Bargain Luvion Supreme Connect With Wi Fi Baby Monitor Stockists

Luvion Supreme Connect With Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Stockists

Luvion Supreme Connect Features: Pan Tilt & Zoom Camera Wi-fi enabled cradle Two Way Talk Lullabies Micro SD Card for recording & images Room temperature thermometer Night Vision Audio only function Power save mode     Split screen Quad camera mode VOX Voice activation LED sound indicator Adjustable Volume & sensitivity Out of range warning Out of battery warning Plug & Play Set up 300 meter range 100% interference free Wi-fi Bridge included   Luvion Supreme Connect Baby Monitor can be used for monitoring your baby or nursery any time of the day or anywhere in the world. The unique baby monitor combines the power of a standard close circuit baby monitor with the range and capabilities of an internet baby monitor. By using your smart phone or tablet you are able to view your baby from anywhere in the world using the dedicated Luvion Care App. The Luvion supreme uses a large 4.3 inch LCD screen to give you a clear digital picture of your baby's room, from the monitor you can control certain features using the built in menu, such as the volume, brightness and camera selection. The screen also allows you to control the remote pan, tilt & zoom on the camera unit using the controllable joystick on the front, when using multiple cameras the screen can be split in to four allowing you to view all the cameras at the same time. The luvion supreme connect has a unique camera that can be controlled remotely and turn to view your whole baby's nursery, the camera has a built in speaker that allows you to talk to your baby through the monitor, the camera unit also has ultra-sensitive microphones with voice activation that will alert you through the monitor when there is a noise. Luvion Supreme can Connect directly to your home Wi-fi using the optional Wi-fi bridge cradle, this cradle allows you to monitor the camera and its sound while on the go on your smartphone or tablet or using a desk top PC. The Wi-fi Bridge connects to your router while the monitor unit sits on it charging and sending the images it’s receiving directly to your phone. The Luvion care app for both iPhone & Android is free to download and will work using both a Wi-fi signal and Mobile Data connection. Luvion Supreme Connect Smart Baby Monitor For ultimate remote contact with your child: • 4.3" LCD colour screen with pan, tilt & zoom camera to monitor a whole room   • Up to 4 camera split screen viewing to keep a check on four locations at once   • Connect to a smartphone with a Luvion wi-fi bridge to see your child anywhere you get a mobile data signal or internet.              Imagine being able to see your baby like this on a phone or other mobile device from anywhere in the world where a data signal or the internet can be found.  You want to feel reassured and relaxed in the evening. You may be Grandparents wanting to watch your new grandchild growing up or maybe you are working away from home. You may even be in hospital and want to keep in touch with your first child whilst having your second! Luvion Supreme Connect with Wifi bridge will let you do that.   Baby Monitors have come a long way in recent years. Sophistication has now reached a level where you can be relaxing in your living room or the other side of the world and still see and hear your child and keep in touch with them.   To have the ultimate remote connection to your child you will need a quality baby monitor that has the capability to deliver. The only product at present with the most up-to-date features available is the Luvion Supreme Connect Smart Baby Monitor.     Why are there no others that do all this? The reason is simple. It takes commitment from a manufacturer to create the functionality (both software and hardware) and then support that functionality into the future. Luvion have created a brilliant monitor unit with a fantastic screen and now maintain and support Apps for both IOS and also Android devices.   See and hear your baby from anywhere Luvion Supreme Connect allows you to use both your smart phone and your standalone parent unit to monitor your child. The monitor uses a Wi-Fi bridge cradle to allow you to link the monitor to your smart phone using the dedicated app. Once set up, you are able to view your cameras on the go.                Use the Wifi Bridge and synchronise the app to view on an IOS or Android mobile device.     Quality large screen ideal for viewing 4 cameras at once The Supreme Connect parent unit has a 4.3” inch LCD colour screen ideal for viewing up to four cameras either in auto scan mode or using split screen viewing.   Coochy coo from the other side of the world Supreme Connect has a two way talk system allowing you to listen to your baby as you would expect, but also lets your baby hear you too using the microphone on the monitor.   Clever cameras The camera unit contains a motor inside to control pan, tilt and zoom motion. A joystick control on the monitor can then be used to interact with the menu and to control the movement and zoom function on the camera. Utilising infra-red LEDS a crisp and clean night vision image is produced from up to five metres away. A voice activation system within the camera detects sound and will wake the monitor unit out of economy mode and display the image on the screen. The monitor can also be used in an audio only mode when the screen is not needed.   Stay in touch with your baby from anywhere…      

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Luvion Supreme Baby Monitor Connect Wi-Fi Bridge

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Luvion Supreme Connect Wi-Fi Bridge allows you to monitor your monitor directly from your smart phone. Simply place the parent unit into the Wi-Fi bridge and download the free Luvion Care App and you can monitor the cameras while on the go. The set up is easy, simply plug the wi-fi bridge into your router to download the settings of your wi-fi and its ready to go. This bridge is only compatible with the Luvion Suprem Connect Baby Monitor Allows your supreme to connect to the internt Monitor your baby from your smart phone Monitor your camera on the go Related article: Use a Luvion Supreme Connect and see your baby from anywhere.  


Luvion Supreme Connect Wifi 4.3 inch Video Baby Monitor

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Luvion Supreme Connect Video Baby Monitor combines two monitoring technologies into one baby monitor you can use anywhere. The Supreme Connect is a high quality video baby monitor set complete with one camera so it is ready to be used in your baby nursery. Where this monitor difers from others is it's additional Wi-Fi function allowing you to connect it to your Smartphone or Tablet using the optional wi-fi bridge available from this store. You do not need to be a techie to use this product, as soon as you connect the Luvion Wi-Fi bridge cradle you can start monitoring your baby using your smartphone or tablet via the Internet. The Luvion Supreme Connect monitor's quad screen is 4.3 inch, LCD and very slim. It can split into 4 micro screens allowing you to connect 3 additional cameras to the parent unit and view all 4 at the same time. The monitor also includes talk-back allowing you to communicate...

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