Bargain On Yer Bike: A History Of Cycling On Film (DVD) Stockists

On Yer Bike: A History Of Cycling On Film (DVD) Stockists

ON YOUR BIKE: A HISTORY OF CYCLING ON FILM (2-DVD SET) Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race. H G Wells. This two-disc collection provides a fascinating portrait of the British cycling experience on film featuring entertaining short dramas, animations, advertisements, newsreel items, and public information films. From nineteenth-century women elegantly displaying their proficiency to the cut-throat 1928 Olympic Trials at the Herne Hill Velodrome and careless 1980s BMX kids meeting untimely ends, the films on this set offer up a century of cycling in Britain whilst celebrating classic brands such as Raleigh, Hercules, Moulton, Humber, Rudge and Witcomb. UK | 1899-1983 | black & white, and colour | English language | 248 minutes | DVD9 x 2 | Ratio 1.33:1 Disc One Lady Cyclists (1899) | Race for the Muratti Cup at Manchester Wheelers' Annual Meet [Extract] (1901) | Rudge Whitworth Britain's Best Bicycle (1902) | Manchester and Salford Harriers [Extract] (1901) | Flying the Foam and Some Fancy Diving (1906) | Fat Man on a Bicycle (1914) | National Bicycle Week Begins (1923) | Olympic Trials (1928) | Cycling the Channel (1929) | Woman Wheelers (1929) | From Acorn to Oak (1938) | Cinema Adverts Humber, Raleigh, Rudge (1938) | Tom's Ride (1944) | How a Bicycle is Made (1945) | Stringing Along (1947) | The Ballad of the Battered Bicycle (1947) | Pedal Cyclists (1947) | Good Cycles Deserve Good Riders (1950) | Skid Kids (1953) Disc Two Cyclists Special (1955) | Hercules: Lion Cubs (1956) | Cyclists Abroad (1957) | Cycling Proficiency Scheme Father and Son (1959) | Riding on Air (1959) | The Racing Cyclist (1966) | The Moulton Bicycle (1972) | Free Wheeling (1979) | It's a Bike (1983) | Cyclist Turning Right (1983) Plus a fully illustrated booklet Running Time: 248 minutes Region: All Regions Release Date: 22 Jun. 2015

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British Air Shows A Film History - Farnborough 1990-2008 (DVD) Stockist

The recent history of one of the world's leading airshows, featuring the very latest in international aviation. Genre: Documentary Release Date: 16th March 2009 Year of production: 2008 Running Time: 176 min Cat No: 130450 Barcode: 5019322304500 No Disc: 1 Certification: E Format: DVD

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British Airshows: A Film History - Royal Air Force On Display (DVD) Stockist

A celebration of 90 years of RAF flying displays, from the earliest pageants to the latest hi-tech airshows. Features stunning solo performances and formation team aerobatics, with air-to-air filming and in-cockpit clips to put you in the pilot's seat. In addition there's a look at the best formation teams from around the world, including the Red Arrows, Yellowjackets, Red Pelicans, and Black Arrows. Classic aircraft featured include the Vulcan bomber, Lightning, Harrier, Phantom, Tornado, Jaguar and Typhoon. Running Time: 132...

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Children's Film Foundation Collection: The Race is On - (Soapbox Derby | Sky-Bike | Sammy's Super T-Shirt) (DVD) Stockist

CHILDREN S FILM FOUNDATION: THE RACE IS ON Soapbox Derby The Sky-Bike Sammy's Super T-Shirt For over 30 years, The Children's Film Foundation produced quality entertainment for young audiences, employing the cream of British filmmaking talent. Newly transferred from the best available elements held in the BFI National Archive, these much-loved and fondly remembered films finally return to the screen after many years out of distribution in this specially curated DVD release from the BFI. A young Michael Crawford (Some Mothers...

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The History Man [DVD] Stockist

Antony Sher stars in The History Man, the BBC's critically acclaimed four-part drama series based on Malcolm Bradbury's savagely satirical novel of seventies campus life. Sher plays the moustachio'd Howard Kirk, left-wing Marxist, promiscuous womaniser and bully. An ambitious sociology lecturer, he delights in stirring up revolutionary feelings at the University of Watermouth, manipulating students, colleagues and lovers alike to further his career. The supporting cast features Geraldine James as Kirk's equally open minded but...

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History Of Flight (DVD) Stockist

Dangerous, exciting and often controversial, the Heavyweight division has always represented the peak of the sport. The biggest fighters battling it out in the ultimate contest of strength, endurance and skill. This programme chronicles the history of heavyweight boxing from its origins, through to the careers of some of the sport s most influential boxers of their generation, including Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis, Floyd Patterson, Rocky Marciano, Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier and Mike Tyson. With exciting archive footage of some of...

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The History Of Mr Polly (DVD) Stockist

John Mills stars as Alfred Polly, recently sacked from his job he inherits money from his father, thus enabling him to take a bike tour of the country. He falls in love but it all goes wrong so Alfred ends up marrying his cousin, Miriam. They set up a draper's shop in a small town. Miriam sours, they face bankruptcy and boredom and Mr Polly comes to hate his life. In utter despair he decides to commit suicide, but even this goes wrong and he is forced to take to the road again. Running Time: 92 minutes Region: Region 2 Release...

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A History Of Christianity [2009](DVD) Stockist

MacCulloch's fresh way of thinking and thorough research upturns long-held views on how we typically view the major religion of the west.?--The Guardian Presented by Diarmaid MacCulloch “ one of the world's leading historians and Professor of History of the Church at St Cross College Oxford, A History of Christianity considers the evolution of the Christian faith and its four main forms: Orthodoxy, Oriental Christianity, Western Catholicism and Protestantism. In this fascinating series Professor MacCulloch explains how Christianity...

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Ark Royal - The Complete History (DVD) Stockist

From the first Ark Royal commissioned by Sir Walter Raleigh in the 16th Century to the present day aircraft carrier, Ark Royal has played a major part in the defence of Britain. This DVD traces the Ark Royal's history including rare film from the First and Second World Wars, and the present day Ark Royal in service in Bosnia and during the 2003 Gulf War. Running Time: 93 minutes Region: Region 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe. Read more about DVD formats.) Release Date: 19 Jun. 2006

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History Of Bomber Command (DVD) Stockist

In 1939, small groups of airmen set out, day after day, night after night from air bases all over Britain. Their destinations...were the towns and cities, factories and docks, rail yards and oil refineries of Germany and the lands it had ruthlessly occupied. Their mission... to destroy the capability of Nazi Germany to wage war against Britain, as effectively and as intensively as possible. The men... were the men of RAF Bomber Command, almost half of them were never to return. This is their story... told in graphic detail by...

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History of Flight Gift Tin (DVD) Stockist

THE STORY OF THE RED ARROWS For over 40 years The Red Arrows have been thrilling crowds at air shows both across the UK and internationally. They are quite simply the best at what they do. The Red Arrows, officially the Royal Air Force Display Team, are the public face of the RAF, formally promoting recruitment, as well as providing inspiration to significant numbers of those who join the Royal Air Force. Through fantastic archive and display footage, we tell the story of The Red Arrows from their beginnings in 1964 right through...

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History Of Steam Railway (DVD) Stockist

The era when the speed and power of the stream train epitomised the freedom and romance of travel. The age when, although elaborate and delicate, the steam railway was one of the most successful feats of construction and organisation ever evolved by man. The locomotives, the rolling stock and liveries, the journeys and the architecture; all of which went to make one of the greatest eras in railway history; an age now preserved in glorious detail with this programme. Featured trains include: The Golden Arrow, The Flying Scotsman...

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The History Boys [2006] (DVD) Stockist

Comedy adapted from the play by Alan Bennett. Eight bright, funny history students in the mid 1980s are pursuing an undergraduate place at the country's two finest universities. Their headmaster is obsessed with breaking into the ranks of those schools that regularly send boys up to Oxford and Cambridge and enlists Irwin (Stephen Campbell Moore), a shrewd newcomer, to coach the boys into intellectual shape for the trials ahead. Seduced though they are by the exam-busting bag of tricks offered by the temporary supply teacher,...

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The History of the Royal Air Force [DVD] Stockist

Even the most advanced aircraft remains a superbly sophisticated concoction of computerised metal, until a human being flips the first switch. Accordingly this fascinating history is mainly one of men and their deeds, their courage and their foresight, and above all, their sacrifices and a detailed record of their triumphs over seemingly insurmountable obstacles. From 1917 through to the 21st century, this series also includes all the aircraft from the Sopwith Camel to the Eurofighter; and all the many varied roles undertaken...

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