Philips S1510 Stockists

Philips S1510 Stockists

Using the Philips S1510 you can achieve a great shave every time thanks to the 4-direction flex heads which offer independent movements suiting every curve of your face including stubborn areas like the jawline and neck. The self-sharpening blades cleverly sharpen themselves as they work giving you a superb shave time after time. With the in-built lithium ion battery, the S1510 gives you a 40 minute run time on a single eight hour charge which is equivalent to approximately 13 shaves which makes it great whilst at home and away. Maintenance is made easy with an easy to open head and simply sweeping away any unwanted hair with the included brush. The pop-up trimmer enables you to maintain sideburns and a moustache comfortably all with a comfortable grip.

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Philips QP2530

The Philips OneBlade is revolutionary. The Hybrid design means it can shave, trim and create clean lines on any length of hair. The OneBlade system is the only one you need.The blade on the OneBlade moves 200 times a second to precisely cut your hair, because the OneBlade doesn't shave too close to the skin, there is no irritation. Put on the guards and turn the OneBlade into a trimmer, you can trim at either 1mm, 2mm, 3mm or 5mm to get the perfect look.The Philips OneBlade has a blade on either side, which means it cuts in both directions, because of this there are less movements required, even in sensitive areas, perfect for creating sharp edges.The blades on the OneBlade are also incredibly durable, you will only need to replace the blade every 4 months with average use (2 Shaves per week) and it is incredibly easy to replace the blades. You can also use the OneBlade either wet or dry, because of this, you can rinse it under water easily. Off a single 4 hour charge you get a constant 60 minutes of use, perfect for all kinds of styling!

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Philips AT899

Philips AT899 AquaTouch Wet & Dry Electric Shaver with ComfortCut Blades & Flexing Heads. Now enjoy a refreshing shave without worrying about damaging your skin. The Aquatec seal ensures comfortable dry shave and a refreshing wet shave. Use it wet with shaving gel or foam for enhanced skin comfort. The Aquatec seal on the shaver makes it 100% waterproof. Use it in the shower with your favourite shaving gel or foam for extra skin protection. Naturally, you can also shave dry for convenience. When you have finished, simply pop the heads open and rinse under the tap to easily clean your shaver. ComfortCut blades ComfortCut blades have rounded edges that glide smoothly on your skin, so you always get a close yet comfortable shave. Skin protection system Rounded low-friction protection heads adjust to the curves of your face to limit skin damage. 40+ Shaving Minutes An energy-efficient, powerful lithium-ion battery gives you more shaves per charge. You'll have up to 45 minutes of shaving time - that's around 14 shaves - after 8 hours of charging. Fully waterproof With QuickRinse system to clean under the tap and can be used under the shower.

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Philips S7370-12

The Philips S7370 is an incredibly versatile electric shaver, you can shave quickly with a dry shave or alternatively shave wet, with either foam or gel, or cut all of that out and shave whilst under the shower, giving many different options for shaving.The design of the blades take into account low flat lying hairs, there are 2 blades, the first lifts the hair and the second cuts the hair as low as possible. Thanks to an anti-friction microbead coating around the blade rings, the S7370 glides effortlessly across your face, reducing the effects of irritation and leaving super smooth skin. Faces are not flat, so Philips designed their DynamicFlex head which moves in 5 different directions so as to follow every curve on your face and neck allowing for a perfect shave. The S7370 is capable of delivering 50 minutes shaving time from just a 1 hour charge, meaning it is already ready to be used. Finally, you can open the shaver head and rinse it thoroughly under a tap to clean it out.

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Philips QG3332

Detailed styling is made easy with the Philips seven-in-one multi groom set. This four piece waterproof multi groom set features a range of attachments to cover all your facial styling needs. The set includes a full size trimmer, beard comb. The steel blades lightly brush against each other, so they sharpen themselves as you trim. 10 hour charge time for 35 mins usage Accessories include: travel pouch and cleaning brush.

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Philips PQ203

The Phillips PQ203 mobile shaver will combine a close cut shaving system with independent floating heads. It will cleverly adjust to every curve of your face and neck which will ensure a close, smooth shave. The shaver comes with self-sharpening blades that will provide you with an efficient shave and can last up to two years. Thanks to a cordless power system, the shaver is ideal for travel or if you're always on the move you can be confident you'll look your best every day.

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Philips BRL130

The Philips SatinShave advanced electric shaver offer an easy shave helping you achieve beautiful soft skin afterwards. Thanks to the soft-touch comfort cushions you will enjoy a smooth pass on all parts of the leg including curvy areas like knees and ankles. The Philips PHI-BRL130 is cordless and is for wet or dry use, so you can involve it in your daily shower routine. From an 8 hour charge you get 60 minutes' worth of usage meaning you can comfortably get any shaving done in just one charge.

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Philips BT5200-13

The BT5200 beard trimmer comes with full metal blades which allow you to achieve the style you want every time with 17 different lengths. Trim your stubble in one quick pass, while being gentle on your skin. Our new Integrated hair lift comb lifts and guides the hairs to the level of the blades for effortless, even trimming. This trimmer comes with twice-sharpened full metal blades that cut more hairs in every pass for faster trimming. Select your preferred trim length by simply turning the zoom wheel on the handle until the length you want is displayed from 0.4-10 mm with 0.2 mm precision. Your chosen length is now "locked in" for a perfectly even trim. Charge your beard trimmer for 1 hour to get 60 minutes of cordless use. If you need more energy while trimming, you can simply plug the trimmer into the wall. This trimmer has been designed to work both colourlessly and while plugged in. Simply rinse the beard trimmer head under the tap to thoroughly clean it, as the trimmer is completely waterproof.

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Philips BRE610

The Philips Satinelle advanced wet and dry epilator will make you wish you had found it before now. It is the first epilator with an S-shaped handle offering maximum control whilst in use, which means you are able to get soft, smooth skin for weeks with ease. The Philips epilator operates closer to the skin so you miss less hairs in one stroke, meaning you will not have to keep going over the same area again and again, leading to less irritation. With 2 speed settings you have the option to use the epilator on legs, body and face. The lower speed will provide you with much more comfort when used on sensitive areas. The SmartLight is designed to make sure you see all hairs even the finest ones. You also get a massage cap which will help lift hairs, gently stimulate and soothe the skin for a much more pleasant experience. Designed to be used on wet or dry, with the anti-slip grip you will never have a problem using this epilator in the shower. Designed to be used without a cord, you will get up to 40 minutes battery life from a 1.5 hour charge meaning you can comfortably epilate the whole body from a single charge. The Philips Satinelle advanced epilator and its accessories all come in a very handy storage pouch.

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Philips HP6341

With this all-round Ladyshave you can shave your whole body quickly, easily and safely. The secret is the small shaving head that shaves your hair quickly while protecting your skin for a soft and smooth feeling after every use. The Philips HP6341 Ladyshave is a sleek and compact shaver, perfect for your holidays. It helps you stay neat and tidy longer without any skin damage.The Philips HP6341 Ladyshave is equipped with hypo-allergenic foil to prevent irritation and rashes. This type of foil is ideal for sensitive skin and gives long-lasting results. Stretch the skin with your free hand to make the hairs stand upright. The angle between the skin and the Ladyshave should be 90 degrees to get the best results. Move the Ladyshave slowly over the skin against the direction of hair growth while pressing it lightly.The Philips HP6341 gives you maximum flexibility of use, you can use it in and out of the shower as your prefer, however, when you take a bath, the hot water relaxes the skin and lets the pores open, which makes the process of shaving easier for a close shave and better results.The shaver is powered by 2 x AA batteries (included in box) for maximum manoeuvrability and convenience either at home or while travelling.

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Philips HP6390

The Philips HP6390 is the perfect precision trimmer for instant facial hair removal Perfect for use on your upper lip, jaw line or eyebrows, the easy and safe hair removal comes with a standard trimming head for soft and silky skin. Precisely shape eyebrows with total control and the 2mm and 4mm length trimming combs let you define the length and obtain that uniform result all by simply attaching to your trimming head. Additional portable tweezers let you get rid of any left over hair for absolute precision. Cleaning is simple and easy with the cleaning brush and as it runs on AAA batteries you can use it anywhere any time

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