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Essential Guide to Cake Decorating

This is a book for cake decorating enthusiasts both beginners and those who are more experienced. Showcasing beautiful photography of exquisitely finished cakes with step-by-step instructions The Essential Guide to Cake Decorating features easy-to-follow projects from simple projects such as baking the cake and simple piping to more inspirational ideas for enthusiastic and experienced sugar-crafters seeking new challenges.""

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We'll Always Have Paris both

So what do you do when your boss demands the impossible? How on earth can Clara – TV researcher and fledgling producer – convince hard-as-nails, cool-as-a-cucumber, drop-dead-gorgeous financial guru Simon to present her new show on the Romance industry? Simon is renowned as much for his incisive commentary on global finance as for his lustful, knee-trembling effect on his many female viewers. He’s never going to swap the comfort zone of rational analysis for the far riskier matters of the heart, is he? With her career on the line, she’ll go to the ends of the world to get him. First stop? Paris! If you like Harriet Evans or Melissa Hill, you’ll love this.

We'll Always Have Paris both on eBay We'll Always Have Paris both on Amazon


This Side of Paradise & The Beautiful and Damned

This Side of Paradise tells the story of Amory Blaine the only child of wealthy parents whose journey from adolescence to adulthood follows him from prep school through to Princeton University where his literary talents flourish in contrast to his academic failure. A sequence of love affairs with beautiful young women are fatally damaged by the collapse of his family's fortune and the novel ends with him poised to face the challenge of making his own way in the world. Composed in an unconventional narrative mode the novel is a rich fusion of satiric and romance idioms and found a captivated audience on its publication in1920. It made Fitzgerald rich and famous overnight. The Beautiful and Damned is a bleaker version of the corrosive power of wealth and its privileges one of Fitzgerald's abiding subjects. Anthony Patch is heir to a huge fortune whose marriage to the beautiful and indolent Gloria is increasingly shadowed by Anthony's fall into alcoholism. Though he wins a lawsuit to gain his inheritance of millions of dollars it is a pyrrhic victory for he is now a physically and morally broken man.

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Surrender To the Highlander ebook

Historical July 2009 Torn between honour and desire… Innocent Margriet Gunnarsdottir carried a heavy secret. Facing a perilous journey to the wild and distant north of Scotland, she knew her safety lay in her adopted disguise – a nun’s habit! But her only protector, a proud, rough-hewn Highlander, made her ache to share her crushing burden. Rurik Erengislsson had sworn to see her home unharmed. A woman promised to the service of God should be shielded and honoured – not desired! Yet Rurik was tempted beyond reason to make this beautiful waif his own. ‘Expertly laced with danger and sweetened with sensuality’ – Booklist on TAMING THE HIGHLANDER

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Who Were The Romans?

This series consists of simple illustrated guides to answer children's questions about history and invite comparisons with life today. This particular title deals with the Romans.Key Features:32 pagesPaperbackPublished in 2002

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Frugal Woodturner

This title teaches new and experienced craftsmen how to do what they love without breaking the bank. It includes advice on making tools from scratch and buying secondhand and brand new equipment. In today's economy it's hard to keep up with expensive hobbies like woodturning. Buying new tools lathes and fancy wood can be costly. But with the secrets inside The Frugal Woodturner" new and experienced craftsman will learn how to do what they love without breaking the bank. This new do-it-yourself book from master turner and tool expert Ernie Conover shows readers how to get started on three different budgets: the Tight and Basic Budget in which readers learn how to make their own tools the All-Around Budget in which readers discover how to buy quality used equipment and the Upscale Budget for readers who want to buy new equipment. And for those experienced turners Conover's advice on making your own gouges scrapers and chisels is invaluable. He also provides instructions for making your own faceplates chucks and more. After reading "The Frugal Woodturner" turners will be able to recognise what's a bargain and when to close their wallets."

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The Agent's Secret Baby both

Intrigue January 2012 She’s been hiding his baby…An anonymous tip leads undercover DEA agent Adam back to his lost love Eve. The gorgeous vet had stormed out of his life upon discovering the ‘truth’ about his identity. Though it nearly killed him, disappearing had ensured her safety. Now he’s a father and must see for himself that Eve is OK…Renewed desire fuses them together despite all common sense. Then Eve and their baby become targets in Adam’s dangerous world. To survive, he must regain her trust. And to do that, he needs to choose between family and duty, between life and death.

The Agent's Secret Baby both on eBay The Agent's Secret Baby both on Amazon


Justice at Cardwell Ranch eBook

It’s been a long time since Jordan Cardwell came home. Now he’s back to solve the death of his old friend, a quest that leads him to seek Deputy Marshal Liza’s help. Liza remembers bad-boy Jordan from high school and doesn’t trust him one bit. But he could be the only one who can help her uncover the truth; a truth that could get them killed – and ignites a passion they never imagined.

Justice at Cardwell Ranch eBook on eBay Justice at Cardwell Ranch eBook on Amazon


Jimmy Coates: Blackout

Seventh action-packed adventure for Jimmy Coates - part boy part weapon totally deadly...Jimmy Coates seems like an ordinary boy but he's not. He's genetically engineered to grow into the perfect government assassin. Speed strength and deadly instinct - it's all in the blood. He has to fight not to kill while his government fights to kill him. Jimmy Coates can only trust one man to bring the country back from the brink of chaos. When that man disappears Jimmy must battle the shadow of corruption. But the shadows are darker than they seem and the darkness reaches further than Jimmy could ever imagine.

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I Can Learn: Get Ready for Writing

These bright learning books are designed to appeal to both children and parents alike with exercises extensively researched by educational specialists. Each book comes with over 100 gold stickers to reward children's progress and effort. The 24 titles have been updated with attractive new cover designs which will strengthen the series' track record of success. I Can Learn gives children a head start before starting school and in the formative primary years.

I Can Learn: Get Ready for Writing on eBay I Can Learn: Get Ready for Writing on Amazon


Young Hornblower Omnibus

The Young Hornblower - a truly formidable force in His Majesty's Service. The seventeen-year-old Hornblower became notorious as soon as he stepped on board ship - as the midshipman who was seasick in Spithead. But he was soon to gain his sea legs. Amid battle action and adventure he proves himself time and time again - courageous in danger resourceful in moments of difficulty and decisive in times of trouble. The reader stands right beside him as he prepares to fight his first duel feels the heat as he battles to control a blazing ship and shares his horror as he experiences for the first time the panic of the Plague. This omnibus edition contains: Mr Midshipman Hornblower" "Lieutenant Hornblower" and "Hornblower and the Hotspur"."

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Equinus the Spirit Horse

Equinus the Spirit Horse crashes through the forests of the Forbidden Land stealing the life force of other creatures. Tom must dodge the Ghost Beast's flying hooves and take the fragment of Amulet that Equinus guards - or Tom's father will remain a ghost for ever...

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The Boy Who Made Them Love Again ebook

Medical December 2011 From Dr Storm to devoted dadWhen Luke Storm ended his relationship with Abby Tyler, he thought that he was doing the right thing. Abby so wanted children and Luke knew he could never give them to her. Now, five years later, when he meets Abby again, and with a little boy of her own, Luke is rocked. She’s as gorgeous and adorable as ever, but he realises that if he wants Abby back in his life, he has to let her special little son into his heart and become the father he never expected to be…

The Boy Who Made Them Love Again ebook on eBay The Boy Who Made Them Love Again ebook on Amazon


Paddington Treasury for the Very Young

Paddington Bear has been delighting adults and children alike with his earnest good intentions and humorous misadventures for over fifty years. To celebrate his enduring popularity six best-loved classic picture books are brought together in one lavish volume truly to be treasured. Paddington Bear had travelled all the way from Darkest Peru when the Brown family first met him on Paddington station. Since then their lives have never been quite the same...for ordinary things become quite extraordinary when a bear called Paddington is around. This sumptuous treasury brings together six of the most popular stories: Paddington Paddington at the Zoo Paddington at the Palace Paddington in the Garden Paddington and the Marmalade Maze Paddington the Artist

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