Bargain Red Ball Express (1952) (DVD) Stockists

Red Ball Express (1952) (DVD) Stockists

Budd Boetticher directs this 1950s drama following a group of military truck drivers sent on a dangerous mission in World War II Germany. With General Patton's tanks piercing the German lines at will it appears that the war is finally drawing to a close. However, such is the speed of the US advance that their foremost attacking units have lost contact with the main supply lines. A group of drivers led by Lieutenant Campbell (Jeff Chandler) and including Sergeant Kallek (Alex Nicol) and Private Partridge (Charles Drake) set out for the front lines carrying supplies. However, the enmity between Campbell and Kallek and lingering pockets of enemy troops make the mission anything but straightforward... Running Time: 83 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 21 Jan. 2013

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Casque D'Or [1952] (BLU-RAY) Stockist

Casque D'Or is a 1952 French film directed by Jacques Becker (Touchez pas au Grisbi). Evoking the Belle á‰poque period perfectly, this story of an ill-fated love affair stars Simone Signoret (Room At The Top, Les Diaboliques) as Marie and Serge Reggiani (Les Miserable, The Pianist) as Manda. When gangster's moll Marie falls for reformed criminal Manda their passion incites an underworld rivalry that leads to treachery and tragedy.Bonus Features Featurette “ At the Heart of Emotions “ the Legend of Golden Marie' Running...

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Casque D'Or [1952] (DVD) Stockist

Synopsis in Paris at the turn of the 19th Century, Casque D'Or follows the love affair between gangster's moll, Marie (Simone Signoret, Room At The Top, Les Diaboliques) and reformed criminal Georges Manda (Serge Reggiani, Les Miserables, The Pianist). When mob boss, Felix Leca (Claude Dauphin), takes an active interest in their affair, an underworld rivalry ensues leading to a treacherous and tragic end. Casque D'Or is a classic, poetic tale of doomed romance based on the true-life Leca-Manda scandal. Evoking the Belle Epoque...

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Macao [1952] (DVD) Stockist

Lying just off the coast of China, the exotic island of Macao is one of the most dangerous and corrupt places in the world. A haven for gamblers, smugglers, fugitives and killers, it s a place where everything and everyone has a price. On a morning like any other morning on Macao, three strangers arrive in port - fugitive drifter Nick Cochran (Robert Mitchum), jaded nightclub singer Julie Benson (Jane Russell) and international salesman Lawrence Trumble (William Bendix). But on Macao no one may be who they say they are. One of...

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Mandy [1952] (DVD) Stockist

The life of a deaf girl, from the moment her parents realise that she has no hearing, through her struggle to express herself and learn how to lip-read. Her mother and father argue over the best way to deal with her condition, leading to a scandalous marriage breakdown. Synopsis MANDY is a straightforward story about a handicapped child's efforts to adapt to a normal world. Born deaf, Mandy is mute for most of her childhood. Her desperate parents enrol her in special education classes. This DVD contains subtitles. --This text...

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The Card [1952] (DVD) Stockist

A young man who hasn't a bean in the world, turns fate around to find fame, fortune, love and success in this light dramatisation of the Arnold Bennett novel starring Alec Guiness. Running Time: 87 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 12 Mar. 2007

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Belles on Their Toes [1952] (DVD) Stockist

The endearing story of the Gilbreth family continues in this charming sequel to the family classic Cheaper By the Dozen. Screen legend Myrna Loy (The Thin Man) returns as Lillian Gilbreth, an industrial engineer and now widowed mother of 12 rambunctious children. It's a hilarious but sometimes heartbreaking adventure as Lillian struggles to keep the family together, even as she pursues a career against all odds in the early part of the century. Running Time: 85 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English|Dutch|French|Italian|German|Danish|Finnish|Norwegian|Swedish...

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Diplomatic Courier [1952] (DVD) Stockist

American diplomatic courier Mike Kells (Tyrone Power) is sent to Salzburg to pick up Top Secret papers. The exchange goes disastrously wrong, an American agent dies and the vital papers go missing. In a desperate race against time, Kells hunts down the only lead he has - a mysterious blonde (Hildegarde Neff). Her trail takes him to Trieste - one of the most treacherous and dangerous cities in Europe, with Soviet spies and assassins stalking the streets. Who is the blonde really working for - and just who is the glamorous American...

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Girdle Of Gold (1952) (DVD) Stockist

Starring: Meredith Edwards, Maudie Edwards, Esmond Knight, Petra Davies 1950s British comedy in which a man's habit of hiding his savings in his wife's corset threatens to backfire. The film is set in a small Welsh village where everyone knows everyone. Mr Griffiths (Meredith Edwards), known locally as Griffiths the Hearse, enjoys two things in life – money and drink – and it seems probable that he'd had a good deal of the latter when he decided to hide the former in his wife's corset. For Mrs Griffiths (Maudie Edwards) has...

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Monkey Business [1952] (DVD) Stockist

Marilyn Monroe, Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers star in this classic comedy about a chemist who discovers the secret of eternal youth. For years, Dr. Barnaby Fulton (Grant) has been working on a youth-restoring serum with little success--until the day a chimpanzee gets loose in the lab and accidentally concocts the exact formula Fulton has been searching for. The hilarity begins when, unbeknownst to anyone, the chimpanzee pours it into the office water cooler. For with each successive drink, everyone gets younger and younger. When...

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Montana Belle [1952] (DVD) Stockist

The legendary Jane Russell, The Outlaw, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, scorches the screen as outlaw Belle Starr in this spectacular 1952 RKO Trucolor Western. When the infamous Dalton Boys fall out with the sharp shooting Belle Starr (Jane Russell), she decides to form her own outlaw gang and quickly becomes the scourge of the Oklahoma Territories with a big bounty on her beautiful head. Disguising herself as a widowed showgirl, she hides away at the Birdcage gambling parlour and saloon, intending to rob the place at the first opportunity....

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Cattle Queen Of Montana (1952) (DVD) Stockist

Premier western directed by the great Allan Dwan and starring Ronald Reagan. Sierra Nevada Jones (Barbara Stanwyck), a feisty young woman, attempts to stake her claim in the cattle business despite threats from greedy land grabbers and their hired killers. Undercover agent Farrell (Ronald Reagan) comes to her rescue, even though he is in the midst of a separate investigation to find out who's been provoking the local Indian tribes into attacking the whites. Region: Region 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe. Read...

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Liberace - A TV Special [1952] [2008] (DVD) Stockist

Two episodes from the flamboyant pianist's immensely popular NBC network television programme which ran from 1952-1955. Containing piano renditions of classic numbers as only Liberace was able to perform them, he signed off each broadcast with the song, 'I'll Be Seeing You'. Running Time: 60 minutes Region: Region 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe. Read more about DVD formats.) Release Date: 25 Feb. 2008

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The Sound Barrier (Restored) [1952](DVD) Stockist

Directed by DAVID LEAN and written by TERENCE RATTIGAN, THE SOUND BARRIER is about the men who challenged the speed of sound, told from the viewpoint of central character, Sir John Ridgefield (RALPH RICHARDSON). The oil tycoon and aircraft constructor is determined to manufacture a supersonic jet that will travel faster than the speed of sound. Ridgefield's desire to reach this goal has already led to the death of his test pilot son (DENHOLM ELLIOTT), and his daughter Susan's (ANN TODD) fighter-pilot husband (NIGEL PATRICK)....

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The Swinginest Dance Band. Dan Terry and His Orchestra 1952-1963 (CD) Stockist

The Swinginest Dance Band. Dan Terry and His Orchestra 1952-1963 (CD)

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2 Film Collection (Les Miserables [1935] / Les Miserables [1952]) (DVD) Stockist

Les Misárables (1935)Victor Hugo's most acclaimed novel comes brilliantly to life in this impeccably performed, magnificently filmed screen adaptation. Fredric March stars as Valjean, the ex-convict who rises against all odds from galley slave to mayor. Charles Laughton is Javert, the fanatical police inspector who dedicates his life to recapturing Valjean. A vivid depiction of the appalling poverty and social strife of 19th-century France, this version of Les Misárables does splendid justice to the original novel. Les Misárables...

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