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Lukullus Junior wet dog food is a complete food, specifically formulated to meet the needs of puppies and young dogs. Made with premium animal protein, vegetables and high quality oils, Lukullus ensures your young dog gets all the nutrients it needs. The recipes contain no artificial additives such as taste enhancers, colour or preservatives. Lukullus Junior is completely natural– because nature provides everything your dog needs for a healthy development. All ingredients are fresh and prepared using a gentle cooking process (cold filling method) to ensure that they retain their great taste as well as all the important, vital nutrients. Lukullus - trust in the power of nature. Lukullus Junior Saver Pack 24 x 400g is available in two flavours: Chicken & Veal - made to a delicious recipe and enriched with oats, carrots and linseed oil to create a protein-rich meal which is just right for puppies and young dogs. Turkey Hearts & Lamb - this protein-rich meal contains delicious millet, apples and grape seed oil, ideal for supporting the health of puppies and young dogs. Lukullus Junior meets the specific nutritional needs of puppies and young dogs. The protein rich combination of juicy chicken and delicious veal provides plenty of energy for your young dog. The extra portion of calcium ensures that bones and teeth develop properly. Lukullus Junior allows your dog to develop and grow naturally and makes sure that it gets all the vitamins and minerals it needs to stay happy and healthy. Lukullus dog food is made by a small family business where healthy and appropriate dog food is at centre of everything they do. Only ingredients of very high quality, many of them organic, go into making this delicious dog food. The Lukullus Junior dog food is made with top quality which is combined with fresh vegetables to produce a premium quality food packed full of healthy vitamins. This food does not contain artificial preservatives, colours or taste enhancers.

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