Bargain One Day Nutritional Class Stockists

Bargain One Day Nutritional Class Stockists

For healthy modern recipes that can be incorporated into everyday living, you need look no further than the Cooking Academy. Wholesome real food is the best way to achieve maximum nutrition for our bodies and delicious tasty recipes are the key to staying with this worthy mantra. If food becomes punitive and boring we are more likely fall off the bandwagon and begin to pick up old bad habits of convenience foods that are low in nutritional value and make us feel sluggish rather than providing energy.On this one day nutritional cookery class you will be shown how to eat well, and feel good about food. The Cooking Academy will teach you to cook simple, exciting dishes using everyday ingredients that contain great nutritional value, and that has a healing effect on the body.

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Bargain Macaroon Class Stockist

Soothe your sweet tooth with a scrumptious two hour macaron making class at the Smart School of Cookery. Budding bakers will have the opportunity to create a selection of mouth-watering macarons in a variety of wonderful flavours. With a fully qualified chef on hand to teach and guide you through the art of making these delicious and delicate confections, you are sure to rustle up a treat in the kitchen. With their pretty colours and endless selection of fabulous fillings, your macarons will not only look good, but taste incredible,...

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Bargain Chocolate Making Class Stockist

Coco Chocolate is an Artisan Chocolatier based in Edinburgh that specializes in making ethically traded, organic, and most importantly delicious, chocolate. As well as their two gorgeous shops, they run a specialist Chocolate School in Summerhall, Edinburgh, where their amazingly talented Chocolatiers pass on their craft!Your two hour class for one in the fun and friendly environment of Coco Chocolatier’s Chocolate School in Summerhall, Edinburgh will be full to the brim of chocolate making. Every chocoholic will be in heaven!...

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Bargain European Cookery Class Stockist

This cookery experience is for all those who enjoy European food. The variation in cooking techniques throughout Europe is vast. Those countries especially renowned for their cuisine are included in these cookery classes such as, Italy, France and Spain. These cookery lessons are renowned for their practical, down-to-earth and enthusiastic approach to good food. This is a great chance for you to master new skills for your own benefit, and equally to impress your friends or family! After a warm welcome on arrival, you will get...

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Bargain Full Day Cookery Class for Two Stockist

This fantastic cookery day for two takes place in an idyllic Hampshire setting - the perfect play to relax and cook up a storm. Each class has a different area of focus ranging from meat to fish, and from vegetarian dishes to desserts, so you can choose a style that suits you! At the end of the day you'll sit around the dining table and enjoy the delicious food you've prepared during your day.

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Bargain Half Day Dim Sum Class with Lunch Stockist

Master the delicate art of Dim Sum at the London Cookery School. With over 100 different types of Dim Sum there is quite literally something to suit everyone’s taste. This class will cover all the basics such as learning about the different ingredients and fillings of Dim Sum to even pronouncing them correctly. Under the helpful guidance of an experienced Chinese chef, you will follow step by step instruction from making and rolling the dough, preparing and mixing the fillings, forming the dumplings and cooking them. You will...

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Bargain Hands-on Cookery Class Stockist

Whilst some people find cooking enjoyable and therapeutic, there are also those who lack the confidence to throw themselves into preparing a meal without plenty of preparation. This half day cookery lesson is a great chance to learn everything about the essential skills needed to prepare great food, but also to learn everything you could hope to know so that you feel at ease when it comes to tackling a new recipe. A lesson with a professional chef is the perfect opportunity to ask any questions that you might have about the secrets...

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Bargain Indian Cookery Class Stockist

There is a lot more to Indian cooking than you may realise. The food of India is characterised by the use of various spices, herbs and vegetables grown in India and also for the widespread practice of vegetarianism across many sections of Indian society. It's not all about making the dishes hot! The spices are there to enhance the flavours, and with this cookery class you will learn this and also learn about accompaniments, presentation ideas and options on serving. These cookery lessons are renowned for their practical, down-to-earth...

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Bargain Level 1 Cookery Class Stockist

Want a more developed cooking style, or just wish you could whip up a yummy home-made Indian meal yourself? This level 1 cookery class is the perfect way to start learning to cook Indian cuisine, covering the basics. A trained chef will be present throughout your class to give tips and guidance as you learn to make fragrant pilaf rice, udupi potatoes and hyderabad chicken. Learning in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, this is the perfect way to acquire culinary skills sure to leave all in awe at dinner. This class is a creative...

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Bargain Level 2 Cookery Class Stockist

Dazzle your senses and satisfy your appetite with this amazing level 2 Indian cookery class. Perfect for those who know the basics and want to kick it up a notch, this class has a chef with experience to nudge you in the right directions and give pointers. You'll create fragrant onion bhajis, make a mouth-watering sag aloo, prepare a yellow tadka dal, cook a southern Indian kali mirch and even have a demonstration on Indian breads from parathes to chappatis! All of these amazing dishes will be taught in a relaxed and professional...

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Bargain One day Beginners Cookery Class Stockist

In this class you’ll be taught to cook every day food, perfect for beginners who want to learn to cook from scratch, to those who lack confidence in the kitchen, or are about to go leave home to go to university. You’ll learn all the basics; From how to make pastry, prepare and cook fish, and make pasta sauces from scratch, to making simple suppers and Sunday Roasts. This cookery class will give you immense confidence to cook and try new dishes and change your eating and shopping habits, enabling you to impress the most budding...

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Bargain One Day Fish Cookery Class Stockist

Eating fish is highly recommended but knowing how to cook fish and being imaginative with recipes can be a tricky affair. At the Cooking Academy we have designed a fish cookery class that will get you up and running with a number of key fish dishes for both everyday cooking and entertaining family and friends. In this one-day class you will learn how to make fish stock, what to look for when buying fresh fish and where to buy from and different ways to prepare and cook seafood. All the classes are entirely hands on and you will...

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Bargain One Day Middle Eastern Class Stockist

Whether it’s Moroccan, Lebanese, Persian or anywhere in the Middle east you find an intense love of cooking, eating and entertaining. You’ll be shown how to blend the wonderful array of aromatic spices; combining the sweet and savoury flavours whilst achieving a perfect balance and harmony of taste. As with all of our classes you’ll be in a small group, no more than six, giving you lots of one to one attention and hands on cooking, so be prepared to roll up your sleeves and spice up your day with this wonderfully aromatic...

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Bargain One Day Teenagers and Cookery Class Stockist

Learning to cook is an essential life skill! Teach a man to cook and he’ll live well for a lifetime. Young people like to cook – but don’t necessarily know how. In this cookery class we will release the domestic god/goddess within you and teach you to enjoy the simple pleasure of eating home-cooked food to enjoy with family and friends. Whether you simply enjoy food and cooking or you’re about to flee the nest, prepare yourself for the years ahead by learning to cook some of the basic on a budget from everyday simple...

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Bargain One Day Vietnamese Cookery Class Stockist

Vietnamese cooking is fresh, light, complex and yet easy to prepare, often considered one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. It’s Chinese and French influences have significantly shaped its culinary history, making Vietnamese food unique in the region. In this practical, hands-on cookery class you will be shown how to use an array of specialist Vietnamese ingredients as well as other exotic Asian herbs and spices to prepare the delicate, subtle balance of yin and yang in Vietnamese cuisine. In the relaxed and fun environment...

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Bargain Seafood Cookery Class Stockist

As much as people love fish, many of us lack the confidence to deal with both the preparation required and how best to cook it. Using a variety of fish you will practice core knife skills and explore a range of cooking methods whilst paying particular attention to the pairing of flavours. The result - a culinary feast to end the day! After a warm welcome on arrival, you will meet your expert cookery teacher who will talk you through the day's programme and what you will be cooking during your lesson. Then it will be your turn...

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