Bargain Neo Tec Refrigerator Air Purifier XJ 100 Stockists

Neo-Tec Refrigerator Air Purifier XJ-100 Stockists

XJ-100 refrigerator air purifier A refrigerator is one of the most popular house hold appliance. It thoroughly solves an arduous problem regarding long time storage of foods, bringing about are change to human life. However,short coming still exists, bacteria grow during storage casuing food decays. When the food decays, its freshness and nutrition deteriorates nutrition. Consumption of decayed food will cause food poisoning with symptoms of nausea, vomit, diarrhea and sometimes even threaten human life. The deterioration of foods would result in offensive odor that is difficult to eradicate. XJ-100 refrigerator air purifier kills bacteria, clears away the smell and keeps the foods fresh through strong oxidization of ozone which is able to disintegrate glucose oxidase and dehydogenation oxidase. Ozone causes the change of bacteria structure and metastasis of its energy resulting in its death. Over 96% of assorted microbes such ascolibacillus and bacillus pyocyaneus comtaminating the foods are killed within three hours in standard concentration of ozone. Hence, the source of effluviumin the refrigerator is eradicated and the bacteria contamination of food is prevented. Ozone can also prevent odor cross-contamination among foods by oxidizing and disintegrating organic stink, removing the offensive odors when you open the refrigerator. XJ-100 refrigerator air purifier, compact and exquisitely designed, equipped with micro computer to control automatically the running cycle consumes very Iow power (4 C# batteries for 150 days of operation). Low voltage indicator tells you when to replace batteries. XJ-100 refrigerator air purifier is the best "freshness keeper" for elimination of contaminant and bacteria without causing secondary pollution. It's main features are. Eliminates cross-contamination of food odors in your refrigerator. Sterilizes your refrigerator once every 2 hours. Reduces food spoilage. Breaks down pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables. Low voltage indicator reminds you to replace batteries. 4 C# batteries for 150 days operation. Special Features: Powerful sterilizer. Instantaneously fill our refrigerator with ozone (O3), eradicates 95% of bacteria, fungi, moulds from contaminated foods and vegetables. Remove stink and bad odor. Ozone (O3) can rapidly break down stink and bad odor in the refrigerator, thus prevent cross contamination. Break down pesticide. Ozone (O3) effectively oxidize and break down poisonous pesticide on the surface of fruits and vegetables. Maintenance of freshness. Ozone (O3) can control the decay process of fruits and vegetables, together with its sterilization and odor removal properties can extend the shelf life of meat, fruits and vegetables.

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Ionic Vehicle Air Purifier XJ-600

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Most cars, even the most expensive and luxurious, very quickly lose their fragrance of being new, and for many reasons, acquire an unpleasant and stable odor which makes you ashamed and unable to do something about it. There is, however, a new and practical method: The  "Ionic Air Purifier X J-600" . This product produces negative ions, which helps to enhance active oxygen that removes any unpleasant odor and at the same time, improves the quality of the air circulating into your car. The result are what is needed: a constantly clean and refreshing atmosphere inside your care.It does not use any mechanical devices:Just the ionic breeze which.   Use advanced ionic air movement technology  Neutralize unpleasant odor, freshen air.  Supply negative ion, in driving more comfortable & energetic  Soundless design, no motor  Sterilizing, mold-proof, without chemicals...

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