Miele Compact C2 Cat&Dog PowerLine - SDBE0 Stockists

Miele Compact C2 Cat&Dog PowerLine - SDBE0 Stockists

Perfect for Pet owners, the Miele Cat and Dog Vacuum combines powerful performance with a dedicated Turbo brush to provide excellent cleaning everytime. The PowerLine Motor produces 1200 watts of power while its 6 stage rotary dial allows you to enjoy fantastic floor cleaning results. Included with the Cat and Dog is Miele's innovative Turbobrush. This Turbobrush uses a rotating roller brush to pick up the most stubborn pet hair whilst its Active AirClean filter deals with the most stubborn odours and allergens. Miele's HyClean 3D Efficiency Dustbag not only increases the capacity of your dustbag by 20% and hygienically locks away the dust, meaning you'll have to empty the bag less often. Its ten metre Vacuuming radius is perfect for cleaning large areas of your home without the hassle of changing sockets.

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