Bargain Love: All That Matters Stockists

Bargain Love: All That Matters Stockists

Love: All That Matters argues that the modern view on love has been distorted by a fixation on romantic love that has depleted our resources for living through the darker sides of love whereas in fact there are several ways in which humans give and experience love over the course of their lives and it is best to have access to them all. Vernon draws on science psychology philosophy and literature to examine eight different kinds of love each associated with a phase of human development. From infant narcissism and the emergence of eros through puberty and the rush of romantic love to the end of life and the love of God this is a beguiling tour of the most mysterious force of all. This accessible and readable book will appeal to both students and general readers giving a fascinating introduction to the psychology and philosophy of love - and what matters most about it.

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Only Thing That Matters Stockist

The interesting thought that '98 per cent of the world's people are spending 98 per cent of their time on things that don't matter' opens the latest book from seven-time New York Times" bestselling author Neale Donald Walsch who says with gentleness that this is the reason so many lives are filled with sadness and turmoil and that the world itself seems continually on the brink of calamity. This circumstance Walsch says is nobody's fault. We simply haven't been told or taught what does matter - or if that question has been...

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Size Matters Not Stockist

Published to coincide with his highly anticipated new sitcom - a mockumentary follow-up to Extras from the pens of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant - Size Matters Not is the surprising and hilarious story of the world's biggest little actor. When Nana Davis heard an advert on the radio seeking small people for the third Star Wars movie little did she know it was a moment that would transform her tiny grandson's life. Aged only eleven and just two-feet-eleven inches in height Warwick went on to make his screen debut as Wicket...

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Stuff Matters Stockist

Stuff Matters by Mark Miodownik is a fantastically entertaining introduction to the strange inner life of materials by one of the The Times 100 most influential scientists in the UK and scientist in residence on Dara O Briain's Science Club. Insightful fascinating. The futuristic materials will elicit gasps. Makes even the most everyday substance seem exciting". (Sunday Times). "Expert deftly written immensely enjoyable". (Observer). "Enthralling...a mission to re-acquaint us with the wonders of the fabric that sustains our...

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Water: All That Matters Stockist

The world's population is increasing; but its supply of water is not. Empires have grown and declined due to discovery and exhaustion of their water sources and now the West is at last catching on to the fact that abundance of water can no longer be taken for granted. For the last fifty years wars have been fought over oil; for the next fifty they may be fought over water (in fact some local wars already have been). Remarkably this new book is the first to bring together the ecological geographical political and scientific...

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Behaviour Matters: Giraffe is Left Out Stockist

A sweet story with a simple message: be nice to people! Giraffe is feeling sad. Leopard is having a party, and he’s invited all his friends – but not Giraffe. Why is this? Maybe it’s because when Leopard first arrived at jungle school, Giraffe was really mean to him! Giraffe refused to play with Leopard. He played horrid tricks and stopped him joining in. But now that Leopard is leaving him out, Giraffe wishes he’d been nicer. At last, he understands how Leopard must have felt. Is it too late for them both to say sorry...

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Behaviour Matters: Hippo Owns Up Stockist

Have you ever told a fib? Hippo knows he shouldn’t. But he’s having a really bad day. It all started when he missed his breakfast. His tummy won’t stop rumbling, and his brain won’t work in class. Then he sees Mrs Croc’s special chocolate cake. Yummy! He can’t resist gobbling it up. But now someone else is getting the blame. Will Hippo be brave enough to own up? This sweet and funny story shows you that honesty matters, especially when it comes to saying sorry. (We all make mistakes, after all.) A gentle and...

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A Little in Love Stockist

What if… Les Mis doomed waif Eponine had her own tear-jerking tale of tragic love? Now she does. Eat chocolate. Blub your heart out.

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Act of Love Stockist

When Ella Burton takes a job as a lowly cleaner at the glamorous Palace theatre in Swansea she is surprised by how quickly she takes to the job - it's as if she was born for a life in the theatre. Unlike Kathleen who wants her name in lights it's backstage that Ella's heart lies running the show under the watchful eye of Anthony. It's not long before she realises that she has fallen in love and Ella begins to dream about a future that's far from everything she has ever known...But a tragic accident threatens to ruin everything...

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All About Love Stockist

Six notorious cousins known to the ton as the Bar Cynster have cut a swath through the ballrooms of London. Yet one by one each has fallen in love and married the woman of his heart until only one of them is left unclaimed...Alasdair Cynster. Known to his intimates as Lucifer Alasdair had decided to rusticate in the country before the matchmaking skills of London's mamas become firmly focused on him the last unwed Cynster. But an escape to Devon leads him straight to his destiny in the irresistible form of Phyllida Tallent...

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Bad Love Stockist

It starts with a tape delivered to psychologist Alex Delaware's house - a recording of a soul-sickening scream followed by a twisted childlike voice chanting 'Bad love. Bad love. Don't give me the bad love...' Alex heard that phrase a decade ago at a symposium for Dr Andres de Bosch and his work with troubled teens why is he hearing it now? Then there are strange phone calls a horrific act of vandalism and the discovery that other symposium delegates have been murdered. Unless Alex can make sense of the mind games being played...

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In the Name of Love Stockist

On a sun drenched beach in Barbados feisty sports presenter Charlie meets the irresistibly gorgeous Felipe Castillo. Instantly attracted to each other they have a passionate affair until he walks out with no explanation. It is only then that she discovers that Felipe is related to the Spanish royal family is a brilliant rider and the lynchpin of the Spanish Eventing team. Back in London Charlie puts her heartbreak behind her by going out on the town. Until Felipe returns and turns her life upside down again. Soon they are...

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Love Changes Everything Stockist

Fourteen-year-old Trixie Jackson hoped she had a future to look forward to. But when she is sacked from the local factory she is forced to work as a housekeeper for one of her father's friends - a man she instinctively dislikes. Kept under lock and key her life soon becomes a living hell. But in her haste to escape she injures herself and ends up in hospital. However her troubles are only just beginning. When her mother is involved in a tragic accident and dies Trixie and her younger sister Cilla are left at the mercy of their...

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Love is Not Enough Stockist

Merryn Somerset Webb star of Channel 4's hit series 'Superscrimpers' shows you how to face the future with both money and confidence in this financial bible for sassy women. Money may not buy you love but it certainly helps with life's other little luxuries. From shopping sprees to pension plans ISAs to investments money plays a crucial role in our present and future comfort. We may not like to admit it but diamonds -- or cold hard cash -- really can be a girl's best friend. So why when women have much to celebrate ...

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