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Miele TDB120WP heat pump freestanding tumble dryer is the perfect example of what Miele are known for. Incorporated as part of their T1 Classic range this model features a 7kg load capacity, 12 drying programmes alongside a low 1.73 kWh per load consumption. Rated with an impressive A++ energy rating the TDB120WP is both economical whilst also delivering the top performance and a gentle dry with smart anti-crease action made possible by the advanced, expertly-crafted HoneyComb drums. The drums gently massage loads clamping down on creases giving an even dry.Calcium levels are automatically detected in the water and the programmes adjust accordingly this means that energy consumption is fine-tuned meaning you only use what's necessary, this is also beneficial to the drying of your clothes as it ensures your clothes don't exit the dryer over dried or damp, the machine is well protected and a filter protects the heat exchanger so it no longer requires cleaning and the convenient fluff filter is easy to remove due to its smooth screen surface.Style is not forgotten alongside performance the TDB120WP boasts an easy open door and LED lighting on the inner of the machine providing perfect illumination inside the drum - no more lone socks left in the bottom of the machine! Protection and style lends itself to the outside of the machine in the way of an enamelled exterior for east cleaning and protection from scratching and corrosion, impervious to acids.

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Miele TKB540WP

The TKB540WP is a heat pump tumble dryer with an 8kg load so is ideal for most sized households. Heat pump technology is the most efficient way of drying your clothes. Hot air is constantly recycled within the drum so the dryer doesn't lose heat or waste energy, so it's more economical. This TKB540WP also has PerfectDry technology which means clever sensors will monitor moisture levels and stop the cycle automatically when your laundry is dry - so your clothes will be protected from over drying. With an energy rating of A++ and an annual energy consumption of 235kwh makes this a very energy efficiently tumble dryer, plus will help to save you money on those energy bills. On the front of the machine you'll find the water container beside that is the LCD display giving you the information about what cycle you're on, and on the right of the display you'll find the program dial simply turn the dial to the program you wish to use. Miele has cleverly designed the TKB540WP with a modern look and finished in a stylish white making it possible to fit in with any kitchen design you may have.

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Miele TDD120WP

The Miele TDD120WP tumble dryer has an 8KG capacity meaning you can dry more items in fewer loads. The honeycomb plus drum guarantees gently drying of all your garments so you won't have to worry about any items getting damaged. It's A++energy rating means that your energy bills will always be kept to a minimum, saving you money. Thanks to PerfectDry, the dryer will detect the residual moisture and mineral levels in the load and then adjust the drying time accordingly for precise drying of all garments. Additionally the FragranceDos enables you to add a capsule that fragrances your laundry during the drying cycle with a fresh, long lasting effect. Thanks to the 12 programmes you have to choose from you are always able to ensure the best and safest setting for the garments you are drying. These programmes include Cottons, Delicates, Denim, Express, Minimum iron, Outdoor, Pre-ironing, Proofing, Shirts, Warm air and Woollens handcare, so you really do have a wide range of choice when it comes to selecting the right programme for your load. Selecting your programme is very easy with the dial and LED display screen will give you the information you need so you can easily see how long is left on your cycle. Thanks to the 24 hour delay timer you can set your dryer to start the cycle at a time that is more convenient to you. So you can load the dryer in the morning before work and set it to start so it is finished by the time you get back, meaning you will always be getting freshly dried garments out of the tumble dryer. Finished in a stylish white and with many very handy features and programmes, the Miele TDD120WP really is a must have for any medium sized family who would like to make light work of drying your clothes.

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Miele TMG840WP

The Miele TMG840WP is incredibly energy efficient, by recirculating hot air inside the machine instead of allowing it to escape, the heat pump technology is able to minimise waste and reduce running costs.With Miele, you can put one of 5 different fragrance pods into the machine to leave your laundry smelling incredibly fresh. If you aren't a huge fan of ironing, then by using SteamFinish, at the beginning a fine mist of water is sprayed over the clothes, then throughout the drying cycle the heat turns the mist into steam, smoothing the fabrics, this can even remove the need for ironing totally in some cases.

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Miele TKR850WP

This Miele TKR850WP has been designed to a great modern look with a large LCD display and a large chrome door with a stylish white colour. With a massive 9kg load allowing you to dry more items at one time, and with sensor drying technology means the tumble dryer will stop once it detects the clothes are dry great way to save on wasted power. With eight different cycles to choose from making your choice is the hard bit, and then just turn the easy to use control dial to the cycle you wish then press the start button. The TKR850WP has a handy timer delay of up to 24 hours giving you complete control over the start time making it possible to start the tumble dryer overnight and with a sound level of 62db it won't affect you asleep. The TKR850WP has been awarded an A+++ for its energy rating and with an annual energy consumption of 193 kwh the TKR850WP will also help to save you money on those energy bills.

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Miele T8722

This vented tumble dryer allows you to spend less time and money on your laundry while still giving you great results. Its innovative PerfectDry technology monitors residual moisture in your clothes to adjust drying time for optimum results, while its sophisticated honeycomb drum provides a cushion of air to protect your clothes as they dry. Designed to make it easier to do the laundry, its Gentle Smoothing can reduce your ironing time by up to 30%, and there's also a handy 24 hour Delay Start function that means you can set the dryer to work when it suits you, whether you're at home or not. Its Proofing function allows you to condition different types of fabrics while they dry, while the Express programme dries cotton clothes as quickly as possible when you're pushed for time. All our tumble dryers are tested to last up to 20 years, and with the Miele guarantee of quality and durability, this superb tumble dryer achieves powerful drying while providing you with maximum convenience.

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Miele TDA150C

Save more money this year on your energy bills with this TDA150C Tumble Dryer from Miele with as low as 494kWh energy usage Annual, B class energy rating, with a 7Kg Honeycomb drum and a 63dB noise level.ProgrammesOffering a wide variety of programmes, you'll be able to find a programme for your type of fabric, including Low Temperature Option, FragranceDos, Timed Drying, Woolens Handcare, Drying Stage indication, Minimum Iron, Cottons, Automatic Plus, Gentle Smoothing and Anti-Crease Action. Also has a Display Timer showing the end of that cycle so you won't have to keep checking on it.DurabilityAll Miele appliances are tested by Miele for the equivalent of 20 years use, so reliability is one of Miele products strong points.Dimensions and WeightDimensions are H:850mm x W:595mm x D:587mm and Weight is 47Kg.

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Miele TKB640WP

The Miele TKB640 WP Heat Pump condenser tumble dryer ensures 100% perfectly dry garments with maximum energy efficiency With a large loads capacity of 8kg's, this tumble dryer is perfect for larger households. 10 drying programmes including anti-crease, delicates and denim along with 5 drying temperatures ensure that you are always in total control. For those with a busy lifestyle there is the convenience of the timer delay starting function, this means you set the time you wish your drying to come on up to 24hrs in advance. A large LED screen will display the progress of the cycle, while making choosing or adjusting a setting is easy with a convenient dial. Heat pump technology reuses the hot air for a more energy saving design, giving this an A++ rating, and the Perfect Dry technology uses sensors which monitor the moisture in your load to optimise drying time and reduce energy consumption helping you keep your utility bills down whilst being kinder to the environment

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