Miele RX1 Stockists

Miele RX1 Stockists

With a 2 hour battery life and advanced corner cleaning, the Miele Scout RX1 is great for those who want the vacuum cleaning done for them and can be started from the comfort of your armchair.Numerous sensors at the front and underneath the Scout RX1 allow it to move around your home without issue, slowing down when approaching furniture and other objects, and stopping before falling down steps and stairs. When a deep clean is not necessary, put the Scout RX1 into Turbo mode, it spreads out the route it takes and can clean in up to 50% less time compared to Auto-Mode.Cleaning into the corner is not an issues with the Scout RX1, using its clever navigation system, it gets into remote corners and edges easily, and thanks to the extra-long side brushes on each side of the cleaner, it captures all of the dirt. Traversing from hard floor to carpet and going over room thresholds are no problem at all for the RX1 with its anti-skid wheels and powerful motor. Combine these features with its compact, slim body and you will find that the Scout RX1 has no problems getting underneath your sofas, low furniture and other hidden areas, helping to keep your whole home clean. For those times when you need to clean up crumbs or other items, just start the Spot Mode and the RX1 will move in a small area until it is clean.

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