Miele KM2032SS Stockists

Miele KM2032SS Stockists

The Miele KM2032 stainless steel, gas hob brings style, functionality and quality to any household meaning your cooking will become a pure pleasureFeaturing five cooking zones and a central large flame wok burner ensuring you can utilise all your pots and pans with ease. The enamelled cast iron supports hold your cooking implements in place with confidence and ease. The state of art gas hob is simple and easy to clean thanks to its stainless steel finish. Rotary dials are easily accessible on the front panel and push down for easy lighting

Bargain Deal: £599.20

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Miele KM2032SS£599.20Visit Store

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Miele KM3034SS-GLASS

Miele KM3034SS-GLASS 5 Burner Gas Hob in Stainless Steel & Glass with Front Controls

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Miele KM2010SS

Designed to make your cooking quick and easy, the Miele KM2010SS makes use of stylish design and brilliant build quality to provide a fantastic addition to any kitchen. 4 sturdy cast iron pan supports provide a reliable base for your pans and cover 4 variable width burners tailored for different sized Pots.

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Miele KM2054SS

Miele KM2054SS 900mm 5 Buners Gas Hob including Dual Wok & Front Controls in Stainless Steel,

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Miele CS1212-1I

If you love cooking, youll love this sleek, stainless steel framed indution hob, which features ultra-smart technology that puts you in control. This hob model has two active cooking zones. To use it, you simply place a magnetic pan onto one of the zones, choose your power setting from 1 to 9 and the hob determines the perfect size to heat for the pan base. This reduces the amount of energy used, saving you money and helping the planet. This hob also has the perfect answer for those times when you need a power boost to heat up fast, with a timed heat booster function to get your water boiling in no time. For busy people who dont have time to wait around, this superb hob is the fast, economical and stylish solution that will give superb results every time.

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Miele KM6322SS

The Miele KM6322SS induction hob brings sophistication, sleek design and great control over your cooking4 cooking zones have nine different heat levels giving you ultimate flexibility. The advanced technology recognises pan sizes meaning that hobs will generate heat to match only the surface area of your pan conserving time and resources. The hob features a system lock preventing children operating it when the system is switched off and should you be in a hurry the booster function enables you to operate the hob for up to 15 minutes for swift heat up times

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Miele KM3010SS-GLASS

Miele KM3010SS-GLASS 4 Zone Gas Hob with Ceramic Glass Surface in Black

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Miele KM5617SS

Miele Cooking Built-In 4 Ceramic Hob with Front Touch Controls & Stainless Steel Frame. 38mm x 764mm x 504mm.

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Miele KM6115

Offering quick, efficient cooking, the Miele KM6115 Hob uses induction technology to create one of the best hobs available. Its stainless steel framed design creates a stylish centrepiece to any kitchen counter while its 4 individual burners will provide the quickest cooking times for your food. 9 power levels allow you to refine and fine tune your cooking while a warming plate function will keep your food warm.

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Miele KM2354SS

Miele KM2354SS 900mm 5 Burner Gas Hob with Front Controls in Stainless Steel

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Miele KM3054SS-GLASS

This beautifully engineered Miele gas hob features a stylish black glass surface finished with tough enamelled cast iron pot rests. With electric ignition and rotary press-down dials, it's as simple to use as it is elegant. Its five cooking zones provide plenty of space to cook, including a larger burner designed to provide more power for efficient wok cooking. Putting safety first, the innovative Thermoelectric ignition safety device ensures that even if a pan should boil over, or a gust of wind extinguishes the flame, the gas supply is automatically cut. Gas is the natural choice of professional chefs thanks to its precision temperature control, and this sophisticated, brilliantly designed hob is the perfect aid to preparing great meals.

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