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Night Over Water Stockists

On a bright September morning in 1939 two days after Britain has declared war a group of privileged but desperate people gather in Southampton to board the largest most luxurious airliner ever built - the Pan American Clipper bound for New York: an English aristocrat fleeing with his family and a fortune in jewels; a German scientist escaping from the Nazis; a murderer under FBI escort; a young wife running away from a domineering husband; and a handsome unscrupulous thief ...'Master of the romantic thriller' Daily Telegraph 'The opulent interior of the first airliner on a transatlantic flight from England to New York in war-darkened 1939 is the setting for Follett's high-flying caper guaranteed to hold the reader in their seat ...the master of epic suspense spins an excruciatingly taut drama a whirlwind of romance and intrigue ...His best since Eye of the Needle' Publishers Weekly

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Night After Night eBook Stockist

Schoolteacher Christy Baker has just had a hot, intense, and fantastically sexy dream. The next morning, however, Christy learns that the delicious stranger of her hot little night-time romp is her neighbour! Lt Jason White has been enjoying naughty dreams too. Somehow, he and Christy are having mind-bendingly hot sex while they sleep! The only solution? To turn those haunting dreams into mind-blowing reality!

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Want Me / Night After Night book Stockist

Want Me Shannon Fitzgerald created the New York Hot Guys Trading Cards – a private “man swap” for her single friends. Still, she has yet to find the perfect man…until she sees Nate Brenner for the first time in years. He’s hot. He’s tasty. And now Shannon wants the architect all for herself! But he carries a warning – this is not the guy for settling down. Night After Night… Schoolteacher Christy Baker has just had a hot, intense, and fantastically sexy dream. The next morning, however, Christy learns that the...

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Water Stockist

I know about water! It's wet I drink it and have a bath in it. But where does my tap water come from and why does the sea taste salty? Learning about water is introduced from a starting point that your child will already know encouraging them to find out about their daily life and the world around them. Eyeknow" books have a surprise on every page; packed with eye-catching photography and lift-the-flap novelties to aid learning. Your child will love to get involved with the activities and as they flip the flaps and fold out...

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Bitter Water Stockist

Glasgow's melting. The temperature is rising and so is the murder rate. Douglas Brodie ex-policeman ex-soldier and now newest reporter on the Glasgow Gazette has no shortage of material for his crime column. But even Brodie balks at his latest subject: a rapist who has been tarred and feathered by a balaclava-clad group. Brodie soon discovers a link between this horrific act and a series of brutal beatings. As violence spreads and the body count rises Brodie and advocate Samantha Campbell are entangled in a web of deception...

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Black Water Stockist

Don Camsell joined the men in black of the SBS in 1974. From the deserts of Oman to the hills of Port Stanley from the bottom of Gibraltar harbour to the deep cold black waters of Loch Long and from the QE2 to the back alleys of Belfast his new role demanded that Don fought in just about every theatre of war - overt or covert.

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Come Away from the Water Shirley Stockist

On a day trip to the seaside Mum and Dad settle down in their deckchairs to snooze the day away while for Shirley it is a chance to set sail for uncharted seas adventure and buried treasure. But not before her Mum has warned her off the dangers of tar stray dogs and cold water...With the alternative pictures giving both sides of the story children and adults alike will appreciate the humour and observations from this well known children's author.

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Dead Water Stockist

Dead Water is the fifth book in Ann Cleeves' Shetland series -- which is now the major BBC1 drama starring Douglas Henshall SHETLAND. When the body of journalist Jerry Markham is found in a traditional Shetland boat outside the house of the Fiscal down at the Marina young Detective Inspector Willow Reeves is drafted in to head up the investigation. Since the death of his fiancee Inspector Jimmy Perez has been out of the loop but his interest in this new case is stirred and he decides to help the inquiry. Markham -- originally...

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Earthwise: Water Stockist

Are you Earthwise? How much do you know about your world? This fun-filled geography series helps you discover your planet on your doorstep. We all need water. But where does it come from? Are we using too much? Where does our dirty water end up? Could Earth’s water ever run out? How can you conserve it at home? Start to answer those questions in this exciting book, full of bright colour pictures and interesting stuff to learn and explore. A fascinating new series to inspire young geographers Packed with interesting...

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Fish Out of Water Stockist

A fresh new cover for a classic story from the Beginner Book range. A little boy who overfeeds his goldfish begins an adventure that brings even the police and a fire engine to cope with a fish out of water. Beginning readers will delight in this fast-moving story.

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Girl Out of Water Stockist

Got a big dream? What if you wake up? Eeek. Is there a future (and a boy) for Lou, now she’s failed her swim trials?

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Investigate: By Water Stockist

Engage imaginations and explore a favourite topic with this fact book from the ‘Transport’ strand of the Investigate series, which supports the transition to confident solo reading. #halfprice-0816 #investigate-1116

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Ring of Water Stockist

Young Samurai: The Ring of Water" is the fifth book in this blockbuster series by Chris Bradford. Jack Fletcher has been left for dead. Bruised and battered Jack Fletcher wakes up in a roadside inn wrapped only in a dirty kimono. He has lost everything including his memory of what happened. Determined to discover the truth Jack goes on a quest to retrieve his belongings - his precious swords his friend Akiko's black pearl and most important of all his father's prize possession. Relying on his samurai and ninja training ...

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Ripley Under Water Stockist

Tom Ripley is quietly living a life of luxury at his chateau at Villeperce and as ever is keeping one step ahead of the law - he has after all a past that would not bear too much close scrutiny...The fifth novel featuring the protagonist Tom Ripley finds the sophisticated and amoral American expatriate being harassed by David Pritchard a fellow American whose boorishness marks him as something of Ripley's alter-ego. Inexplicably familiar with all the incriminating details of Ripley's past Pritchard is determined to expose...

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Secret Water Stockist

John Susan Titty and Roger the crew of the Swallow take on the job of mapping the mass of small islands round Pin Mill while living on the biggest one. But who are the mysterious savages who lurk in the islands - and is the tribal totem they find in their campsite a threat of attack. ?

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Shape of Water Stockist

The goats of Vigata once grazed on the trash-strewn site still known as the Pasture. Now local enterprise of a different sort flourishes: drug dealers and prostitutes of every flavour. But their discreet trade is upset when two employees of the Splendour Refuse Collection Company discover the body of engineer Silvio Luparello one of the local movers and shakers apparently deceased in flagrante at the Pasture. The coroner's verdict is death from natural causes - refreshingly unusual for Sicily. But Inspector Salvo Montalbano...

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