expedient bride, Catherine (Muriel Angelus), at his side. Running Time: 82 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date:...

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The Great Raid (DVD) Stockist

War drama based on the novel 'the Great Raid on Cabanatuan' by William B. Breuer. It stars Benjamin Bratt as Lt. Colonel Mucci, an offbeat military man who puts his faith in young Captain Prince (James Franco) to lead a dangerous mission to rescue 500 American POWs held prisoner by the Japanese. Among the men imprisoned in the camp are Joseph Fiennes as the ailing Major Gibson and Marton Csokas as Captain Redding, who is always trying to escape. Connie Nielsen adds romantic tension as a war widow smuggling much-needed medicine...

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