NNE271WMBPQ Stockists

NNE271WMBPQ Stockists

800Watts Compact Microwave 20litres White

Bargain Deal: £64.99

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Panasonic NNDS596BBPQ

The Panasonic NNDS596BBPQ offers plenty of versatility in the kitchen to suit your needs. The 1000W microwave allows you to quickly heat food and the fan assisted oven which can achieve a temperature of 220oC which allows you to cook a variety of meals. If you are looking to lock moisture into the food then the steam cooking option is perfect for you and the last option is the quartz grill which lets you grill your food or add the finishing touches to your meal. The Auto Cook function takes the guesswork out of mealtimes with 15 auto cook programmes designed to cook a variety of food to perfection. These programmes include fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, potatoes, rice, chicken breast, chilled meals and more. The NNDS596BBPQ also features 3 auto defrost programmes which include meat items, meat joints and bread. The microwave also features 6 cooking modes to make your life even easier, these include steam, defrost, reheat, warming, roast and crisp. So you really will have everything covered when it comes to cooking using the Panasonic Combination microwave. The digital LED display makes selecting the correct programme easy and the clock timer is easily set and programmable. The intelligent weight sensor makes cooking even easier, it automatically works out the ideal settings for each meal, it has auto cook and auto steam features which allow you to cook different foods just by entering the weight of your food and you wont...

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1000Watts Combi Microwave 23litre Flatbed Black

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Panasonic NNE271WMBPQ Solo Microwave Oven in White

The new Panasonic NNE271WMBPQ compact Microwave Oven boasts a capacity of 20 litres as well as Microwave Oven power of 800W.Auto weight programs will automatically calculate the cooking time once the weight has been entered and the Acrylic lining makes cleaning easy simply wipe after use.

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1000Watts Family Size Combi Microwave 32litre White

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Panasonic NN-E281MMBPQ

The NN-E281MMBPQ 800W Compact Microwave Oven Silver Finish. Auto Weight Programs will automatically cook your food to perfection, once the weight has been entered. All our compact microwave ovens have an easy to clean Acrylic Lining. It is very simple to maintain, just needing a wipe after use. Child Lock provides extra security to prevent little fingers interfering with the programming of the oven.

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Panasonic NNCS894SBPQ

Show off your culinary skills and expand them beyond your peak repeatedly with the NN-CS894. Using Steam cooking to make things simple and more healthy, combi cooking function allows you to combine various cooking techniques to provide perfect results every time. Smart Microwave Don't have to worry about fiddling around with buttons the whole time with the NNCS894SB thanks to touch controls, quickly swipe through your options and tap for a more precise change to each. Master the simple controls within minutes. Capacity With the innovative design, you can fit in 45% more food than your normal conventional turntable model. Taking out the stress of having to microwave multiple times, leaving you able to take care of the more important tasks. Steam Regardless of what you want to cook, you can use the handy features of the NNCS894BPQ, granting you the ability to steam, grill and even bake cakes! Turbo Cooking mode injects powerful steam from the boiler straight into the oven, allowing the steam to efficiently cook the food that will allow it to maintain all the natural flavours and nutrients, Steam cooking is the healthier alternative to regular cooking!

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Panasonic NN-ST462MBPQ

The ideal addition to your kitchen, the Panasonic NNST462MBPQ Microwave uses, Inverter Technology to not only heat your food better but also make the most of your space with its compact design. Thanks to the Inverter Technology, the 900W of microwave power is used in a much more efficient and nuanced way to traditional microwaves. By using a more precise and controlled flow of energy your food is able to avoid overcooked edges or inconsistently defrosting for a better result. The Inverter Technology's smart, compact Inverter circuit is even able to save you space and allows for a much larger capacity (32 Litres) than other Microwaves of the same size by reducing the area that would have been used by a bulky power supply and thus help give you more cooking space. The interior of your Panasonic NNST462MBPQ Microwave is finished in Acrylic White for a simple, easy to clean surface that provides a simple backdrop to your favourite dishes. Cook with confidence with the 19 Auto Sensor functions and 6 power levels to select from. All you need to do is select your food type and press the start button for optimal results each and every time. All this finished in classic silver finish with simply to use touch panel controls and easy to read display.

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800Watts Compact Microwave 20litres Black

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Panasonic NN-ST452WBPQ

NNST452WBPQ 32L Capacity Solo 900W Microwave Oven with 19 Programmes & 6 Power Levels in White.

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Panasonic NN K181MMBPQ Compact Microwave Oven with Grill in Silver 20L

20 Litre Oven Capacity800W Microwave Power1000W Quartz GrillTouch Controls9 Auto Programs5 Power LevelsAuto Defrost ProgramsAcrylic LiningChild LockColour: SilverH258 x W437 x D337 mm

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