Pure SIESTA MIII Black Stockists

Pure SIESTA MIII Black Stockists

With improved alarm settings and an updated display, our most compact and affordable bedside radio just got even better. Siesta Mi Series 2 features digital and FM radio, two alarms, sleep and snooze timers, and a large clear display. Siesta Mi Series 2 has two independent alarms which can be set to digital radio, FM or a tone, and can be switched on or off at the touch of a button. Its large clear display is easy to read at night and its brightness automatically adjusts to suit the light-levels of the room. And, despite its compact dimensions, Siesta Mi Series 2 provides surprisingly punchy audio quality and volume. Digital radio lets you select stations by name; check out news, sports results, track titles and more on the scrolling text display; tune at the touch of a button; and listen in crisp, clear digital-quality sound.

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The Siesta S6 is more than just a premium bedside radio. Awaken to the crystal-clear sound of your favourite DAB/DAB+ or FM station or enhance your bedroom listening by using Bluetooth from your smartphone or tablet. With the wide, edgeless CrystalVue+ display - our sharpest screen in the range to date, reading the time or radio information is effortless from anywhere in the room. User-friendly backlit controls and a large touch-sensitive snooze band allow you to operate Siesta S6 with the minimum of touches. There's also a built-in USB port for keeping your mobile devices charged and a headphone output for personal listening. Built from specially selected materials, Siesta S6 brings luxury and sophistication to your bedroom. Use the Siesta S6 as a fantastic sounding wireless speaker and stream audio from the comfort of your bed. This can be done through your smartphone, laptop or tablet. The Siesta timer is a single button setup that quickly enables you to take a brief nap without needing to go through the full alarm setup process. Simply press "Siesta" once or repeatedly to enable a power nap from as little as 5 minutes, with varying increments up to 90 minutes. The alarm tone will then sound, so you can wake up refreshed when the set time is up! Siesta S6 uses a 2.5" full range speaker powered by a digital amplifier to deliver impressive audio performance from a compact clock radio. Bass and treble controls can also be customised for an optimal listening experience. Keep your phone, tablet or other devices fully charged when plugged into the built-in USB PowerPort, so they're always powered up and ready to go.

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The Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 is the perfect companion for your bedside table, in a sleek, modern, white design the Siesta Mi Series 2 is perfectly complimentary to any setting. Set alarms you can truly rely on and not have to worry about batteries dying during the night. Fully customisable the Siesta Mi Series 2 gives you the ability to set two separate alarms and choose whether you want DAB digital radio, FM or a tone to alert you. For ease of use the Siesta Mi Series 2 has a large screen that automatically adjusts its brightness levels to ensure that at night it's not too bright or too dark. Small put powerful the Siesta Mi Series 2 incorporates compact design with punchy audio. The high quality-audio and high volumes levels mean that you'll never sleep through your alarm and listening to the radio for pleasure is a breeze. Your DAB digital radio intuitively finds all available stations and displays the names of them for complete simplicity. The inclusion of sleep and snooze timers, 16 presets (8 digital, 8 FM) and automatic clock updates the Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 is really here to make your life easier.




The Siesta S2 from Pure gives you a great looking bedside clock radio with all the functionality you might want.The CrystalVue display is incredibly clear and automatically changes the brightness level depending on the amount of light in the room, so it won't disturb you during the night. The DAB & FM tuners give you not only 10 preset stations for you to access your favourite stations, but also a huge range of different stations for you to listen to, from music of all genres, right through to talk shows. With the Siesta S2 you won't have to worry about power cuts losing your alarm times, the Siesta S2 takes the time from the radio signal and the alarms are automatically saved in case of power failure.

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Pure Siesta Rise

Wake up the right way with this DAB/FM clock radio perfect for the bedside table with an auto-dimming LCD display whether you're heading to bed or just snoozing in the morning it won't keep you awake. You can set 3 different alarms to fit your sleep schedule; you have a choice of the buzz alarm or your favourite radio station and wake up the way you want. With a handy USB port, you can charge your mobile straight through the radio, so it's ready to go in the morning. The siesta-rise also features auto clock updates, saving you the trouble changing settings for daylight saving.

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Using a CrystalVue Display, at night, the display will alter to ensure you aren't woken by bright lights, the DAB and FM tuner give you a huge range of music and talk shows for you to listen to, and with the Siesta S2, you can choose to go to sleep or wake to your favourite stations, alternatively you can wake to a tone alarm.Should you wish to you can plug a set of headphones into the radio for more personal listening too. For maximum ease of use, you can setup a daily, weekday or weekend alarm just the once and then never have to worry about being woken early on your day off.The clock is automatically set from the radio signal, meaning whether it is British Summer Time or not, you will always have the correct time on your radio, never waking late for work again!

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