Philips QP2530 Stockists

Philips QP2530 Stockists

The Philips OneBlade is revolutionary. The Hybrid design means it can shave, trim and create clean lines on any length of hair. The OneBlade system is the only one you need.The blade on the OneBlade moves 200 times a second to precisely cut your hair, because the OneBlade doesn't shave too close to the skin, there is no irritation. Put on the guards and turn the OneBlade into a trimmer, you can trim at either 1mm, 2mm, 3mm or 5mm to get the perfect look.The Philips OneBlade has a blade on either side, which means it cuts in both directions, because of this there are less movements required, even in sensitive areas, perfect for creating sharp edges.The blades on the OneBlade are also incredibly durable, you will only need to replace the blade every 4 months with average use (2 Shaves per week) and it is incredibly easy to replace the blades. You can also use the OneBlade either wet or dry, because of this, you can rinse it under water easily. Off a single 4 hour charge you get a constant 60 minutes of use, perfect for all kinds of styling!

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