NETGEAR ReadyNAS 524X 4Bay (Diskless) Stockists

NETGEAR ReadyNAS 524X 4Bay (Diskless) Stockists

ReadyNAS 524X is a 4-bay desktop network storage device, delivering up to 10 Gigabits per second throughput in data backup, file sharing and virtualized storage with a unique 5 Levels of Data Protection, achieving industry leading benchmarks in network data storage and business continuity.

Bargain Deal: £811.50

NETGEAR ReadyNAS 524X 4Bay (Diskless) Deals on eBay NETGEAR ReadyNAS 524X 4Bay (Diskless) Deals on Amazon

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NETGEAR ReadyNAS 524X 4Bay (Diskless)£811.50Visit Store

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NETGEAR ReadyNAS 626x 24TB (6x4TB ES)

ReadyNAS 626X desktop NAS with dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports is a no compromise high performance strorage system. It is the data storage solution of choice for offices that need the very best in capacity, performance and security. RN626X provides unmatched data protection, file sharing and sync capabilities for state-of-the-art backup and recovery, file serving and collaboration.

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NetGear ReadyNAS Expansion Chassis 5-Bay (Diskless)

Application data, virtual images, client files, email the types of data central to running a successful business can seem endless. With ReadyNAS you finally have an advanced and easy-to use solution for centralizing, securing and controlling access to your digital assets. Way more than just simple unified (NAS and SAN) storage for your company, ReadyNAS allows you to do more than you ever thought you could afford by pairing the latest in performance with innovative efficiency technologies such as unlimited snapshots, thin provisioning and cloud-managed replication. Every networked attached storage (NAS) device from NETGEAR runs on the revolutionary ReadyNAS operating system. This custom-built OS protects stored data not only with XRAID2 automatic expansion, but is the first desktop NAS for the SMB to feature the continuous data protection of unlimited snapshots along with real-time anti-virus and native encryption. Designed specifically for the unique needs of small business users, ReadyNAS devices utilize proprietary ReadyCLOUD technology for cloud-based discovery, provisioning and even ongoing management. In addition, these devices are virtualization-ready with iSCSI support, thin provisioning capability and certification with VMware and Microsoft. These days, your data is your world. With ReadyNAS, protecting and accessing that world has never been easier. ReadyNAS - storage made easy.

NetGear ReadyNAS Expansion Chassis 5-Bay (Diskless) on eBay NetGear ReadyNAS Expansion Chassis 5-Bay (Diskless) on Amazon



ReadyNAS 422 is a high performance network data storage solution for small businesses, workgroups, and branch offices of up to 40 employees.  With the NETGEAR unique 5 levels of Data Protection, ReadyNAS 422 assures businesses industry’s highest level of data security and reliability, while achieving a new price-performance benchmark in network storage for file serving and data backup.

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